What can Talkspace prescribe? (Importance of medications)

This article will explain what medications and drugs Talkspace can prescribe for its users. We shall also be looking at the other features that Talkspace has and also the importance of medication for mental illness. Mental illnesses are becoming increasingly common due to many factors, leaving people scrambling for various coping methods like online therapy platforms.

What can Talkspace prescribe?

Talkspace also has a Psychiatry feature through which users can be prescribed various psychiatric medications and drugs. Users can be prescribed many medications pertaining to their mental illnesses or disorders. However, some drugs like Valium, Xanax, Ritalin and Adderall are restricted in this platform.


Other features of Talkspace

Talkspace provides a variety of features that users can easily utilize for better well-being and positivity. Some of these features have been discussed in detail as follows:


It has unlimited messaging

All the plans in Talkspace allow unlimited messaging between the user and the therapist. There are also various forms of messaging which the user can easily opt from. There is text messaging, audio messaging and video messaging which the user can choose according to their needs and requirements.

It can be accessed from anywhere

The great thing about online therapy is that it can be accessed easily from anywhere at any time. Talkspace can be used through any time of web browser. It can also be downloaded and installed as a mobile app in any type of smart device. This high level of accessibility ensures that users can reach out to their therapists any time they feel like it.

There are guaranteed responses

The messages which are sent to the therapists are guaranteed to be responded to. In all the plans of Talkspace, the therapist has to respond at least 5 days in a week. And thus, even though there might be a slight delay in the response, the user knows that they will be getting a qualified expert response nevertheless.


There are live sessions

In addition to asynchronous or non-real time texting, the platform also provides live sessions for its users. This means that users can schedule a live video session with their therapist in advance. According to the plan that has been chosen, the number of video sessions can vary in number. Each live session is limited to 30 minutes each.

There are also live chats

Many of us prefer texting or chatting to talking or video-conferencing. This is more in particular with the younger generations of today who prefer chatting as compared to other forms of communication. Live chats can be easily scheduled in advance through Talkspace, bringing more convenience and accessibility for the users.

Plenty of tools and exercises

The platform in Talkspace is also filled with a variety of mental health toolkits and exercises that users can utilize for the purpose of positivity, relaxation, focus and mindfulness. They can also use these exercises for other mental health needs and requirements such as tracking moods and states and also the progress of the mental health interventions.

Teen counselling services

Talkspace also provides therapy and counselling sessions for teens or young adults, aged 18 years and above. This is even more important as adolescents often go through many mental health issues that need to be managed at an early age in order to prevent it from becoming a full-blown mental illness when they are adults.


Great client-therapist fit

The client-therapist relationship needs to be solid and of high quality for the intervention to be successful. However, finding the right therapist for you can be quite a tricky process. Talkspace provides a great questionnaire during the sign-up stage that users can utilize in order to connect them with the right therapist who fits their requirements and preferences.

Strong security features

Talkspace also provides strong security and safety features to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of the users. The platform is completely HIPAA compliant and also has robust security features such as end-to-end encryptions, firewalls and also multi-step authentication procedures.

Importance of medication for mental illness

Mental illnesses require therapy and also medications and drugs in order to be managed in a much more effective manner. Two of the reasons why medication is important for mental illness have been described as follows:

They can make therapy more effective

Medication used in combination with therapy is perhaps the most advised route of intervention for many mental illnesses. These medications can also improve the effectiveness or quality of therapy itself. Medications can help in reducing the symptoms and therapy can help the individual focus more on the root cause and aims at fighting the illness from the ground up.

They can reduce symptoms

Mental illnesses frequently bring many symptoms and groups of symptoms that can affect the quality of life in these individuals. They can also affect the effectiveness with which ADL or Activities of Daily Life are being performed. Through the use of medication, these symptoms can be easily managed and thus individuals can enjoy a better quality of life.

BetterHelp: A Better Alternative

Those who are seeking therapy online may also be interested in BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers plenty of formats of therapy, ranging from live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. In addition, unlimited messaging through texting, audio messages and even video messages are available here.

BetterHelp also offers couples therapy and therapy for teenagers in its platform. Furthermore, group sessions can also be found in this platform, covering more than twenty different topics related to mental health and mental illness. The pricing of BetterHelp is also pretty cost-effective, especially considering the fact that the platform offers financial aid to most users.


This article has explained what medications and drugs Talkspace can prescribe for its users. We have also looked at the other features that Talkspace has and also the importance of medication for mental illness.

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