What are 72 genders?

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what are 72 genders?”. We will enlist the 72 types of gender and elaborate each type of gender to discuss its characteristics.

What are 72 genders?

The 72 genders are the various types of genders based on the belief that gender is not based on two specific types of male and female only. The72 types of gender are as following : 

  • Abimegender
  • Abamas gender
  • Aerogender
  • Aesthetigender
  • Affectugender
  • Agender
  • Agenderflux
  • Alexigender
  • Aliusgender
  • Amaregender
  • Ambigender
  • Ambonec
  • Amicagender
  • Androgyne
  • Anesigender
  • Angenital
  • Anogender
  • Anongender
  • Antegender
  • Anxiegender
  • Apagender
  • Apconsugender
  • Astergender
  • Astral Gender
  • Autigender
  • Autogender
  • Axigender
  • Bigender
  • Biogender
  • Blurgender
  • Boyflux
  • Burstgender
  • Caelgender
  • Cassgender
  • Cassflux
  • Cavusgender
  • Cendgender
  • Ceterofluid
  • Ceterogender
  • Cisgender
  • Cludgender
  • Collgender
  • Colorgender
  • Comogender
  • Condigender
  • Deliciagender
  • Demifluid
  • Demiflux
  • Demigender
  • Domgender
  • Duragender
  • Egogender
  • Epicene
  • Esspigender
  • Exgender
  • Existigender
  • Femfluid
  • Femgender
  • Fluidflux
  • Gemigender
  • Genderblank
  • Genderflow
  • Genderfluid
  • Genderfuzz
  • Genderflux
  • Genderpuck
  • Genderqueer
  • Gender Neutral
  • Girlflux
  • Healgender
  • Mirrorgender
  • Omnigender


Abimegender is a type of gender that is associated with being profound, deep and infinite. Abimegender closely symbolizes the scenario when a mirror reflects into another mirror and creates an infinite paradox.

Adamas Gender

Adamas gender is a type of gender that is based on type of people that refuse to be categorized in any specific form of gender,


Aerogender is a type of gender that is influenced by an individual’s surroundings. 


Aesthetigender is similar to the videgender. Aesthetigender is a type of gender derived from aesthetics.


Affect Gender is a type of gender that is based on a person being affected by mood swings.


A gender is a person’s feeling of being a neutral gender person. It is a feeling of being connected to none of the genders. Such individuals consider themselves as not relevant to any type of genders. 


Agenderflux is based on the phenomenon of being mostly agender except for the small shifts of relating self closely to one of the types of genders.


Alexigender is a type of gender that is fluid between more than one type of gender. However the individual is unable to specifically  name genders that he or she feels fluid between.


Alius gender is a type of gender that is excluded from common gender descriptors and guidelines.


A type of gender that changes according to the person that you are emotionally affiliated with in life.


Ambigender is defined as the feeling of closely relating with two types of genders simultaneously without any clear fluctuations. 


Ambonec is a gender type where individuals identify with both types of genders as man and woman and yet belong to none.


Amicagender is a type of gender that changes according to the type of friend you have.


Androgyne is a type of gender that is used in androgynus presentations. Androgyne describes the feeling of being a mix of masculine and feminine genders


Anesigender is a type of gender that is based on feeling close to a specific type of gender and yet being more comfortable in closely identifying the self with another gender. 


Angenital is a type of gender that is characterized by the feelings of an individual desiring to be without any primary sexual characteristics. Such a person does not necessarily desires to be genderless. Hence a person may be angenital and yet relate himself to a specific gender. 


Anogender is a unique type of gender that is based on a specific type of gender that fades in and fades out . however the person comes back to identify with the same feeling despite the recurring phases of fading in and fading out. 


Anongender is a type of gender that is not known to a person or to the people around the person in any ways.


Antegender is a protean gender. Antgender has a unique characteristic to be anything that is formless and motion less.  Hence antegender is not manifested as any particular gender.


Anxiegender is a type of gender that is characterized with the prominent feature of anxiety.


Aagender is a type of gender that is based on apathy. Apagender signifies a prominent feeling of apathy to one’s gender . Thus the individual does not relate any of the gender specific traits to one’s self.


Apconsugender is based on the idea of knowing what a specific gender is not related to and not on the idea of what that specific gender is related to. Apconsugender is a fact where a gender hides its primary associated characteristics from individuals.


Astergender is a type of gender that feels bright and celestial.

Astral Gender

Astral gender is a type of gender that feels related to space.


Autigender is a specific type of gender that feels closely related to the context of being autistic.


A gender experience that is deeply associated and personal to one’s own self.


Axigender is a type of gender that is between the two extremes of agender and any other type of gender. Both the two genders are experienced by the individual one at a single time without any overlapping and a brief transition time.


Bigender is a type of gender that is a feeling of closely associating oneself with having two genders. Both the genders can be related to the self at the same time or at separate time intervals. A bigender could represent oneself as being a traditional male or a traditional female in two different scenarios.


Biogender is a type of gender that feels closely related to nature.


Burgender is a type of gender based on the feeling of having more than one gender type.The types of gender in a blurgender are usually blurred together so that no single type of gender is identified. The blurgender is synonymous with gender fuss.


Boyflux is the type of gender in which a person feels mostly connected to only the male gender but at times may feel fluctuations in connecting to the male identity. 


Burstgender is a type of gender that is characterized by intense bursts of feelings. This type of gender quickly moves back to its initial calm state.


Caelgender is a type of gender that shares the characteristics and qualities from outer space. The caelgender has the aesthetics of space, stars and nebulas.


Cassgender is a type of gender that is related to feeling of gender being unimportant and irrelevant.


Cassflux is the type of gender that is characterized by the feeling of indifferent towards the gender fluctuates in intensity.


Cavusgender is a type of gender identified with depression among people. Under cavus gender people feel close to one gender when being depressed and another gender when not depressed.


Cendgender is a type of gender when your identity to gender changes between one typical gender and its opposite.


Cetero Fluid gender is characterized by the fact when an individual is ceterogender but the identity of the individual fluctuates among male female and other genders


Ceterogender is a type of nonbinary gender. Ceterogender has specific masculine, feminine or neutral feelings as characteristic features of the gender type.


Cisgender is the feleing of closley relating to the type of gender that an individual was assigned to at the time of birth all the time and across all the phases of life.


Cloud Gender is a type of gender that has depersonalization and derealization disorder . Hence cloud gender is a type of gender that can not be associated clearly to any single type of gender or can not be recognized clearly.


Collgender is a type of gender based on the feeling of too many genders in an individual at the same time. All the genders are simultaneously present  and describe each other.


Colorgender is a gender that is described with one or more colors. The feelings, emotions and objects related to that color are specifically used by that gender. For example pink gender, black gender and so on. 


Commogender is a type of gender in which an individual knows that he is not a cisgender but he continues to identify with the assigned gender for the time being. 


Condigender is a type of  gender that is usually associated with the self under any specific conditions.


Delicia gender has its name from the Latin word meaning Favourite . it means an individual chooses to be a gender that he seems to fit himself best into.


Demi fluid gender is the feeling of having multiple genders. Among the multiple genders some are static genders and some are fluid genders.


Demiflux gender is a type of gender that is a mix of multiple genders based on an individual having multiple genders with some of them static and some fluctuating.


Demigender is a gender type that is based on the fact that an individual is having partial characteristics of one gender and partial characteristics of another gender.


Domgender is a gender type characterized by an individual having multiple genders but one gender is dominant over all the rest genders.


Duragender is associated with the latin word “long lasting”. Duragender is a subcategory of multigender. It is a type of gender in which one gender is more long lasting and enduring as compared to the other genders.


Egogender is described as a personal type of gender related to an individual’s personal experience within the self and is identifiable by the individual himself only.


The epicene gender is sometimes used synonymously with the androgynous gender. This type of gender is characterized by a prominent feeling of not being able to associate to any of the two genders of the binary gender or both of the binary gender characteristics. Epicene gender is often used to describe the  feminine male type of individuals.


Esspigender is  a type of gender that exists on a higher plane. In esspigender an individual is able to relate oneself with spirits.


Exgender is the refusal or denial to identify with or relate to any of the genders on the gender spectrum.


Existigender is a special type of gender that exists only when an individual intentionally puts effort into thinking  about it. This type of gender needs conscious efforts to associate oneself to it.


Fem Fluid gender is a type of gender that is closely related to an individual being fluid about or fluctuating regarding the femininie genders.


Femgender is a type of gender that is nonbinary and is always feminine in nautre.


Fluidflux gender is a type of gender that is based on being fluid between two or more than two genders with a fluctuation in the intensity of those genders within an individual.. 


Gemigender is a type of gender in which individuals have two opposite genders that flux together, are fluid together and thus work together.


A gender that can closely be identified with blank space. When the qualities of such a gender are explored, nothing comes to mind except blank space.


Genderfluid is a type of gender that is usually fluid between infinite feelings.


Gender Fluidity is related to the feeling of fluidity related to your gender identity. Such an individual feels the self as a different identity according to the changing scenarios. Genderfluid is not restricted to any specific number of genders.


Genderfuzz is synonyms with blurgender. It is a feeling of having more than one gender that are blurred together and are difficult to identify as one single gender.


The feeling of your own gender as being a fluctuating gender. The gender flux usually fluctuates between one gender and agender


A genderpunk is a gender type that resists to fit in the gender norms of a society.


Gender queer is an umbrella term for the nonbinary genders. It represents an identity that is nonbinary wether a person is male or female.

Gender Witched

A type of gender in which an individual is intrigued with the idea of a specific gender but is not able to certainly relate to it.


When an individual feels identifying oneself to girls during most of the time but also experiences the varying intensities of the identities of females.


A type of gender that when one realizes and identifies one self to with , brings mental peace and healing along with positivity to the individual’s life.


Mirrorgender is based on the mirroring technique. It is a type of gender which changes according to the people in the surrounding.


The type of gender that is related to the feeling of having one or more simultaneous or fluctuating genders . omnigender is simultaneous to multi gender and polygender.


The current blogspot was based on the question “what are 72 genders?”. We discussed the 72 gender types on the basis of their unique characteristics.

Frequently asked questions : What are 72 genders?

What genders are there in 2021?

The gender spectrum is set by many gender variants . the prominent genders to be named are as follows :

  • Male
  • Female
  • Agender
  • Bigender
  • Transgender
  • Femme
  • Intersex
  • Gender Fluid

How many exact genders are there?

In most cultures, genders are mainly based on the binary system including male and female or boy and girl. Besides the binary system.

What is a Demigirl boy?

A dreamgirl boy term is used for someone who was assigned a female gender at birth but is not able to identify himself with being a female mentaly, socially or physically.





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