What are the hours in which depression seems real?

This article will discuss what can be the real depressing hours for people that are struggling with the condition. It will show that this can vary from one person to the next, and how depression usually feels.

What are the hours in which depression seems real?

Depression feels real pretty much the whole time someone is going through it. There is no hour in the day in which they are not faced with depression. It has a direct effect on how the person lives and feels. It can make them feel drained, without any energy, and empty.

When you are depressed, every hour is a difficult hour, especially when you are going through clinical depression, which is also known as major depression. This form of depression will make it impossible for you to do the simplest things, and sometimes even getting out of bed feels like too much work.

But once you have been dealing with depression for a while, you may notice some of your patterns. You can start to realize that nighttime is usually when depression hits you hard. 

You may be having trouble sleeping, so staying awake the whole night may be causing you to keep focusing on all the negative things happening in your life, but mostly, in your mind. 

Your mind may begin to tell you that you are worthless. That all the people around you find you a bad person. You may feel extremely sad, and completely unable to be real. When it is like that, the hours between 10 pm, or around the time people will go to sleep, and when people wake up, and you are supposed to go to work can feel like hell. 

To other people, the morning hours can be the most depressive ones. They can feel that even though they slept all night, sometimes even more than what would be considered necessary, they are still completely tired, and feel unable to even get out of bed to wash their faces. 

To those people it may seem like life is just passing right through them. They can see the people in their houses getting ready to go to school, or go to work. And after a few hours, they may come back, and you are still laying there. Unable to move.

But, if you manage to get yourself up, and go to work, or school, being there may not be easy. To some people, the most real depressing hours can be the ones in which they need to be around others, and pretend they are doing okay. 

Keeping that facade can take all the willpower inside you, and sometimes all you want to do is to run away screaming. And it is not just being around people. If you are at work, or school, you are supposed to work. And you can feel like you can’t focus on anything.

Trying to pay attention in a class is not something you can do, and dealing with office work on your computer is also hard. So you kind of just pretends, once again, that you are doing what is asked of you. With time, you may find some strategies to help you focus, even if it is just a little bit.

You have heard people talking online about the binaural beats, and how they are supposed to help with that. So when you need to focus, you can put that on your headphones and hope it gives you a little help in getting things done. 

And it may be that it helps you a little, and you manage to get some work done. But after a while, you can begin to feel too tense, or you have a headache. And you don’t know if that is related to depression, or if it is just because of how your work is. 

But the reality is that because of depression you get way more tired than you did before. And when it is lunchtime, depression will show its claws by preventing you from feeling hungry and eating. 

So sometimes, while everyone is having lunch, you need to take some time off of work, or even school so you can regroup what is left of your energy.

You go back to the second half of your day, and you can’t wait for it to finish. All you want to do is to be in your comfortable clothes, in a space in which you don’t need to pretend you are okay, and that you can just lay still. You manage to focus a little more, and then you are finally free.

It is almost as if you are happy if depression would let you experience happiness as you did before. But you feel some sense of relief because you can go home. You are on your way, with only one idea in mind. Getting home, maybe showering, if you master the energy for that, and putting on your comfy PJs.

And that is exactly what you do when you get home. Except that once the sense of relief is gone, and you are all snuggled in your bed, you will begin to feel that all too familiar dread. It is the nighttime depression kicking in once again. And as the sun goes down, you begin to feel yourself getting more and more anxious. 

You may have developed some strategies for this moment as well, you try to read a book, meditate, and hopefully, you will feel like sleep is not eluding you, and tonight you can have a goodnight’s sleep. 

You prepare your room in a cozy manner, and try to get some sleep. But once again, depression shows its face, and while the whole house is sleeping, you are left with, once again, the most real depressive hours of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the hours in which depression seems real? 

What are the types of depression? 

Depression can show itself in four forms. It can be mild, moderate, major, and persistent. The first one, as the name says, shows itself with mild symptoms that will go on for a short period, which can make it harder to diagnose. But to cope with this form of depression, people may ultimately just adjust their lifestyle.

Moderate depression is a type that begins to have some impact on the person’s ability to function daily. The symptoms will be a little more intense, and will also go on for longer. To cope with moderate depression, people will often go to therapy, and in some cases, people will need medication.

Major depression, which is also known as clinical depression, is the most intense form of depression. Going through it, the symptoms can be so intense, that they make it impossible for the person to do the simplest things like getting out of bed. 

Aside from the common symptoms of depression, a person with major depression may also experience hallucinations, or even become delusional. And to treat this type of depression, the person will need a joint treatment of therapy, and medication. The same is true for persistent depression.

This form of depression will often go on for as long as 5 years. And during this time the person will swing between moments of mild symptoms and moments of major depression symptoms

Are antidepressants enough to treat depression? 

No, antidepressants are hardly enough for a person to treat depression. In more severe cases they are extremely important to help decrease the intensity of the depressive symptoms, which may allow the person to feel a little better.

But it is important to know that, when you are depressed, there is also an emotional aspect to it. And to deal with that, you will most likely need to go to therapy.

What is the difference between sadness and depression? 

People must begin to understand there is a difference between sadness and depression. The first one is a common human emotion, which all of us will experience at some point. It can often be a reaction to something, be it an event in your life, or even a movie, or tv show.

But it tends to be fleeting, and it is not something that touches every single aspect of your life. But when we are talking about depression, it is not only sadness. Although that is a common sign of the condition, depression will affect the person in many other ways.

When talking about the sadness that is brought by depression, it is important to know that this is not a fleeting sadness, and it also is not directed to one matter. The sadness caused by depression will affect every aspect of the person’s life and will be hard to move past from it.

What are the causes of depression? 

Depression can be related to a few factors. It can happen as a genetic reaction, which means that when a person has a family history of depression, they have a higher chance of developing the condition.

But that is not all. Sometimes depression will happen as a reaction to a chemical imbalance in the person’s brain. Having some neurotransmitters, and hormones imbalanced can have a huge impact on how the person feels, and their mood.

Finally, depression can be related to external factors. People can become depressed as a reaction to an illness, or because they are dealing with other traumatic situations, such as the loss of their loved ones, or the end of a relationship.

What is a mental breakdown?

A mental breakdown is a reaction a person may have to an intensely stressful event, which they feel they were unable to emotionally deal with. It can be caused by one event, but it may be, and it often is, related to a group of matters that have been piling on, and the person was unable to emotionally process.

It can go on for a few hours, or even weeks or months. It can lead the person to feel completely drained, and hopeless. And they may feel unable to manage what is happening. During this, it is extremely important that the person looks for professional help to deal with their emotions, and rebuild themselves.

Having the support of their loved ones is also incredibly important in this situation since it can make it harder for the person to move and get help.


This article showed what are the hours in which depression will seem real for people that struggle with it. It also showed how depression will often feel like.

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