What are some funny Seasonal Depression comics?

This article will center on showing some of the funniest Seasonal Depression Comics, and why they are so funny. Aside from that, the article will explain what Seasonal depression is, and what are ways people can cope with it.

What are some funny Seasonal Depression comics? 

Many comics are used to portray what people may feel like as they are struggling with Seasonal Depression. The comics will often show how winter leads people to feel sadder, less energetic, and have trouble keeping to their regular activities.

Such as this one:

In this comic, the man is lying on his couch, with his winter clothes on, unshaved, and disheveled. By the woman’s saying, it seems that since winter has arrived he has lost his will to do things. He mostly just stays in, laying on the couch, which can be quite common for people that are struggling with seasonal depression.

Another cartoon, that is tight down, focuses on the complete opposite feeling. It shows a man running in his underwear towards the sun and the green grass once springtime arrives. It shows how happy he is, and that he has left all of his winter clothes and garments behind, and will now take time to enjoy the days outside.

The next comic goes to show how quickly people may be affected by seasonal depression. It shows a couple in their winter cabin. And as the woman is reading something, the man is looking outside, watching the snowfall, and seems extremely gloomy. 

To it, the woman is skeptical that he is already going through cabin fever since the winter has just started. But that is completely possible. A person can be affected by Seasonal Depression rather fast, as they begin to feel the changes the new season will bring to their lives and their body.

In yet another comic, it is possible to see low energy and depression that can take over a person when the fall and winter time approaches. A couple and another man are in a living room. 

And while the two men are talking, the woman seems without any energy, she has her shoulders down, hair on her face, and seems completely down.

As you notice the surroundings, you discover that it is raining outside, and then, the man says that his wife is powered by the sun. Showing how some people can feel completely drained when they are going through Seasonal Depression.

This last comic brings us an interesting situation that people that often experience Seasonal Depression may go through. It depicts a man that seems to be preparing himself for winter and is trying in every way possible to prevent himself from getting depressed because of it.

This can be quite a common occurrence. Many people that often experience Seasonal Depression, may have developed, as time goes on, their ways of coping. They can do that by taking vitamins or even going to light therapy as a way to prevent them from getting depressed.

What is Seasonal Depression? 

Seasonal depression, which is also called Seasonal Affective Depression is a form of depression that happens when the season changes. As that happens, the person may begin to feel sadder and find it harder to do their regular activities.

Usually, as shown on the memes, people will experience Seasonal Affective Disorder when summer ends and turns into fall and winter. That is called the winter pattern of the condition. 

And it causes people to feel sadder because the days are colder, and because of how the cold weather will impact their social activities.

But it is also possible that people experience a summer pattern of Seasonal Affective Disorder. To identify if you have one of them, you may begin to notice that the symptoms can happen most years, around the same period, and last around 4-5 months of the year.

A person will be diagnosed with SAD if they experience symptoms of major depression, along with some specific symptoms of SAD for two years in a row. If the person is going through a winter pattern of the Seasonal Affective Disorder, they can experience:

  • Change in their sleeping pattern by oversleeping
  • Change in eating pattern by overeating
  • Weight gain
  • The sense of isolation that resembles hibernation

When the person is experiencing the summer pattern of the Seasonal Affective Disorder, they can begin to show:

  • Change in sleeping pattern as insomnia
  • Change in eating pattern as loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Feeling agitated
  • Feeling Anxious
  • Episodes of violent behavior

It may be easier for people that are already going through other forms of mental health issues to develop Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is also possible that SAD can happen because of biological matters, such as a low level of serotonin, or the lack of sunlight that can cause the person to have a lower level of Vitamin C.

What are ways to cope with seasonal depression? 

If you are feeling like you have seasonal depression, know that there are ways you can cope with this. Let’s discuss what you can do.

Talk to others 

If you have the winter pattern of the SAD, the social isolation that comes with winter may be one of the hardest things for you. If that is your case, try to find ways to keep in touch and communicate with the people around you.

Yes, it may be harder to go out, but you can invite your friends over. What is important is that you don’t feel so isolated during those 4 to 5 months of cold weather.

Go outside

During winter there is indeed a lot less sunlight. But you should try to go out at least once a day. Try to take a little walk, and this may help with your vitamin C level, making you feel a little more energetic.

Care to prevent 

Mental health is important all year round. If you know that the wintertime tends to be harder on you, you can try, during the rest of the year, on making yourself healthier. By doing so, you may be able to prevent SAD from happening, or maybe even make it less intense.

Get professional help

If you feel it may be hard for you to manage SAD on your own, don’t be excited to get in touch with a professional. Having a therapist with whom you can talk can be important. In some cases, even medication can help.

There is also a way to care for your vitamins, and you can do light therapy, which often helps people going through SAD.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are some funny Seasonal Depression comics? 

Can humor help cope with seasonal depression?

Yes, humor can be a positive way to cope with seasonal depression. As you see one of these comics, you may come to realize that you are not the only one going through this. Understanding that, can make you feel less alone. 

It also allows you to think of new ways to deal with this situation. As the comics will often show strategies, even if over the top ones, to deal with the matter at hand.

What can I do to make myself feel better during the winter days?

Winter days can commonly bring a negative impact on our lives. We all become more isolated, and getting out of the house seems harder. Keeping an active life during winter can be tricky, but you can do it as you create a group of friends which you can visit, and who will visit you. Inviting them over for dinner, or to play board games can be a way to still feel connected even though it is cold outside.

You can also take part in some of the events your community will have during winter. For example, you can go to Christmas markets, or go to the gym, museums, or even theaters. This can help you meet new people, and also keep your mind more active.

Does getting seasonal depression one year, meaning I will get it every year?

No, if you get seasonal depression one year, it doesn’t mean it will happen every year. But having it before, along with having a history of mental illness, can be something that will make you more susceptible to developing seasonal depression.

What is important to keep in mind is that, if you experienced seasonal depression before, you should look out for proper treatments, and care for yourself, and your mental health so you can experience the changing of the seasons without it being such a difficult moment for you.

People with depression can still laugh?

Yes, even though a person is depressed, they will still be able to experience moments of laughter. This is an important matter to keep in mind since people will often assume that depression will only lead to sadness. But even if a person is depressed, it doesn’t mean they will experience the symptoms of it all the time.

First, it is important to know that the intensity of the symptoms of depression can vary from one form of depression to the next. So it is possible that sometimes a person with depression will find something funny, like a conversation with their friends, and will laugh about it.

And even though they experience this positive moment, it doesn’t mean their depression is gone. It means that at this moment something was funny. And even though depression changes how you see the world, and yourself, there will still be some moments when a smile may come to your face.

What is dysthymia?

Dysthymia is also known as persistent depressive disorder. This form of depression can go on for as long as 5 years and can have a deep impact on the person’s everyday life. A person with dysthymia can lose interest in things, have low self-esteem, and may not be able to perform in areas of their life as well as before.

It can also lead you to feel empty, hopeless, and more tired than usual. People with dysthymia can also have trouble focusing, and may become more irritable. 

They might also become more isolated, which can lead them to avoid being on social occasions. Aside from that, their eating and sleeping patterns will change, along with them often feeling guilty.


This article showed some funny Seasonal Depression comics, and why they are funny. Aside from that, the article explained what Seasonal Depression is, and what are ways that people can cope with it.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.




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