What are the subscription plans in BetterHelp? (+9 tips)

This article will discuss the various subscription plans in BetterHelp. We will additionally be mentioning various tips and strategies that you can use to make the best use of your online therapy sessions. Finally, we shall take a quick look at the best features of BetterHelp that can help in improving your mental health.

What are the subscription plans in BetterHelp?

BetterHelp offers several plans depending on the length of the subscription. You can opt to pay weekly which will cost you about $80 per week or can choose to pay monthly at $260 per week. You can also pay quarterly at $540 per week or yearly at $1820 per week. The prices can increase slightly depending on your location or the lengths of the sessions.

How to make the best use of online therapy?

While online therapy can bring plenty of benefits and advantages to users, it can also be a little challenging. In this section, you will have various tips and strategies that you can use in order to make the very best out of your online therapy sessions.

Create a space for your therapy sessions

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy sessions are conducted in the confines of a therapist’s office, this does not apply for online therapy. Even though online therapy brings the intervention to your homes, it is still necessary for you to create a space for your therapy sessions where you will not be disturbed and thus can be more focused on your therapy.


Choose the right time

It is also essential that you choose the right time for your therapy sessions. This is particularly for live therapy sessions. Since online therapy provides plenty of flexibility regarding time, you can also choose a slot outside the usual business hours. Choosing the most convenient time can help you concentrate more on what your therapist is saying rather than be distracted.

Explore the various formats

In comparison to in-person therapy, online therapy offers a variety of formats that users can choose from. Platforms like BetterHelp not only offer various types of live sessions, such as live chats, live audio and live video. It also offers different types of messaging like text messaging, audio messaging and video messaging that you can choose from based on your conveniences.

Use the additional resources

Online therapy also provides plenty of additional resources that can be of great help to any user. Some platforms offer assessments and tools that can help in improving focus and even reducing anxiety. Other platforms also have great guides and tutorials that can help you in several areas like work, legal issues and even finances.

Be more open about your emotions

In traditional therapy settings, the client and the therapist are in the same room as each other. Here, non-verbal cues such as body language and even eye contact can be easily shared and understood. However, this may not be as effective in online therapy and thus you need to be as open as possible with your feelings so that your therapist can understand you better.

Set the right goals for therapy

Just like in-person therapy, online therapy can also be more effective when you set the right goals. Creating realistic goals for your therapy can provide a sense of direction for both you and your therapist. Furthermore, these goals can be milestones for you to evaluate your progress in the therapy.

Journal your thoughts

It also helps if you regularly journal your thoughts. Journaling in itself is a highly recommended form of coping that therapists often recommend. Writing down your thoughts and feelings about the therapy sessions can also be a great way for you to reflect on the key takeaways. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp also offer a feature for online journaling which can be useful.

Turn off your front view

Eye-contact is necessary for creating as well as sustaining a relationship. It also helps in amplifying our words and really driving the message forward. While online therapy is advantageous in many aspects, it might hinder eye contact. A great way to ensure you are maintaining eye contact is by turning off your front view and looking directly into the camera.

Do a test run

Online therapy uses a lot of technology. Here, the internet needs to be stable, the camera needs to work properly, the microphone needs to be clear and the lighting also matters. To make sure that your therapist can hear you and see you loud and clear, you can do a test run with a friend to avoid the chances of any glitches during the session.

Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp has many great features that users simply love, such as:

  • It offers financial assistance for those users who cannot afford the plans
  • It can be accessed from anywhere at any time since it operates completely online
  • It provides couples therapy as well as teens therapy
  • It also has group sessions conducted once a week
  • BetterHelp also offers digital worksheets and online journaling which can help both the therapist and the client
  • The platform is completely HIPAA compliant and thus provides the highest level of internet security


This article has discussed the various subscription plans in BetterHelp. We have additionally mentioned various tips and strategies that you can use to make the best use of your online therapy sessions. Finally, we have taken a quick look at the best features of BetterHelp that can help in improving your mental health.

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