What are some monday.com tips and tricks? (+4 uses)

This post will be giving you many tips and tricks that you can use in your monday.com account. We will also be looking at some of the areas in an organization where monday.com can really prove its mettle. monday.com not only allows you to work better but also gives you plenty of features that will help you work smarter.


What are some monday.com tips and tricks?

Some monday.com tips and tricks that can come in handy while managing projects and tasks are described as follows:

Use the search option

The search option might not be as effective on all the plans that monday.com offers. However, it can be very useful for plans that offer a broad search zone. Using search, you can easily surf across your boards and also across multiple projects and tasks. Since you can pull up items and groups in a simple manner, you can easily save time and effort that goes into navigating.

Join the Student Program

A major complaint that users of monday.com have in general are that the plans are pretty pricey. However, if you are a college or university student, you can save a pretty penny by signing up for the Free Plan. If you enter your university email address while creating your account, you are eligible for the Student Program which has many of the Pro plan features for absolutely free.

Download the app

Even though monday.com is entirely cloud based and can be accessed from any web browser in an efficient manner, it still offers downloadable apps for your mobile. This includes both iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, there is also a desktop app that you can use in order to easily access your workspace from anywhere and everywhere.

Customize your notifications

When you are working with a team on multiple projects and tasks, you are bound to receive a lot of notifications about status changes, task reminders, event reminders and even completion notifications. However, this can become bugging. You can easily change this by customizing your notifications and see only those that are relevant and important to you.

Use Batch Actions

The Batch Actions feature on monday.com allows you to do multiple things at once. With the help of this feature, team members can save a lot of time that goes into doing the same thing several times in a row. You can use this feature to make many changes at once for your items which can easily create more time for other productive tasks.

Integrate your calendars

You easily may be using more than two calendars at the same time to schedule your appointments, meetings and other events. For those busy souls who rely on calendars to run their day, integration of different calendars is a must. With the help of this integration, you can ensure that your appointments never clash with each other and have a clearer idea about your schedule.

Make use of colors

Since monday.com uses bright and vibrant colors on its platform, the interface is highly engaging and even fun to work on. However, you can easily get carried away by the amazing color coding features this tool offers. But, it is also important to use color coding in a wise manner, otherwise you will be giving yourself a lot more work rather than reducing your workload.

Tag smartly

With the help of tagging, you can easily pull up items and tasks from a bunch. While tagging is a great way for options and items to appear in the search, you will need to do this in a smarter manner to allow it to become more efficient and effective. When you are creating a tag, think about what you will be requiring from this item in the future. This can prevent obsolete gaffes.

Use of monday.com in an organization

In an organization, monday.com as a project management tool can have many uses. The most important of these are:

To manage sales and profit

Since business organizations deal with a lot of customers and sales of products and services, it is important to keep track of these sales and also manage other tasks related. This can be related to creating invoices, tracking payments and also generation and scoring of leads from various sources.

For admin purposes

A lot of admin work goes on in an organization which keeps the work processes running smoothly. monday.com can be greatly useful in an organization for admin related tasks such as maintaining inventories, checking balances, tracking petty cash, organizing events and ordering supplies for the organization. 

To manage tasks

When tasks are delegated to individual team members, they need to have the right tools and resources in order to complete them. Team members would also need to coordinate with each other so that they not only complete their tasks on time but are also well-aligned with the shared goal of the team.

To improve collaboration

Collaboration is necessary for the smooth operating of an organization. It not only benefits the management but also helps team members in boosting morale, encouraging creativity and innovation and also for improving productivity and work efficiency in the organization.


This post has given many tips and tricks that you can use in your monday.com account. We have also looked at some of the areas in an organization where monday.com can really prove its mettle.

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