What does monday.com integrate with? (+3 great integrations)

In this article, we shall be describing what monday.com integrates with. We shall also be explaining how you can set up an integration on your monday.com account. In addition to this, we shall also be looking at some of the best monday.com integrations that you can use to bring more efficiency into your work.

What does monday.com integrate with?

monday.com easily integrates with many other apps or project tools that an organization is already using and a new tool they would like to add to their system. monday.com integrates with the following types of tools:

Communication tools

These are those that improve the communication and interaction between the team members. With the help of these tools, employees can easily send messages to each other, both synchronously as well as asynchronously. Examples of these tools or apps are Slack, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Software development tools

These tools are used in order to track and fix bugs and issues in the software. They can also simplify the workflow processes and make task management easier. They can also be integrated with a cloud server to give open access while securing files and information safely. Examples of software development tools are Gitlab, Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

Marketing tools

Marketing tools are used for the purpose of generating leads from the web in relation to the organization’s products and services. They can also help in creating ad campaigns, posting content on social media as well as contacting potential customers and clients. Some examples of marketing tools are MailChimp and Facebook Ads.

Customer support tools

Customer support tools aim to improve the customer experience and guarantee their satisfaction. With the help of these tools, data can be easily collected from their customers and can also sync various departments or functionalities in the organization to ensure quicker problem-solving. Some examples of these tools are SurveyMonkey and Zendesk.

Finance tools

Finance tools can be used to take care of the payments and finance tasks of the organization. This can range from accepting payments to coordinating between tasks and creating invoices and also storing data. Good examples of finance tools that can be easily integrated with monnday.com are Stripe and Toggl.

How to set up integrations on monday.com?

If you want to set up an integration on monday.com, go to your board where you would like to add your integration. Here, you can find an icon for integration in the top left part of your screen. You can see a grid of various common platforms that are easily available. Go to the ‘Add Integration’ option and choose the platform you want to connect with.

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Best monday.com integrations that users need

Some of the best monday.com integrations are discussed below:


This is one of the popular platforms that is commonly integrated with monday.com. With the help of Slack, team members can easily communicate and interact with each other. They can also coordinate with each other about projects and tasks that need to be completed. Furthermore, they can have one-on-one as well as group messaging while using Slack.


Trello is another popular integration on monday.com. With the help of Trello, team members can create lists and prioritize tasks. This is especially helpful if the team members like the Kanban style of work management. Integration Trello with monday.com can easily help team members save a lot of time and effort in creating lists and charts.


Zendesk is highly essential if an organization wants to improve its customer service. It also greatly helps in improving workplace collaboration by cutting across silos in the organization and bringing teams and departments together. Thus, the customer support team can easily create and fulfill tickets, improving the customer experience and promoting brand reputation.


In this article, we have described what monday.com integrates with. We have also described how you can set up an integration on your monday.com account. In addition to this, we have also looked at some of the best monday.com integrations that you can use to bring more efficiency into your work.

Frequently asked questions: (What does monday integrate with?)

Does monday.com integrate with Excel?

Yes, monday.com easily integrates with Excel. With the help of this integration, users can easily create charts and sheets which allow smoother coordination of work and projects. Data and information can also be shared between team members, promoting the efficiency and productivity of work, while shaving off loads of time.

Does monday.com integrate with Zoho?

monday.com integrates with Zoho seamlessly and can vastly improve the work management process between team members. Through this integration, leaders and managers can quickly compose efficient emails and send them to the right persons with the proper information and assignments.

Does Monday do Gantt chart?

Gantt charts are available on monday.com under a different tag, called timelines. Gantt charts help team members in understanding the status of a project from start to finish. They can also visualize their individual roles and responsibilities in this particular project. With the help of timelines on monday.com, the work process is visually represented clearer and cleaner.

Is monday.com and Trello the same?

While the two share many similar features, they are not the same. monday.com offers a wide range of features that can help in project management while Trello focuses on creating lists and charts which can make the workflow easier to follow and track.

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