What am I passionate about? (How to know)

You will know what you are passionate about once you go through the signs below that could help you find what you are truly passionate about. You can also consider a lot of things that could help you know what you are passionate about.

The fact that you know what you are passionate about can help you find the career that you want to do in life. The following are the questions you need to consider to know what you are passionate about:

Determine Your Talent. You Always Have One In Your Life.

There might be skills that you might be very good at but can’t be applied in your job right now. You need to know what kinds of skills you have or what are you good at, since they are very important when you need to do something that can make you happy for all your life.

You should ask yourself what skills are you good at and work on improving them. This improvement can help in making you have the necessary skills to the passion that you will be working on in life. You might also want to know what is the most important thing in life, to get a better idea of what you want and or are passionate about.

Look For The Cause Of Your Genuine Happiness.

You need to know what truly makes you happy about life. You could be happy about the fact that you are not sick right now which is a simple form of happiness about life.

You can also find happiness in being productive for your family and friends. This can show even more when you are happy about what you are doing for your family and friends.

Shared Passion Is Always Possible In Life.

You should try looking at things that you are passionate about doing with someone important in your life. There is no simple pleasure in life than sharing your passion to someone who likes it as well.

This work will make you feel less isolated for having a unique passion. This teamwork can also make you and your team or partner have a great contribution to the world.

Look What Your Close Relatives Excel in And You May Be Equally Good at It As Well.

You should also check out the passions of your relatives and see if you have them as well. This can guide you to find your true passion from your family members.

This is in line with the old saying that it runs in the blood which is what most people notice about talent. You might be musician as your grandfather or father, for instance.

Make It A Life’s Passion Daily.

You should always do your passion every day since it brings you to productivity and love. This can also help you feel more happy about doing work that you love.

You shouldn’t stop doing your passion even if strangers would say that it’s useless. Passions are never useless but the manifestation of that passion might be the outlook that these peopel are seeing which you shouldn’t take to heart.

What Am I Passionate About Test

The following questions will figure out what you are truly passionate about in your life. If you’re a teenager, this test might even lead you in finding your teen passion. Something you’re the most passionate about and which can lead to happiness.

Instructions: The questions will indicate what are you passionate about in life. Please read the questions carefully. You can only choose one option from the following questions. Please answer honestly to get an accurate result.

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Which of the following tasks would you feel more satisfied with?

  • Attending a talk by an inspirational person in your field – 4
  • Brainstorming new ideas together with other creative thinkers – 1
  • Taking part in team-building exercises – 2
  • Helping a vulnerable client find a solution to a prolonged complication – 3

Which of the following courses would you be more interested in?

  • Courses that promote self-growth such as NLP, the Hoffman Process or anything about communication and relationships – 2
  • Courses that promote intellectual challenge such as MBA or PhD – 1
  • Courses that promote care such as counselling or social work – 3
  • Courses that promote creativity such as writing or painting – 4

When you have a moment to look back at your life, what are you hoping to see?

  • You have explored and practised your creative abilities – 4
  • Having meaningful relationships with family, friends, and other loved ones – 3
  • You never stopped learning and growing as a person – 2
  • You went the extra mile to make a difference for others – 1

Which of the following traits do you find worst in other people?

  • A closed mind and intolerance to new ideas – 1
  • Self-arrogance and narcissism – 2
  • Selfishness and lack of empathy – 3
  • Rigidity and overall compliance to rules – 4

If you heard some bad rumours about you, which of the following would be the worst for you?

  • You are not as popular as you think – 3
  • You have no imagination – 4
  • You are only out for number 1 – 2
  • You are a dinosaur stuck in the past – 1

Which of the following is the most fulfilling when it comes to your work?

  • My work is an outlet of my creativity – 4
  • I’m learning and growing as a person almost all the time – 2
  • My work has made a difference to a lot of people – 1
  • My work has been a source of my closest friendships – 3

If someone asked you what’s important in life, you would say…

  • Never take loved ones for granted – 3
  • Be useful and kind to others – 2
  • Enjoy the beauty of the world – 4
  • Keep an open mind and keep learning – 1

Which of the following contributions would make you vote a politician?

  • Resources for education and healthcare for people who need it
  • Support for the arts – 4
  • Tax breaks and benefits to support family life and flexible working – 3
  • Lower university fees and investment in research – 1

Which of the following phrases is associated with your personal mission statement?

  • Reach your full potential – 1
  • Build meaningful relationships with others – 3
  • Spread kindness and compassion – 2
  • Celebrate the beauty of life – 4

If you’ve inherited a large amount of money, where would you donate it?

  • To help develop an innovative technique to introduce education to repeated offenders – 1
  • To setting up a local charity to provide low-cost counselling – 2
  • To a charity that deals with a health concern impacting close friends and family – 3
  • To a local theatre, gallery or cinema to stop it from closing down – 4

Total scoring criteria

30 – 40 – arts and other things creative

20 – 29 – meaningful relationships in life

10 – 19 – personal growth

5 – 9 – reaching your full academic potential


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