What am I good at? (how to find your passion)

What am I good at?

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Human beings are full of virtues, abilities and skills that allow them to develop on a day-to-day basis. Many are not aware of the skills they possess and are frustrated by not knowing what they are good for.

When a person knows their potential, they know where to focus it, allowing to grow in the field they want. Everything is not lost, in this guide, you will answer the question “What am I good at” by learning how to search within yourself for what you are good at and develop it.

Am I really good for something?

Many people doubt whether they are really good for anything. Every day, with the various actions a person performs, it questions its ability to do something.

Human beings tend to be hard on themselves. At the moment of acting as any kind, if they see that they do not achieve the expected result they bombard their person with a series of words that in the end what they will achieve is to damage their self-esteem and their self-concept. Words like: “I am not good for this,” “This is not my thing,” “I am not good at all,” My parents were right, I do not know anything, “are some of the most used by people when judging for their actions.

No one is perfect and nobody expects everything you do to be perfect but that doesn’t mean they don’t want something well-made.

The moment you perform an action and see the result you get; you can tell if you are good at it or not.

In life you do not need to be a nuclear scientist or a president of a nation to know if you are good at something or not, every action requires your skills and surely you are good at many things, more than you imagined.

Actions such as cut the grass, picking up trash, cleaning a car, etc., are activities that at first glance may seem simple and would not fall within a line to catalogue them as something that a person can be good at.

But the moment you realize that you can not cut the grass as well as your neighbour does or that your car is not as clean as it is when you take it to wash, you start to analyze that there are many things in life for what can be good and there are people who even receive money for it.

The important thing about this topic is yes, you are good at something.

Even if you have not realized right now that you can be good, it does not mean that you should give up and feel that there is nothing to do.

Everything in life is a process and it may be that right now you are very good at something and you are not realizing it.

Look around, create awareness of the small actions you take in your daily life and you can see if you are not good at something.

Influence of other people’s opinions 

Many people throughout their lives wonder what they are good for. From childhood, through activities such as play, people manifest their interests.

The interests may vary during human growth, but at the same time, what generates interest is strengthened.

When a person develops an interest in a specific activity, such as sports, dancing, playing music or studying, the person is visualizing a possible future doing what it likes.

Many times, these dreams and ideals can be seen truncated by the opinion of society, where family and friends express their opinion.

Listening to the opinions of others to some extent is flattering.

Someone’s opinion allows you to discern many things and this can be a guide to follow a direction; What is not correct is to take public opinion, accept what society perceives as correct or not to define your future.

In the last sentence, it is not intended to emphasize that it is not right to follow the guidelines implemented by society, it influences regulating human behaviour so that the inhabitants can live together in the best way, what is about highlighting is that another person cannot decide for you about your future, about what you really want to do, what you want to turn into your passion.

The only person who knows what it wants in life is yourself, no one else can do that for you. The others are a guide, a small step.

But you, as a human being, know what is inside of you, you know what moves you day by day, you know what you want to do and that at the end of the day nobody and nothing can change it.

How to find out if am I good at something?

For a person to find out what is good at is important to take in consideration a few aspects.  f you ask yourself the question “What am I good at” then consider the below as methods to find out.


For a person to discover what it is good for, it must immerse itself in the process of self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is the ability to introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual, differing from their environment and other individuals.

A person, first of all, must know who it is. You must be clear of your self-concept, of your prevailing values and ideals.

A person who knows who it is does not fall for self-deception and has more self-control. The person can perform better effectively in life.

Interests Searching

When a person wants to discover what it is good at, it must immerse himself in their interests. People who do the activities they like most are more likely to stand out and give a better result.

In work environments, you can see in the way a person develops their work if it feels interested in it. It is not strange to see how a person has an interest in the role it is playing, how is doing the work.

It gives good results, maintains a positive attitude most of the time and worries that things go well.

On the other hand, a person who exercises a function which is not to what it likes, will not have the greatest performance.

It may exercise its function accordingly, but as it is a work that arouses little interest, in many cases it is limited to only doing what corresponds to it or even less.

The work provides an idea where a person’s interests are directed, another way is in the other activities that he carries out throughout the day.

Activities such as sports, painting, cooking, listening to music, writing, give the person an idea about what they prefer to do or not.

Psychometric test or evaluations

A person throughout their life has ever gone through some kind of evaluation. If you want an answer to the question: “What am I good at” then taking some of these tests may help.

The tests help the person to consolidate clear aspects of their person, but in turn help them discover other interests that they may have, but which they ignored.

In high school students are evaluated to know their interests, which are oriented to the possible university careers they will choose.

A test does not determine what a person can be good for or not, but it does offer and bring out ideas that will help a person make a better decision about the next step he wants to take in life.

Every tool that is used to deepen human knowledge is good, the important thing is to be aware that this is not the tool that will determine someone’s future.

Have fun and enjoy the process

Life is not a competition. Everyone is focused on their projects and the things they want to do, there is no finish line, but rather the journey is enjoyed.

While it is true that a person has a desire to know what is good for and exploit that potential, it does not mean it has to be desperate to know right away what is good at.

In life, there must be an enjoyment of the things that are been done every day.

What if at the end of the day I am not good at what I thought?

If a person discovers that it is not really good at something it believed or had generated interest, nothing happens.

Find out for what someone is good or not an experiment.

While a person is developing skills in something it likes and sees that at the end that was not what it wanted or did not reach the goal set up, it does not mean it has to feel bad about it or give up.

There are many factors that influence when doing something and the human being has no control over everything.

There are things that will work out and others that don’t, the important thing is to enjoy everything that is being done and see each experience as a learning situation.

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FAQs about “What am I good at

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the question” What am I good at”

How harmful can it be for a person to think that it is good at everything?

A person who has the skills to perform various activities is not good at everything.

Human beings are not perfect, and standing out in various activities does not make it the best over others.

When a person thinks that it is good at everything, tends to think that others are wrong, do not trust the criteria of others and do not accept guilt for their mistakes.

– What can a person do if feels stuck and does not know what it wants?

It is normal for a person to have periods in their life where they do not know what to do or what direction to take.

In these cases, it is important that the person be optimistic and opens up to learn about new experiences.

– How can a person deal with the influences that others have about what they should decide for their life?

The opinions of others will always echo in someone’s life and this is normal.

Human beings are social beings and seek the approval of others, but what another person thinks does not have to be decisive in the decision someone is going to make about their life.

– What should a person do if they feel afraid when doing something new?

Fear is an emotion that is always present in people’s lives.

Fear often acts as a barrier and does not allow the person to move forward, causes them to block and not know what to do.

Although fear is present, it is not a reason not to move forward.

The person has to feel confident in everything it is going to do and even with fear move forward to achieve what it wants.

Is there a time limit to know if a person is good at something?

There is no time limit that the person should wait to know if it is good at something.

Human beings are constantly changing throughout their lives, they learn from their day-to-day experiences and they influence their decisions.

The important thing about the whole process of discovering that a person is good is knowing that, if it is good for something, this may take some time to discover or perhaps not, but the important thing is to enjoy the whole process and not put a time.


In this quick guide, we discussed the question “what am I good at”.

Human beings are good at many things, the important thing is to have a positive attitude and begin to discover and develop their skills in order to know which area to focus on.

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