What are the benefits of using monday.com? (+13 Benefits)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This article will discuss the benefits of using monday.com. We shall be breaking down the various advantages that monday.com brings for teams and team members. monday.com can be used for project management, workplace collaboration, task management as well as for CRM purposes and thus is preferred by many organizations all over the world.

What are the benefits of using monday.com?

There are a wide range of benefits that monday.com can bring to any organization or team. The best benefits that monday.com brings have been discussed below:

Collaboration is better

With the help of monday.com, teams can definitely collaborate better with each other. The collaboration is also more effective since it happens through multiple ways and can be used both synchronously as well as asynchronously. In monday.com, teams can interact through board comments, whiteboards, tagging and also through the updates section.

Project overviews are effective

Project overviews are required for teams in order to create better awareness and transparency of the project. These overviews also ensure that all the team members are on the same page at all times. Project overviews which are crucial for individual productivity and work efficiency can be created and managed through the various elements that monday.com offers.

Helpful reporting and analytics

The dashboard in monday.com is quite intuitive and very informative. It provides plenty of information and analytics about the contents on the boards. These analytics are important especially for teams who require plenty of reporting in their daily work processes such as sales and marketing teams.

Strong security

monday.com definitely takes the security of customer data very seriously. This is important as teams and organizations work with sensitive and confidential information that can be dangerous if leaked or breached. In order to bring safety for customers, monday.com makes use of strong firewalls, end to end encryptions and also multi-step authentications.


Easy automations

The platform can also be used to automate tasks in various projects. Teams who work with large projects have many tasks and actions that need to be repeatedly completed on a regular basis. With the help of monday.com, these tasks can be easily automated and completed using the wide range of automation recipes that the platform provides for users.

Seamless integrations

monday.com also has an Integrations Center which has more than 40 popular apps and tools that teams can connect with their accounts. Thus, teams who are required to work with multiple project tools and apps can easily work in a much more coordinated manner. The most popular integrations are with Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Trello and Outlook.

Multiple views

Teams need to see their information and content through multiple perspectives and angles in order to arrive at decisions and solve problems. This can be easily performed in monday.com, as the platform allows users to easily switch views of their board. Users can easily switch views of their board to a Gantt view, timeline view, chart view, calendar view and even a Kanban board.

Ready to use templates

monday.com also features a large collection of ready to use templates that teams can use in their tasks and assignments. The great thing about this is that there are templates for practically any type of business vertical or industry. Teams can also create their own templates and use these for their work processes and workflows.


CRM features

This tool can also be used for Customer Relationship Management purposes. Even though monday.com is originally a project management tool, it can also be used by sales and marketing teams for their CRM requirements. Through monday.com, these teams can work with more leads generated from web sources and also manage customers throughout their life cycles.

Finance and accounts management

monday.com can also be used to track finances and manage accounts. This proves incredible for small businesses and startups which are just starting out and might not have the services of external consultants or accounting firms. For small businesses, monday.com proves to be a one-stop shop to manage projects as well as finances.

Shared calendar features

The platform allows teams to connect all their online calendars in one spot so that there is more coordination and synchronization of events and appointments. Shared calendars become even more necessary today as individuals have multiple calendars in multiple social accounts that can become confusing if there is no synchronization.

Multiple plans

Teams who are wary about the prices of monday.com need not worry as the platform provides several priced plans that users can opt for. In addition to these, monday.com also offers a Free Plan that can be great for individuals as well as small teams. All the plans of monday.com have the essential and unique features of the platform, particularly the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Student Program

There is also a Student Program that monday.com offers. This program is basically free of cost and has all the features of the Individual Plan and some of the great features of the Pro Plan which can be extremely beneficial for students. All students need to do to avail this plan is to sign up for monday.com using their university or college email address.


This article has discussed the benefits of using monday.com. We have broken down the various advantages that monday.com brings for teams and team members.

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