What are the fees at BetterHelp? (+3 pros of BetterHelp)


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Page last updated: 6/09/2022

This post will answer what the fees are at BetterHelp. We will also be looking at the importance of online therapy in the post-COVID world. Lastly, we will be discussing why BetterHelp is actually so great. BetterHelp provides cost-effective therapy on an online platform that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.

What are the fees at BetterHelp?

BetterHelp charges its users from $60 to $90 per week. If the user is paying for their therapy in advance, the cost of the plan can be much cheaper. While BetterHelp cannot be covered by insurance, it provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed or have been furloughed due to COVID-19. This can reduce the cost up to 25 per cent easily.

Importance of online therapy

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy definitely works, one might wonder what the actual need for online therapy is. The truth is, online therapy can serve not just one but many several causes. It also helps many groups of people who might not find in-person therapy suitable for their lifestyles. Some of the reasons why online therapy is important are:

It follows COVID-19 guidelines

The most important thing about online therapy, particularly today, is that it follows COVID-19 guidelines. Since the onset of the pandemic, therapists and clients have not been able to meet each other in person. This can increase the risk of infection and thus many prefer online therapy for their mental health needs and requirements.

It is very accessible

While in-person therapy can be different to access by everyone, this is not the same about online therapy. In-person therapy requires the person to go to a therapist’s office for their sessions. This cannot be feasible for persons who have a physical disability and thus cannot leave the house often. It also applies to those who are taking care of infants and thus cannot step outside often.

It makes therapy easy

The process of seeking therapy can be quite difficult. Research studies have shown that individuals need to wait up to several months in order to be assigned a therapist or any other mental health care professional. However, in online therapy platforms, the process of finding a suitable therapist becomes easy and much quicker.

It provides different forms of therapy

In traditional therapy settings, the main mode of communication is through speech. Not everyone might be able to express themselves properly using this method. In online therapy, the treatment can be conducted through various forms, such as messaging, live chats, live audio and even live video sessions. Thus, online therapy brings plenty of flexibility to the user.


It has great security

Privacy and confidentiality of information is something that both clients and therapists look forward to and require for effective therapy. Online therapy platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace are required to be fully HIPAA compliant in order to function and thus can provide high quality security to safeguard the client’s privacy and information.

What are the fees at BetterHelp? (+3 pros of BetterHelp)

It brings safety

There is also an added element of safety that online therapy can bring to both the client as well as the therapist. Therapists often get hurt while dealing with violent clients. Clients also may fear assault or abuse by unethical therapists. For both these cases, online therapy can be a great solution since it does not require the therapist and the client to meet each other in person.

It is cost-effective

There is no doubt that in-person therapy can be very expensive. While it is so for many different but valid reasons, it still is the main reason why many people avoid therapy. However, online therapy is much more affordable. Several online therapy platforms like Talkspace are covered by insurance, while others like BetterHelp provide financial assistance for their users.

Why is BetterHelp so great?

BetterHelp is one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. This platform not only provides cost-effective plans for its users, but brings a large collection of advantageous features and benefits, such as the ones which have been described in this section:

BetterHelp provides financial assistance

The platform provides financial assistance or financial aid for anyone who is finding affordability an issue. The financial assistance is available for many reasons, such as unemployment and even furlough due to the pandemic. This assistance can be availed almost immediately and has to be renewed every three months.


It offers couples therapy

There is also couples therapy that is offered in BetterHelp. Couples therapy is sought out by many pairs who are facing difficulties in their relationships and has saved many couples from divorce. Furthermore, it is not only intended for those who are going through a rough patch but also those who want to simply improve their relationships with each other.

It has teens therapy

BetterHelp additionally offers therapy for teenagers. This feature is available for those between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. Adolescence can be a confusing and highly stressful age and the emotional support and coping strategies that therapy brings can be vital for these teenagers.


This post has answered what the fees are at BetterHelp. We have also looked at the importance of online therapy in the post-COVID world. Lastly, we have discussed why BetterHelp is actually so great.

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