What do Talkspace therapists get paid? (+3 benefits for therapists)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

This blogpost will discuss what Talkspace therapists actually get paid. We will also be looking at the different reasons as to why therapy is actually so expensive. Finally, we will be delving into the various benefits that working with Talkspace can bring to a therapist. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace are not great venues for therapy but also act as superb workspaces for therapists.


What do Talkspace therapists get paid?

According to therapists who have worked previously with Talkspace, therapists are paid easily up to $21 per hour. Thus, the monthly salary of the therapists can depend on their caseloads and also the lengths of the communications they have had with their clients. The pay is reported to be pretty much higher than the average pay of a therapist in the United States.

Why is therapy so expensive?

Frankly, therapy is so expensive because it costs a lot to practice as a therapist. This is especially for those therapists who have their own private practice. Let’s look at some of the reasons why therapists charge so much for their sessions.

The cost of education is high

It takes a lot of studying to become a therapist. And the cost of education in the United States is especially pretty high. Most therapists go on to continue paying for their student loans long after they have started practicing. Also, the education and learning needs to be done at a prestigious university or college, which can further drive up the costs.

Therapists need to be licensed

It is not only enough for therapists to have a degree or diploma in psychotherapy. They also need to be licensed or certified to independently practice in their respective states or regions. Licensing can cost a lot and is required to be renewed regularly. Furthermore, licensing also requires additional courses and certifications, and thus brings more expenditure.

Rent and utilities can be expensive

Therapist offices need to have a great location in order to bring in the right clientele. Also, these offices need to be created and arranged in such a manner so that the clients are relaxed and comforted when they are present in it. The rent of such offices can be quite exorbitant and when it includes utilities and accessories the price can go much higher.

What do Talkspace therapists get paid? (+3 benefits for therapists)

Therapists undergo plenty of emotional labor

It is not easy being a therapist. It might seem pretty simple to just sit and listen to the problems and stories of others. However, therapists undergo trauma and distress of their own since they empathize and share the emotional burden of others. All this can require the therapist to take on more self-care and therapy for their own mental health.


There is a lot of paperwork

Paperwork is a lot in therapy. The amount of paperwork can increase exponentially when insurance is involved, which is actually a lot of the time. Since paperwork can take up a major part of the therapist’s day they might not have enough time for their clients, which is why many hire personal assistants. This can bring in more expense for the therapist.

Therapists need to market themselves

Running a therapy office is also a business and therapists require profit to stay afloat. For this, therapists who practice independently may undertake many marketing activities and strategies so that they can attract more clients to their clinics. These marketing techniques should also be classy enough to reflect the seriousness of therapy and thus can burn a hole in anyone’s pocket.

Benefits of working with Talkspace

Talkspace is also home to thousands of licensed and certified therapists who take care of the mental health of millions of users. The different benefits of working with Talkspace as a therapist are:

It does all the marketing for you

While independent therapists or those who are practicing privately might need to often undertake marketing tactics and strategies to bring in more clientele, those who work for Talkspace need not worry about all of this. The platform does the marketing for all of its therapists and is growing steadily in its number of users.


It does all the paperwork for you

Paperwork can be daunting for any therapist and the massive loads of work can take their energy and focus away from their clients. However, those who work for Talkspace do not have to delve into paperwork since the platform does all of this for them. Thus, the therapists here have more time to give to their clients and their mental health needs and requirements.


It brings in more clients

There are also more clients coming in for online therapy through platforms like Talkspace, as compared to a private clinic run by an independent therapist. And thus, therapists do not have to worry about dry months where there may be no clients at all since they are assured of a steady inflow of clients.

Best alternative to Talkspace

Whether you are a potential client or a therapist who is looking for an online therapy platform that is similar in structure and features to Talkspace , we would easily suggest that you explore Betterhelp. This platform also employs thousands of licensed therapists who cater to millions of users.


This blogpost has discussed what Talkspace therapists actually get paid. We have also looked at the different reasons as to why therapy is actually so expensive. Finally, we have delved into the various benefits that working with Talkspace can bring to a therapist.

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