What are eating disorder fanfiction stories? (+3 stories)

In this blog post, we will discuss the purpose of fanfiction on eating disorders in-depth, explain what fanfiction is and furnish you with 3 interesting fanfiction stories that are both entertaining and educational.

What are eating disorder fanfiction stories?

Eating disorder fanfiction stories are stories based on fictitious characters who are used to illustrate the nature of eating disorders and the negative effects of eating disorders, as well as motivate and inspire readers who are planning to be or are already in recovery.

Importance of eating disorder fanfiction stories

Eating disorder fanfiction stories can be an engaging way for us to learn about the nature, symptoms and types of eating disorders. For people with eating disorders, this can be a healthy coping strategy as they get to experience the challenges of the characters and read how they get through the challenges and begin their recovery journey. 

7 eating disorder fanfiction stories.

The two of us together 

The “two of us together” is a short fanfic story based on two characters, Yennefer and Triss. Yennefer is a young woman new to the school and struggling with an eating disorder. Triss finds her and comforts her.

The author, Maerlynn Romanova, does a great job of trying to illustrate the importance of support systems in order to overcome eating disorders. 

“Beautiful you, beautiful us” 

“Beautiful you, beautiful us” is a fanfiction story authored by prince Hyunjin. The writer tries to illustrate the hidden struggles and battles that people with eating disorders experience. At a first glance, most people with eating disorders look great until further probing is done to find out what underlying issues they are experiencing.

It also serves as a glorious reminder that our impressions do not tell the whole story. 

It’s only a matter of time 

“It’s only a matter of time” is a fanfiction story by an author who goes by the name Nolle. In this fanfic story, the author brings to life a couple of characters, most notably Niall, who is suffering from self-harm and bulimia nervosa. She also highlights the fact that outward appearances do not tell the whole story, as Niall is described as fun and carefree.

Eating Disorder Recovery: My Unstable Path to Stability 

My stable path to stability is a fan fiction story authored by Thorn death and TD backup. In this story, the author brings to life a character who is suffering from Anorexia for the last eight years and is about to embark on a recovery journey. But before she decides it is time to recover, she narrates how she planned to ridiculers meal plans, eating less than a child and exercising frequently. It is when she experienced a blackout and intense pain during her workout regimes that she realised it was time to make changes. In this fanfic story, we see what many anorexic patients go through, both physically and mentally, in order to maintain a desired body shape and weight and the ill consequences that follow. The recovery journey is tough but not impossible as she explains in the story.

Rules for Hunting, A Supernatural Fanfiction

Dean had bulimia. “Had” being rather loosely defined- the main thing is that Dean’s not binge eating or throwing up anymore and in traditional Winchester fashion the issue’s been swept under the carpet. Except that John’s been gone on a hunt longer than expected and the food supply is running low. Dean’s been sneakily giving most of it to Sam and is starving hungry and worried about where John is. Eventually John gets back on halloween, with food, and Dean manages to choke down some dinner like a normal person. But John’s also brought back some candy for trick or treaters- exactly the sort of thing Dean used as binge food. John can’t work out why Dean’s so jittery, until he realises that with his blood sugar all messed up and the worry Dean’s worried about relapsing. (procrastin8or9, 2013)

Above is an extract of the story rules for hunting that features a character by the name Dean who is trying to recover from Binge eating. One of the major lessons learnt from this story is how recovery for most persons with an eating disorder can be difficult and needs a lot of attention, commitment and support from those around you.


Castiel transfers to Kansas University to major in writing and get away from his family. His roommate Dean is majoring in business management and taking culinary night classes. The Novak thinks Dean’s body is perfection and has been struggling with weight issues for years now. Little did he know that was only the beginning, when he digs deeper into Dean’s past (Bringmesomepie, 2016).

Above is the summary of the fanfic struggles, a story that features a character named Dean who is suffering from anorexia from the details gathered in the story (restrictive dieting, purging, and excess exercise regimes). This story also goes to illustrate that persons with eating disorders can appear okay from the outside but are fighting immense mental battles with their relationship with food and their body image.

Broken glass 

Ashley is used to being in the spotlight due to her dad’s fame as arguably the best actor of our time. She knows what the cameras want: perfection. Perfect hair, perfect outfit and most importantly perfect body, and Ashley will do any means she thinks nessasary to keep it there. 

But when she gets paired with Drew Green for a school project, will she continue to believe that beauty is only skin (or fat) deep? (Elliebelly09, 2021)

An Interesting fanfic set in a harry potter era provides us with a window of opportunity for us to look into the lives of persons suffering from disorders. In this extract, we can see that poor friendship choices can become precipitating and perpetuating factors for eating disorders.

We also get to read how mental health, including relationships with food, can deteriorate without the right support systems. 

Juliet has struggled with body image issues and bullying her entire life. Being 40 pounds overweight with braces, acne and horn-rimmed glasses did not make it easy for her especially at her high school. She spent the entire four years being bullied by the kids at her school until she reached her breaking point. After graduation, she vowed to change her whole appearance and start over at the college of her dreams leaving her past behind.


Warner Brooks is the epitome of every girl’s dream. Godlike handsome. Star of the soccer team. He’s got the looks and the brains. He was the typical playboy hot shot of their high school getting whatever girl he wanted and his ego couldn’t be any bigger. The only thing Juliet and Warner have in common is school which they have been in constant competition over since childhood always competing for the top grades.

Juliet goes to college a new person, determined not to be weighed down by the scars of bullying that plagued her before. With a whole new look, It is her chance to start over where nobody knows the loser she used to be. More importantly, she could finally get away from all the people who made her high school experience hell.

Until she finds out Warner Brooks the high school hotshot who got under her skin like no other was attending the exact same program at her college. Her plans to start over are disrupted when Warner re-enters her life knowing her past and he doesn’t plan on leaving her alone anytime soon.

Both Warner and Juliet are pretending. Juliet is pretending that changing her appearance fixed all her problems and Warner is pretending he doesn’t care. (Elliebelly09, 2021)

Pretending is a fan fiction story set in a high school/college setting. The protagonist is Juliet who has a problem with her body image and is constantly bullied for it more so by the antagonist Warner. In this story, we get to see that environments can be a causative factor for eating disorders. We also learn that cosmetic changes are not as effective as changing our thoughts and feelings from irrational to rational and negative to positive.

Eating disorders coping strategies

If you experience triggers of your eating disorders, do the following:

  • Take three deep breaths
  • Go for a 3 minutes walk
  • Name 3 things that you can see
  • Count from 0 to 100 and then 100 to 0
  • Move three parts of your body
  • Name 3 sounds you can hear
  • Name 5 things that you can see
  • Name 4 things you can hear
  • Name 3 things you can smell
  • Name 2 things you can feel
  • Name 1 thing you can taste
  • Read informative works on eating disorders such as eating disorder recovery poems, fanfiction stories and songs.


In this article, we provided you with 3 entertaining yet educational stories that describe the nature of eating disorders, symptoms associated with eating disorders, as well as the social challenges most persons with eating disorders face. We hope this article was entertaining and educational on matters of eating disorders. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

Frequently asked questions: eating disorder fanfic

What eating disorder has the highest death rate?

Anorexia nervosa is a common eating disorder with the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric diseases.

Do eating disorders shorten your lifespan?

Individuals with an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia, have a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely, compared to other people, UK researchers reported in the Archives of General Psychiatry

How long does eating disorders recovery take?

While eating disorders can be lifelong, with the right care, you can get into recovery in four-eight weeks.


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