What does the depression Kitty do in Big Mouth?

This article will center around the Netflix show Big Mouth and how it has treated depression in its episodes. The article will show how Kitty, the depression cat, has made its first appearance, and how the character enlightens people about what depression is.

What does the depression Kitty do in Big Mouth?

The depression Kitty is a monster in the form of a purple cat that works in the depression division in the Monsters World. This means that she will make her clients feel sad, and depressed when she is working with them. 

She is a character in the animated Netflix show, Big Mouth, that starts to work with a character named Jessi, leading her into depression. In her first appearance in the episode “Smooch or Share” she possessively gets in touch with Jessi, after she is parted with another monster.

That happens because the former monster that was working with Jessi wasn’t doing a good job. So she is replaced by Kitty. Later, as Kitty is with Jessi, she tells her to just lay in bed and don’t do anything, which explains how depression can lead people to just stay in bed and feel unmotivated. 

And even though at first Jessi agrees to that, she tries to get up at some point, but Kitty won’t let her. As Jessi realizes she needs help with depression, she calls her friends that will quickly help her escape the depression ward.

This moment is the moment in which people think that Jessi got better from her depression. But as it is known, depression doesn’t have a cure, and in the episode “The ASSes” depression got Jessi back.

What happens is that at this moment Jessi starts to doubt herself as she is taking a test called ASSes, and she fears she won’t live up to what was expected of her. And to try and focus she takes medication from one of her friends. But when the effect of it is wearing off, she can feel Kitty getting her claws back in her.

The next day Jessi wakes up with Kitty on top of her, and she feels like she doesn’t want to get out of bed, and Kitty is persuading her to do just that, stay in bed. But it is with the encouragement of Greg Glaser that she decides to get up and go to school.

As the show progresses, Jessi comes to realize that Kitty will always be around her, which indicates that depression can come and go. But what she needed to do was learn how to deal with it. In the episode “What Are You Gonna Do” Jessi has a breakthrough.

She realizes something that makes her extremely happy. She discovers that making other people happy leads her to happiness. And as she discovers that, Kitty gets considerably smaller, and turns into a tiny pussy that Jessi has power over.

This indicates the moment that Jessi got some handle on her depression. This doesn’t mean that Kitty is gone, or that Jessi will never be depressed again. But it shows how Jessi learned to find some sense of purpose in her life, and be happy about it, making depression something that she can cope with.

When discovering more about Kitty, it is learned that she also worked with the painter Vincent Van Gogh, and it was because of her that he cut off his ear, and later ended his own life. She even mentions that she has his earlobe in a locket. 

What is the relevance of having a character like Kitty on a show?

Shows like Big Mouth are extremely important to help people understand more about feelings and the struggles of growing up. By having a character like Kitty the show proposes itself to talk in a fun and colorful way about such an intense theme as depression.

Through the appearance of Kitty, even the most uninformed watcher gets a sense of what depression is. How it can make the simplest things, such as getting out of bed, impossible. How it can take away the person’s joy and motivation, and how it can come and go.

Through the show, it also becomes clear that there are always matters that can trigger depression to come back. For example when Jessi was doubting herself as she prepared for the ASSes exam.

Observing how Jessi manages to handle Kitty, and depression, through the support of others, and through some self-discovery, allows people to also understand that there is a way to cope with depression. And although life can seem hopeless, and you may feel helpless with your kitty sitting on top of you, there will be a way for you to move.

Another important benefit of having a character such as Kitty in a show nowadays is how much it lessens the taboo around depression. Any mental health condition, and even more depression, can often be seen as laziness, a sin, or even insanity. Sometimes people with depression can be cast away from society and be considered hopeless. 

So having such a character as Kitty leads us to understand the overwhelming power depression can have over a person. After all, she got Vincent Van Gogh to cut his years and kill himself.

But through observing Jessi dealing with Kitty, and depression, we are also left with the powerful and positive idea that one can overcome depression, and turn this big purple cat into a small kitty you can play with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What does Kitty from Big Mouth tell us about depression? 

Does depression have a cure? 

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Rather than that, mental health professionals talk about depression going into remission. That is because depression has a genetic factor that can’t be changed, even though treatment, so it is impossible to affirm that a person won’t become depressed again.

What is important to keep in mind is that once a person goes into remission they will be able to experience joy again. Aside from that, they will be able to regain some control of their emotions and will be able to be interested in things again.

What you should do as you go into remission is keep caring for your mental health as it will be a great way to prevent you from becoming depressed again. 

What are the most common symptoms of depression? 

Depression leads people to experience intense sadness. It also causes a person to feel hopeless, helpless, guilty, and more irritable. It leads people to become more isolated, has less energy to do things, and lose interest in doing even the things they love. Depression also causes people to have difficulty focusing.

Their eating and sleeping patterns will change, which will also cause them to cry more often. The person’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth will lower. Depression can also lead people to self-harm, and even thoughts of death, and suicidal thoughts. 

What are the forms of depression?

There are four forms of depression. It can be mild, moderate, major, and persistent. The first is, as the name says, one with mild symptoms. It usually goes on for a short period, and because the symptoms are so mild, it can be hard to diagnose it. To treat it, most people will only need to make some adjustments to their lifestyle.

Moderate depression can start to affect many aspects of a person’s life. The symptoms are more intense, and they can go on for longer. To treat moderate depression, most people will need therapy, and some will also start medication.

Major depression is also known as clinical depression, and it is the most intense form of depression. It can go on for months, and aside from the common depressive symptoms, the person can experience hallucinations, become delusional, and even have psychotic episodes. People with major depression will most likely need therapy and medication.

As for persistent depression, each episode can go on for as long as 5 years. During this period, the person will go through moments of mild and major depression. To treat it, most people will also need a combination of therapy and medication.

Who is Tito in Big Mouth?

Tito is another monster, just like Kitty. She is also known as Tito, the anxiety mosquito. Her main role is to bring anxiety to the people she is working with. She is a shy, protective, and arrogant person. Which can be nervous and annoying at times.

She had many victims and worked together with Kitty when they were both working on Vincent Van Gogh. They also work together on Jessi. And her first work on Jessi is when she is worried about everyone being better and richer than her at Darlington Pierce school. 

How can I help my friend who is depressed?

If you have a friend that is struggling with depression, the first thing you can do is talk to them. Being supportive is extremely important at this moment. Don’t try to solve everything, keep in mind that most times people with depression will want to talk about how they feel.

If you start to offer them suggestions on how to get better, it will not only be rude, but you can push them away. Let them know you are by their side in whatever their need is. Ask what has been the most difficult part about depression, and how you can help. Sometimes simple things such as helping them with their groceries will go a long way.

You can try, if you sense there is space for it, to ask them about what line of treatment they have been in. And if you discover they haven’t started treatment yet, you can offer to help them in searching for someone if they need it, you may even accompany them if they feel like it.

Making yourself present is one of the most valuable things in this process. Let them know you are there for them, and if possible try to have some positive experiences with them. For example, you may want to try and spend an afternoon together or watch a movie. 

Remember your friend won’t have the same energy they did before, and some things may be harder for them. But if you two can spend some positive time together, it won’t cure their depression, but it will bring them some relief for sure. 


This article centered on the character Kitty, from the Netflix show Big Mouth. It showed how she portrays depression, how it affects the character Jessi, and how she copes with it.

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