What do Cerebral associate therapists make? (+9 tips)


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Page last updated: 3/09/2022

This blogpost will answer what Cerebral associate therapists make. We will also be listing several ways through which you can become a better therapist. In addition to this, we will be looking at the different advantages that Cerebral offers particularly for therapists. Cerebral is a mental health subscription which is bringing cost-effective treatment to millions.

What do Cerebral associate therapists make?

According to various sources, the associate therapists at Cerebral make anywhere from $24 to $34 an hour. The salary of these therapists also depends on the number of clients in their caseload and also the number of sessions they are having with them. The pay that therapists receive at Cerebral is considerably higher than the national average.


How to become a better therapist?

If you are a therapist or any mental health professional who is looking for new ways to improve themselves and thus bring better care and intervention to their clients, this is the spot for you. In this section, we will be discussing different ways through which you can become a better therapist.


Try therapy yourself

This is definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself as a therapist. To actually experience and empathize with what your client is going through, a great idea would be for you to try therapy. Therapy can help you become a better therapist since it shows your strengths and also teaches you to balance your weaknesses.

Learn more

Learning is a constant part of being a mental health professional. Learning is also mandated for licensing which requires you to take one more and more courses so that your knowledge base only grows. Learning can also teach you new skills and strategies that you can then impart to your clients.

Take part in regular self-care

As a therapist, self-care is very important for you. Many therapists encourage their clients and patients to take part in self-care activities but hardly do anything for them. However, self-care is necessary especially for therapists since it helps them deal with the various traumatic experiences and situations that their own clients share with them during sessions.

Learn body language

It is also important for you to be a master of reading body-language. While many clients will share their feelings and emotions with you, others might not be as overt. Some may not have the ability to articulate their feelings and needs so well, which you can detect better through body language and non-verbal cues.

Be updated

It is also necessary for therapists to be continuously updated and refreshed about the latest trends and pop culture. This is necessary since the definition of normal is continuously being challenged and changed. It also helps therapists to be updated about the latest trends since it can help them connect with their clients.

Consult your peers

You can also learn a lot by connecting with your peers in the same field. Peer consultation can not only help in learning but can also bring you more clientele for your practice. In addition, this can also provide great emotional support for therapists since they can share their burdens with each other.

Be real with your clients

For the most effective therapy or intervention, it is necessary for you to be as real with your clients as you possibly can. Clients can easily understand when they are being lied to and can detect even the slightest bit of fakery. This can definitely demolish trust and rapport between the client and the therapist and thus it is best if you are as genuine as possible.

Use the power of your office

You can also set up your office in such a way so that it becomes a safe haven for your clients. in fact, the right office and environment can definitely bring out the best in both your clients as well as yourself. Many therapists invest a major chunk in beautifying their offices with the right utilizes and accessories.

What do Cerebral associate therapists make? (+9 tips)

Be professional

All in all, you need to practice being a good professional. Your client will expect you to show up on time and also let them know in advance of any changes in their appointment. They will also expect you to charge the right fees and do the right paperwork. All this can build a better relationship between you and your clients which is necessary for therapy to work.

Advantages of Cerebral for therapists

Cerebral can be an awesome platform not only for clients but also for therapists. For therapists, Cerebral can bring advantages like:

  •  No need to commute to and fro to an office every day for work since all the operations are conducted online
  • No marketing expenses for the therapist since the platform does all the work for them
  • No more paperwork for the therapist since Cerebral takes care of this as well

Alternative to Cerebral

The best alternative to Cerebral in terms of prices as well as services is definitely Betterhelp. This platform does not have insurance coverage like Cerebral but offers financial assistance for those who cannot afford the plans. It has features for individual therapy as well as group therapy which many can find useful.



This blogpost has answered what Cerebral associate therapists make. We have also listed several ways through which you can become a better therapist. In addition to this, we have looked at the different advantages that Cerebral offers particularly for therapists.

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