What are the benefits of working for BetterHelp?

This blogpost will explain what the various benefits of working for BetterHelp are. We will also mention a few tips that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions. Furthermore, we will be looking at some of the other online therapy platforms that serve as great workplaces for therapists.

What are the benefits of working for BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that aims to bring affordable and easily accessible mental health care to everyone. This platform not only serves as an amazing space for online therapy but is also the digital workplace of thousands of therapists. Some of the best benefits that therapists can experience while working in BetterHelp have been described as follows:


BetterHelp therapists are paid well

The therapists in BetterHelp are paid pretty well. Therapists can easily make up to $31 per hour. Considering the fact that there are no other expenses such as commute and rent, therapists can earn a considerable income here. The pay structure is also based on the amount of engagement with the client, and thus therapists are encouraged to give their best in the therapy sessions.

They do not need an office

While in-person therapy requires an office to work, this is not true with online therapy. Therapists in BetterHelp, thus are not burdened by the high amounts of rent that therapist offices often cost. It is not only about the rent, but therapist offices have plenty of utilities and accessories to bring the client. All this can be nullified through BetterHelp.

They do not have any marketing expenses

Marketing is necessary for any type of business, including therapy. Therapists need to promote themselves through various strategies to bring in more clientele for their practice. Thus, they need to spend money for newspaper ads, radio ads, promotional events and more that can cost a lot of money. BetterHelp does the marketing for the therapists and thus these expenses go away.

They can say goodbye to paperwork

Therapists often have plenty of paperwork that comes with their profession. The paperwork is a lot more when insurance is involved. Thus, therapists often hire personal assistants to take care of their paperwork as well as run their offices. In BetterHelp, the therapists can continue to focus on their clients and their interventions since the platform completes their paperwork for them.

They are exposed to many clients

BetterHelp therapists get to work with plenty of clients coming from different cultures and ethnicities. This might not be easily possible in traditional therapy settings. Thus, working in BetterHelp means the therapist is exposed to many different backgrounds and this turns out to be a great learning experience for the therapists and the counselors of this platform.

The technology is safe

Therapists often worry about the safety and privacy of their clients. This happens even more during online therapy sessions. However, therapists who work in BetterHelp need not worry about this since the platform is completely HIPAA compliant. And therefore, BetterHelp has incorporated firewalls and end to end encryptions for the safety of its users.

There is a therapist community

Peer consultation is very important in psychotherapy where continuous learning is the key to success. BetterHelp allows therapists to interact with each other and also share information related to clients. This is important not only for learning but can also help the mental health of the therapists themselves.

Tips for online therapy sessions

Online therapy can be a little challenging since the client and the therapist do not meet each other face to face. However, there are many ways through which you can improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions, like:

Turn off your selfie camera

While having video sessions with the client, it can be easy for us to get distracted by our own faces in the selfie camera. This is true not only for the therapist but also for the client. A great way to ensure that both the client and the therapist are focusing better on each other is by turning off the selfie camera. This brings more concentration to the therapy session itself.


Create a space for therapy

You can also create your own space to hold your therapy sessions in your home. This becomes necessary since in-person therapy uses the solitude and comfort of the therapist’s office in order to promote the efficacy of the therapy itself. If you do not have an office room in the house, you can always turn a corner of your living room or bedroom into a therapy zone.

Use the different formats

Online therapy does not only use speech as a means to communicate with your client. Here, various modes of communication such as messaging, live chatting, live audio as well as live video sessions are available. Switch between formats to bring more convenience to your client as well as yourself.

Alternatives to BetterHelp

In addition to BetterHelp, there are other online therapy platforms that can be great for therapists such as:

  • Talkspace which provides therapy and psychiatry with insurance coverage
  • Calmerry which has a large network of therapists and counselors
  • ReGain which targets couples therapy
  • 7 Cups which focuses on teens therapy



This blogpost has explained what the various benefits of working for BetterHelp are. We have also mentioned a few tips that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your online therapy sessions. Furthermore, we have looked at some of the other online therapy platforms that serve as great workplaces for therapists.

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