What are the best anime memes about depression?

This article will show what are some of the best anime memes that talk about depression. Aside from that, the article will show how each of these memes discusses depression.

What are the best anime memes about depression? 

Depression is a terrible thing to be going through. But nowadays people have been making memes of the most different themes to talk about how depression makes them feel. And although it can seem strange to some people, having a meme that talks exactly about how you feel, can give you a sense of relief.

Anime has been a form of culture that has spoken more and more to people. And since they tend to be extremely open about the emotional state of their characters, it wouldn’t be long until memes about depression were made with anime characters. Let’s see some of the best memes found online.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

In this first meme, one character asks the other for some wisdom. To it, the character in the pool says: “Your life is not a joke, jokes have meaning”, implying that the life of the other character has no meaning. What causes them to say that they just want to die, so they are going home.

Although this can seem like a harsh meme, it will probably resonate with people that are depressed. Most of the time they don’t need anyone to tell them their life has no meaning. 

They will have this deep-seated belief that it is all meaningless. They have no sense of hope and feel like they are worthless. So living doesn’t have a purpose anymore.

It is at this point that most people with depression often consider ending their lives, as the character has said on the meme. But this is not the only one that helps us understand what depression can feel like.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

This meme speaks about how quickly things can wear out for someone with depression. On the first day of no school, the character seems incredibly excited among others. By the third day, her face seems to send us a sign of apathy, and it feels like she is completely drained.

This causes us to have another thought, of how aimless life can feel when you are depressed. You can feel like all you need or want to do is to stay quiet in one place. 

And even though it may be hard to be social when you are depressed, having people around you will often guarantee that in some way or another, you will be moving. Which can be better than just laying still somewhere. Now let’s take a look at the other meme.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

This meme talks about how, even though the outside of the lettering is different, the feeling depression leaves you is pretty much always the same. You can dress colorful and cheerful, and change the way you write things, but deep down, you are still feeling that life is meaningless, and depression may still be feeding on you.

This meme can easily relate to people with depression since it is quite common for them to try to pretend they are feeling fine. This can happen for several reasons. 

They can fear or know others won’t understand them or feel they wouldn’t have the support they need. So instead of saying anything, they may just act as if everything was fine, put on some colorful clothes, and play the part.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

This meme talks about the rare moments in which a person with depression feels something that resembles joy. When you are depressed, there may be some moments of relief, you may even laugh at times. But this doesn’t seem to last. Depression seems to be always lurking to drag you back in.

With time, when you start to have those positive moments, you may even begin to fear how it would be once they are gone. And this makes it impossible for you to enjoy even the littlest moment that resembles happiness.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

This meme may explain to others how some people may get a sense of relief from their depression by seeing memes. Sometimes, relating to what is being said on the meme, and laughing at it can be an instant relief for depression. 

It can make you feel less alone, and normalize what you are going through, so you don’t feel entirely different. Gives you the perception that others may be going through the same thing. Which can be extremely powerful.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

This meme seems to imply that life enjoys making you depressed. And even though there is no way to assure that, when you are down, it can be good to be angry at life for feeling how you feel. 

Directing this anger toward something can give you a chance to move from that depressive, and apathetic place. Just make sure you move more positively, and not by harming yourself or making yourself feel worse.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

This meme seems to be talking about how validation can be important, and how the lack of it can lead people to the darkest of places, like thinking about ending their lives.

Social media has been causing us to think that likes, or being recognized for what we are posting is what will give our lives purpose, what will make us feel fulfilled. But it is not like that. After one validation we are already looking for the next, making us more and more depressed.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

And this last meme talks about the sense of boredom that seems to take over a person when they are depressed. As all the other people may be arriving at school on their first day excited, and wanting to meet their new colleagues, the person with depression may find it all dull from the moment they get to school.

This is because depression makes your world lose its color. Everything is now black and white. And being in school is no different. You feel like you are there just because you need to be. And there could be anywhere. There is no excitement, no joy, and no hope of feeling better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the best anime memes about depression? 

Can memes be a way to cope with depression? 

Yes, memes can be a way for you to cope with depression. In the same way as other forms of humor, when you see a meme that is talking about depression, you can relate to it right away as you are going through depression yourself.

Reading, in humor, that other people are going through the same thing can give you a sense of connectedness, that you are not the only one that is struggling with this, and it can help you move through with your treatment.

What are the best anime memes about depression?

What are ways to cope with depression?

The first thing one should do, when going through depression, is to look for professional help. That can come in the form of a therapist, which will help you understand your emotions better, and create strategies to deal with them. 

And a psychiatrist, which will prescribe you medication to help decrease the intensity of your symptoms of depression.

But aside from that, there are other ways you can cope with depression in your day-to-day life. One of them is by having a healthy lifestyle. Caring for the quality of what you eat, and how you sleep, will help you feel more energetic. You should also consider exercising since it is something that will help improve your mood.

Aside from that, make sure you spend time with people you love. Since it may help you distract yourself from the negative thoughts depression usually brings, and will also make you feel supported.

Doing things that give you some sort of positive emotions, such as volunteering, or even a new hobby, like gardening, can make you feel a little better, and also give you a sense of accomplishment which is important when you are going through depression.

What are the symptoms of depression? 

Depression can often bring you intense sadness. It will also make you lose interest in things, even the ones you used to love. Aside from that, it can make you feel less energetic and more fatigued. It can also lead you to feel empty, hopeless, and helpless.

Depression will change your eating and sleeping patterns, make your experience crying spells, and make you more irritable, guilty, and ashamed. Aside from that, it will make your self-esteem, and your sense of self-worth goes down. 

Going through a depressive episode also makes it harder for you to focus, and it can lead people to self-harm, and even thoughts of death, or suicide.

How can I help a friend that is going through depression?

When you have a friend that is going through depression, the best thing you can do is talk to them. This will make them feel supported. And even though they can feel worthless, like they are not worth saving, having you around can mean a lot.

You can make yourself present physically, or even through text, but be present. Aside from that, ask them if they need help with anything. Not in a way that you should fix everything for them, but if they need company going to therapy, or even if you can help them around with the chores, since caring for the house, and for themselves can be extremely hard when you are depressed.

What are the forms of depression?

Depression can happen in four forms. It can be mild, moderate, major, and persistent. The first one, as the name says, can cause the person to experience mild symptoms, and they will go on for a short period. 

Because of that, mild depression can be hard to diagnose. But to treat it, people will mostly just need to change some of their lifestyles.

As for moderate depression, its symptoms are a little more intense, to a point that it impacts the person’s life. It can also last longer. To treat moderate depression, people will often go to therapy, and in some cases, they will need medication.

Major depression, which is also known as clinical depression, can cause the person to experience intense symptoms that make it harder for the person to maintain their life as they did before. To treat it, people will often need to go on medication, and also therapy.

The same is true for persistent depression, which will be a long episode that can go on for as long as 5 years. During this time, the person will swing between mild depressive symptoms and major depressive symptoms.


This article focused on showing some of the best anime memes that talk about depression, and explaining how they were treating the condition.

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