What does Sjw Mean? (+5 other details about SJW)


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Page last updated: 27/09/2022

What does Sjw Mean? (+5 other details about SJW)

In this brief guide, we will discuss what SJW means, as well as some other related details about SJW like SJW memes and SJW games.

SJW: Meaning and Connotations

SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior and it is a pejorative term for someone who engages in arguments about social issues online, especially the so-called liberal issues, and it has been used to denote just about anyone that is flamboyant and open about their ideologies.

SJW is only one of the many terms and insults that have come out of the war between liberals and conservatives in the recent times, and it has essentially became a term to denote anyone who is open and aggressive about the expression of their opinions, and it has permeated into just about every important movement there is.

SJW is a term that has been used vehemently to describe feminists, people who support the LGBTQ rights, people who support inclusivity and so on, and this has led to a deepening of the divide between the two primary groups that seem to exist on the internet, which are those that want certain things and those who don’t.

The problem with terms like SJW is that it drowns out the true message the person is trying to convey and puts them into one box that basically means that the person is only doing it for fame or hype or some other personal gain, and it totally debunks whatever it is they were saying, even if it had merit.

This is perhaps the very reason why the term SW, or Social Justice Warrior, came out, and although it started out from online gaming portals and such, it has quickly made its way to just about every level, and even celebrities like Taylor Swift have gotten called SJW, because of their expression of opinions that went against other popularly held beliefs.

The term SJW or Social Justice Warrior is meant to be ironic and sarcastic, because while typically the words should mean that it is referring to someone who tries to help society, it has been used predominantly for people who do it in a very non-traditional way, and as might be expected, it has been used by people who prefer traditional.

Whe terms like SJW or Social Justice Warrior start to make their way into normal conversation, moderates or people who actually want to hear both sides of the conversation start to get sidelined, and they may not be able to take anything away from it but the fact that one person is blaming the other of something they don’t quite understand.

Contrary to what the internet will have you believe, there aren’t actually two neat distinctions in the world; there aren’t just the two groups where one is pro-life, abhors same sex marriage, wants guns or wants there to be only two genders as nature intended, while the other dresses up in a thousand colors and goes to a pride parade and shouts about being anti-guns and abortion rights, there are many other shades in between and they get caught in the crossfire of the two groups.

The fact that a term like SJW or Social Justice Warrior exists does not mean that it is only one group that takes shots at the other, there are plenty of times where the liberal group steps over the line and there are plenty of people who try to advocate social justice for their personal gain or to be “Woke”, but the problem with every single one of those things is that the message is always lost, and perhaps that is something that should give all of them common ground to bond over.

What does Sjw Mean? (+5 other details about SJW)

SJW or Social Justice Warrior: Urban Dictionary

SJW or social justice warrior is defined in the Urban Dictionary because it is one of the things that started out from the internet and is used predominantly on the internet.

Urban Dictionary defines SJW or Social Justice Warrior as:

“An abbreviation for “Social Justice Warrior”, a term that once referred to a person who fights for civil rights issues not because they care, but in order to boost their own ego. Has since been commandeered by certain movements and is now typically used to mean “anyone that I disagree with”, especially if said person shows any support for feminism or other progressive causes. Has become a way for some reactionary groups to pretend that they’re working against some united front of progressives that are secretly controlling everything from review scores to politics, as opposed to a general shift in the public social consensus.”

Most Urban Dictionary meanings of SJW or Social Justice Warrior stem from the same fact, that it is used to denote people you don’t necessarily agree with and whose arguments you want to refute or strip of all meaning by putting them in a category of not being serious about what the protest is about.

There are many cringe-worthy SJW memes and SJW feminist or other tumblr images, because all these groups exist just about everywhere on the internet.

SJW Game

SJW game is a satirical game that is called Social Justice Warriors and it belongs to the roleplaying games category, where you basically act as a social media crusader of sorts.

According to the company that makes the SJW game, “Social Justice Warriors is a satirical role-playing game that transforms the medieval fantasy heroes of RPGs into social media crusaders facing an endless horde of ignorant internet trolls.”

The company that makes the SJW game says that this game expresses frustration with how people use divisive labels – like “SJW” and “troll” – to discredit and silence each other. 

It also insists that regardless of your social values attacking and ridiculing other people not only fails to achieve progress but also serves to escalate the conflict while exhausting your patience and eroding your reputation.

The SJW game is a fun way of reminding people of what is truly important, and why cohesiveness and unity is so much more important than name calling and bullying.

The SJW game is also very smart and detailed, and there are various types of social justice warrior roles one can find on it, which according to the game’s webpage are given as follows:

“Social Justice Paladins duel foes with 140 characters or less while shrugging off attacks with a press of the Block button, at least until their foes create new accounts.

Social Justice Clerics serve in the name of their patron subdeity, taking solace in its comforting presence to heal and summoning its divine power to smite their enemies.

Social Justice Mages conjure powerful constructs of fact and opinion to alter minds and reality while occasionally summoning an activist organization or hurling a scathing fireball of a blog post.

Social Justice Rogues fight fire with fire. Throw flurries of vitriolic character attacks, confuse enemies with smokescreens of alternate accounts, then delete your accounts and withdraw into the shadows of the net.

The Social Justice Ranger

The warriors and their opponents fight and fall by the measure of their Patience and Reputation meters.  Trolls confound your patience with logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks while actively working to destroy your reputation with wild accusations and photoshopped evidence of your misdeeds.

How you choose to respond to these attacks is up to you.  Relying solely on logical arguments to change minds doesn’t work very well online, but resorting to personal attacks and mudslinging will erode your moral high ground.

The Social Justice Druid

With the aid of your warrior allies and a few mysterious outsiders, you have the ability to reshape the conflict. Take down a multitude of trolls to attain a new high score or make sacrifices to become a noble Social Justice Champion, who takes no joy in tearing down other human beings. The Champion relies on mediation and reconciliation, listening to their concerns and proposing mutually beneficial compromise. The utility of compromise is just as uncertain as destroying opponents, but a Champion values its beliefs more than temporary gratification.”

The SJW game, or the Social Justice Warriors game can be found on Steam.

SJW and Social Psychology

SJW or social justice warriors have a very deep implication in social psychology, because it has been seen that people tend to identify very strongly with their own groups, and they tend to have rather unfavorable opinions about the other group.

This is considered to be the extension of the ingroup-outgroup theory in social psychology, and this theory explains very well why terms like SJW or Social Justice Warriors even exist.

The ideologies people share with their group may not even be things they necessarily believe, but because they have been a part of the group for very long they start to think like the group and there exists a social identity that the person has with the group itself, which means that they can start calling the other person SJW simply for not being a part of their group.

Furthermore, it has also been seen that members of a group tend to start thinking like the most extreme members of the group eventually, which means that terms like SJW may even serve to convert the more moderate members of the group to extremists, and this can happen to either the moderate or the conservative group too.


In this brief guide, we discussed what SJW means, as well as some other related details about SJW like SJW memes and SJW games.

With the percolation of the internet into everyday life, acronyms like SJW have seamlessly made their way into our lives, and it has become extremely hard to understand whether someone is being called an SJW because they are being extreme about their views or because they are actually in the right.

Furthermore, there are so many views about different things currently that it is hard to even understand what everyone is saying anymore, and that may be because out of some very legitimate issues there have come offshoots that are confusing and take the message off topic.

If you have any more questions or comments about SJW, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): SJW

What does SJW mean urban dictionary?

SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior and Urban Dictionary defines SJW as an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation, and it is considered to be a pejorative term.

What SJW stands for?

SJW stands for Social justice warrior.

Is SJW culture Overhyped?

No, SJW culture is not overhyped because there is no such thing as “SJW” and “PC culture”. The reason something called an SJW culture even exists is because groups of people who spoke out about issues in very blunt or attention seeking ways were labeled as such to reduce their credibility somewhat.

The internet has provided us many ways of removing the seriousness from a relevant issue and making up acronyms that are demeaning, like SJW, is one of those ways, and it has been used to denote pretty much anyone whose opinions you don’t agree with.