What does Mooji say about depression?

This article will explain what Mooji, the spiritual guide, has said about depression. The article will explain what he believes to be its cause, and what are the ways people can cope with depression.

What does Mooji say about depression?

When talking about depression, Mooji says that it is mostly a condition, a cloud passing by. But that people can be deeply involved in it, making it harder to get out. He says that depression is not only a state but a belief in the state, which can prolong it.

about the power of your mind, but it explains how you are not controlled by your mind. Your mind may start to tell you that you are depressed, and at some point, you may start to believe it.

By that principle, you shouldn’t say “I am depressed” because it creates an understanding that this is you as a whole, defines who you are, and makes it a permanent state, rather than the experience it is.

As he has said in this quote: Say to your mind: “Get depressed as you want, I am only going to observe you, but I am not going to join you!”

What you need to know is that depression can be your mind’s way of reacting to some pathetic movement you are going through that is distancing you from the mind. And its first reaction will be to tell you that something is wrong, and your belief in it will lock you in that state.

When talking about people feeling empty, he says that it can happen because people have lost clarity on who they are. They may say they are done with life, or that they feel life doesn’t have any pleasures for them anymore, but what they don’t realize is that they are life. 

What may be harming them at this moment is that they may be running for things to make them happy, like being seen as a good citizen in their community, having a lot of Facebook friends, or even having financial stability. What people lose track of is how they enjoy themselves.

He says people can become depressed when they start to use the sentence “I enjoy myself doing something”, but don’t allow themselves to enjoy “myself”. And that will happen when the person is given too much of their energy to their mind that is making projections that you don’t know how to get out of.

Your mind will often try to lead you to believe negative things, for example, that you are not perfect. And even though no one is perfect, when your mind keeps telling you that, you may begin to feel like you need to work towards perfection, and you will fill your mind and yourself with that. 

Your mind can lead you to believe anything, but it will never be able to do that on its own. It needs you to authorize it. So that is the challenge, that you don’t let your mind take control of you. 

What you need to look for in the space of “no-mind”, a space of emptiness, but your mind may start to tell you this pace is dull, or boring, and once you listen to your mind, you go back to chasing all of those things that are not your true self. It gives you no chance to enjoy the space that emptiness creates.

Believing your mind saying that you are depressed, will put you and your body through a lot of negative energy, and you just keep eating up. Your mind will become your abuser until you grow out of it. 

Losing track of the benefits of emptiness can lead you to keep on that constant movement. But what you need to keep in mind is that when you are faced with emptiness, that is the chance to discover your true self and not a bad moment.

He says that when a person is feeling happy, their mind is there, living the party life. But when you are feeling depressed, this is what gives you a chance to find the emptiness, and silence, which can lead you to find contentment. To cope with depression, the person should make the mind work for them.

Who is Mooji?

Mooji, who was born Anthony Paul Moo-Young, was born in Jamaica on the 29th of January 1954. He has lived a troubled life, as he was abandoned by his mother when he was one, and she moved to the UK.

And that was only the first struggle of his life. He was raised by his father, and his mother’s cousin, who later became his father’s wife. And when his father died, he was sent to live with his mother in the UK. There he became a street artist.

In 1987 he had an encounter with a Christian mystic that changed his life. Through that encounter, and prayer, he got in touch with the Divine, and that made a huge difference in his life. Through this spiritual awakening, he began to learn more and more about meditation and began to live his life through the will of God.

He traveled to India in a search to develop his spirituality, where he even stayed with his guru Papaji. But after the experience, he received some horrible news: his eldest son had died of pneumonia. And when that happened, the grief led him to feel empty and silenced.

And from that moment, he learned how to experience and deal with depression. Since 1999 Mooji has been sharing Satsang, which he learned, through encounters, retreats, and one-one meetings. He has traveled through many countries of the world sharing his wisdom, and helping people overcome difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What has Mooji said about depression? 

Can only spirituality heal me from depression? 

It is not possible to affirm that only spirituality will heal you from depression because each person tends to work differently. Some people may benefit from it, while others will need other forms of treatment such as therapy, or even medication.

What is known is that spirituality has an important role when talking about mental health. Spirituality and religion can both work in a way that brings some comfort to the person, and also offers them some meaning for their experience.

This can often help people that are struggling with depression. It can give them a sense of being connected to something greater than themselves. It will also guide them, in the same way, Mooji guides his followers, to understand what may be leading them to this depressive state, and how they can improve.

But even though it can be mostly a positive experience, one should be careful with spirituality to not ask too much of themselves when dealing with depression. 

A person may have a spiritual leader, such as Mooji, and be suffering from depression, and in the hopes of not letting their leader down, can become angry and frustrated when they don’t improve as fast as they thought they should.

What are the most common symptoms of depression?

Depression can lead the person to experience intense sadness. It can make you lose interest even in things you used to love. Aside from that, your energy levels will go down, and you will experience fatigue and have difficulty focusing.

The condition will often give you a negative view of the world, and yourself, leading you to have low self-esteem and a decreased sense of self-worth. It will also make you feel empty like you lost your purpose, more irritable, guilty, hopeless, and helpless.

Depression will change your eating and sleeping patterns. Lead you to cry more often, and become isolated. It can also lead people to self-harm, and sometimes even thoughts of death, and suicidal thoughts.

What are the most common ways to cope with depression?

Depression is often treated by a joint treatment of therapy, and medication. The therapy will allow you, through talking to a professional, to understand your emotions better, what are more positive ways to respond to them, and you may even understand the root of your depression.

As for the medication, it is often used to manage your depressive symptoms and help with the chemical imbalance of your brain, which can be related to depression. But aside from that, many lifestyle changes can help you cope with depression.

The first thing a person can do is live a healthy lifestyle. Trying to eat healthily, and sleep well will surely help with your energy levels. Aside from that, exercising will help reduce your stress levels and improve your mood.

You should also try to spend time with your loved ones. That will help you feel connected and less alone. It will also be an opportunity to vent and focus on something else besides the negative thoughts in your head. 

When you are depressed, it may also be important to do things that can bring you some positive feelings. For example, you can do some volunteer work, or take on a new hobby, which can also help you to get a sense of achievement.

Does depression have a cure?

If we are talking about depression from the perspective of mental health professionals, it is said that depression doesn’t have a cure. That is because once a person has experienced depression, it is impossible to say they won’t go through it again in life.

Instead, mental health professionals rather say that the person will go into remission. This means that the person will be able to experience joy again and regain interest in things they love. 

But what the person needs to keep in mind, once they are in remission, is that they still need to care for their mental health as a way to prevent a relapse.

Does everyone manifest depression in the same way?

No, depression doesn’t manifest itself in the same way. In the same manner that a treatment will work differently from one person to the next, the symptoms of depression will manifest themselves differently for each person.

While most adults will manifest intense sadness when they are depressed, teenagers will usually manifest depression through irritability. But even that is not a rule. That is why it is so important to keep an eye on as the person’s behaviors change.


This article showed what Mooji’s thoughts were about depression. It showed what he thinks causes it, and what are ways for people to cope with mental illness according to his view.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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