What causes Brain zaps (A Comprehensive Guide)

Brain zaps are brief electric sensations in the brain accompanied by shocks.

These can be due to the withdrawal effects of antidepressants, or any tranquilizer drug.

The decline in dosage and refrain from drugs leads to brain zaps. It is a certain type of feeling which is related to the brain is also called “brain shocks”, brain flips” or “brain shivers’ ‘. 

Brain zaps are not dangerous for the brain but their occurrence itself indicates the presence of some other neurotic disorders.

The medication of another neurotic issue should be administered on the prescription of psychiatrists, the client should not do experimentation with medication.

In this article, we will discuss what causes of brain zaps.

The brain is the processing unit of the human body composed of the culmination of nerves, these nerves operate as impulses that travel from one nerve cell to another nerve cell.

Antidepressant drugs calm the working of nerves in the brain but any break in such drugs can make nerves of the brain lose their calm as a result “brain zaps” occur.

It is a historic phenomenon but only recently studied thoroughly but researchers still don’t have authentic and scientific knowledge about brain zaps.

In this article, we will know about what causes brain zaps.

Brain zaps are not common in people with neurotic problems basically people who are careless with their medication can suffer brain zaps.

Immediate removal or abrupt break in dosage is harmful, gradual lessening of medication, and careful surveillance of such people can avoid brain zaps. In this article, we will learn about what causes of brain zaps.

Symptoms of Brain zaps:

  1. Tremors in the body, sudden shocks occur in the body without any apparent cause.
  2. Dizziness and feelings of sickness.
  3. Disturbed sleep and irregular sleep pattern,
  4. Confusion in thinking and difficulty with emotional processing.
  5. Tiredness, nausea, and headache at times.
  6. Blur vision and anxiety are some common apparent features of brain zaps.

These symptoms can appear in some people and do not appear in some, these symptoms only last for a few weeks and later on goes away.

A person who is experiencing them feel too low and depression recur at times as a result of these symptoms.

These are the symptoms but what exactly happens when a person is having brain zaps in real-time, those feelings are given below:

  • Feeling of electric current or shock inside the brain, this is very momentary and brief.
  • As a result of shock loss of senses occurs, one may get blackout for a while, people faint for a few minutes.
  • Dizziness occurs and a buzzing sound appears in the ear for a shorter period of time.
  • Periodic painful sensations recur and people feel disoriented.

These are feelings experienced by people at the time of brain shock.

In this article, we will learn about what causes of brain zaps. 

What causes of brain zaps?

  1. The withdrawal impact of many drugs (What causes of brain zaps) can lead to brain zaps. Withdrawal symptoms occur no matter how usage of the drug is stopped. People with a serious background of neurotic illness or personality disorders experience a serious shock and the situation worsens for them after leaving medication as compared to people having medicine for minute issues.
  2. Stopping dosage abruptly (What causes of brain zaps) can cause havoc to the people if someone wants to get rid of medicine a doctor must be consulted to lessen withdrawal symptoms. Self-regulation of medicine, especially antidepressants and anxiety drugs must be administered with doctors will no self-medication experience must be done. 
  1. The human brain is the most sensitive part of the body with 24/7 working. The brain contains nerves and neurotransmitter chemicals. These chemicals maintain the balance of the human brain and in turn balances the human body. Medication helps to calm the nerves and smoother the working of neurotransmitters. Sudden halt can lead to shock in nerves and imbalance in transmitters. These shocks disturb human balance at both mental and physical levels. At the physical level they are called “withdrawal symptoms” and mental level or brain level it is called “brain zaps”. In this article, we will learn about what causes of brain zaps.
  1. Carelessness from the side of a person, everyone should be well aware of their mental health any experimentation with it can break a human from reality for a good amount of time, all cognitive and behavioral patterns are dependent upon working of the human brain. Proper and careful treatment for mental issues must be followed under the instructions of doctors. In this article, we will learn about what causes of brain zaps.
  1. The previous history of serious mental illness (What causes of brain zaps)

is also a cause of “brain zaps”. They already have symptoms of brain zaps and few changes in the surrounding can lead to brain shock.

  1. Stress and depression for a prolonged period of time along with medication can cause a serious threat to human mental processes. If such anxieties are paired with careless use of medicines then brain zaps are evident phenomena. In this article, we will learn about what causes of brain zaps.
  1. Disrupted connection with your doctor, the communication gap between consultant and client leads to issues like brain zaps, the client uses his/her own will to use or drop the use of medication which produces harmful after effects. A consultant can help to reduce symptoms and negotiate brain zaps carefully.
  1. Ignoring the earlier symptoms, people usually ignore smaller signs and take it easy. But for a person who has serious mental health issues must take account of symptoms of brain zaps and call their doctors immediately.
  1. Breakage in the use of drugs, few people usually don’t stop taking the drug but change patterns of intake without any consultation. Such clumsy behaviors are condemned in medical science, one cannot decide the dosage and timing of his/her medication. Forgetfulness of people causes a break in their pattern of medication and results in brain zaps.
  1. Usage of multiple drugs at the same time (What causes of brain zaps), few drugs are synchronistic with other drugs and increase the effect of each other few drugs are antagonistic with each other they work against each other. Such a case scenario also causes brain zaps. If some drug reacts with mental health medication then problems can emerge.
  1. The use of supplements usually makes people healthy physically and mentally as vitamin supplements increase the working of brain cells. But few supplements can harm its working never to try new things without a doctor’s recommendation. These supplements can increase the negative impact of withdrawal or cause damage to the working of the brain by worsening symptoms of brain zaps.

Besides all these major scientific causes of brain zaps have not to be discovered by a researcher, data analysis and patient history has revealed a few of the above-mentioned reasons for brain zaps.

What causes of brain zaps: How to Avoid Brain Zaps

There are many ways to avoid brain zaps a few effective and reasonable ways are given below:

  • A person should have to be fully aware of his mental and physical condition any slight change must be discussed with a doctor.
  • Note down symptoms immediately.
  • Change habits which caused the symptoms of brain zaps.
  • Learn from the internet about brain zaps and its symptoms.
  • Visit your doctors from time to time.
  • Do not change your medication timing or pattern.
  • If somehow you forget to take medication dose immediately follow your schedule do not change the timing by yourself.
  • Avoid the usage of multiple drugs at the same time.
  • Take vitamin supplements on the recommendation of your doctor.
  • Avoid Self-medication and never try to be your own doctor in case of brain zaps.
  • Never leave a medication abruptly. Give it some time and decrease dosage intake with the passage of time. Train your brain to work with a lowered amount of dosage and keep lowering it till you get used to it.

What causes of brain zaps?: What should be done if having Brain zaps?

  1. Go to your doctor immediately and tell them every minute of what you experienced.
  2. Stop the trigger of brain zaps, either it is medication, some habit, or some sort of thought pattern.
  3. Be patient with yourself and your symptoms as they are temporary in nature and go away in a few weeks, but excessive depression can aggravate the symptoms which are very harmful to the people.
  4. Go back to medication which was stopped by you on an abrupt basis.
  5. Don’t get panicked by brain zaps or shocks they are never going to last, they end after a few weeks.
  6. Try to find reasons for brain zaps.
  7. Shocks once appeared can get back again in order to avoid taking some serious steps so that the effects of shocks can be reduced and the repetition of zaps can be controlled.

Serious steps in this regard include talking to consultants, having medication on time, avoiding harmful thoughts, and changing sleep patterns.

  1. Take proper sleep to balance the working of the brain after the shocks.
  2. As it is said that a healthy body has a healthy mind, tries to follow proper diet plans, and makes your body fit so that any shock can be faced with strength and the body may not collapse. Weak bodies cannot stand the effects of shock and a healthy body can negotiate it well.
  3. Exercise and fitness through gym work also help in the betterment of the human brain and body. There must be a scheduled fitness routine for people having some mental issues along with a balanced and healthy diet.

Conclusion: What causes of brain zaps?

Brain zaps or brain shocks are not very dangerous for human health but they have all the potential to weaken the nerves and thought patterns of an individual.

They must be handled with great care and carried out treatment under the surveillance of licensed consultants.

Brain zaps can be cured, they are durable, these are never permanent, only careful and meaningful treatment can bring a human back to life with few weeks. 

Only a few authentic reasons for brain zaps are present or been discovered and all of them give us a hint that one must know about his/her mental health and secondly never ever give an abrupt stop to medication.

The carelessness of people regarding the timing of dosage and self-medication is dangerous for human mental health. 

Brain zaps are just tip of ice burg there are many underlying causes that continuously build within a person and at the end emerge as this shock.

All those reasons must be discussed with doctors. Although it is not dangerous anything that is ignored becomes a life-threatening issue.

Brain zaps if remain ignored and they recur time after time one can lose its memory or working off some part of the brain. 

Things should e did carefully with such patients and they can become normal ever again.

FAQ about what are the causes if the brain Zaps

Brain zaps are an indication of madness?

No, brain zaps are no indication of madness these can end with taking great care.

Brain zaps are of permanent nature or they can go anytime?

Brain zaps are temporary shocks in nerves of the brain, they go with the passage of time.

Which people are more likely to have brain zaps?

People who are at medication for some sort of neurotic issues like; depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. such people when show carelessness with their dosage brain zaps can occur.

What should people do immediately if they feel brain zaps?

People who feel brain zaps should immediately contact their doctors and discuss it with them.

How brain zaps can be controlled or avoided?

Brain zaps can be avoided by taking medication according to the doctor’s prescription and the abrupt end of dosage must not be done.


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