What am I doing wrong(Tips)


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Page last updated: 17/10/2022

What am I doing wrong

A guide to understanding if you are really doing something wrong

In this guide, we are going to discuss why people feel they are doing something wrong.

What am I doing wrong?

People in many cases feel they are not doing things right.

They can take it to the point where, rather than executing an action, they feel that they are not performing enough.

Sometimes they ask themselves: what am I doing wrong?

Human beings are very hard on themselves, they do not lose an opportunity to bombard their person with negative words when they have done something wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes.

The fact that a person feels make that it is doing something wrong because of the mistakes that have made is something not good since mistakes are part of people’s lives and help their growth.

The bad thing is to condemn yourself from the things you made wrong or the mistakes someone makes.

Why do I feel that I am doing wrong?

A person may feel that it is doing something wrong when fails to do something it had proposed.

The person feels that did not give enough and begins to condemn itself for that.

Humans find it easier to look for the negative side of everything than the positive and think that something they don’t achieve or don’t perceive as right means that they are doing something wrong.

An example of how a person can feel that they are doing something wrong is when they are in a relationship and it ends.

The person begins to wonder what happened and concludes that it was possibly his fault that everything was over.

It doesn’t analyze if the other person could have been to blame, it just thinks that their actions led to the breakup.

The person may think that it is doing something wrong within the relationship when the other party expresses that the reason for the break is the other’s fault.

The person begins to generate feelings of guilt and begins to doubt its ability to do other things.

Thoughts like “nobody is going to want to be with me” or “relationships are not going to last” can begin to become recurrent within the person.

At the time of performing an activity or any trade and sees that it does not get it the person can feel that it is doing something wrong.

An example would be when you are assigned a task at work and cannot carry it out.

Regardless of the reasons why I could not do it, the person begins to wonder, what am I doing wrong that this does not work out for me?

What am I doing wrong(Tips)

It is normal not to carry out something the way you wanted, things are not always going to go as expected but the person struggles many times with this feeling, it can get to the point of thinking that something else happens inside if can’t get things right from their perspective.

Feeling that it is doing things wrong can be a symptom of depression, where the person experiences little desire to do everyday activities and finds little meaning.

While this could be a symptom of depression does not mean that every time the person feels that they are doing something wrong it is because they are depressed.

Care must be taken to label any feeling or concern that the person expresses as depression since today there is an excessive tendency to use the word.

If the feeling of feeling that you are doing something wrong is accompanied by a state of continuous sadness, little interest in doing activities that are part of your routine and isolation, you may be talking about depression.

Feelings such as guilt, anger and sadness are part of the manifestation that a person expresses when they feel that they are doing something wrong.

Many times the person can respond annoyingly when it sees that something it had planned is not going well.

Is it normal to feel that I am doing something wrong?

It is normal for the person to feel that it is doing something wrong since everything is not perfect but in life, there will be times when things will go well and the person may think that it is perfect, but it is not.

It can also get to a point where something did not go well or as the person wanted and start thinking that did it or are doing it wrong.

That something goes very well or very bad does not mean that the person is doing something wrong.

Errors and successes are part of every step that the human being takes and it has to become aware of it.

The perception of each fact and situation that the person has greatly influenced to feel that it is doing wrong.

There are situations where the person is doing a great job of any kind and feels that it is not enough. 

Nor should we fall into the side of perfectionism where a well-crafted job the person sees as not enough, the extremes are not good.

Seeing something that is well done and attacking yourself and believing that it is not so is wrong and at the same time being hard on yourself if something does not happen as planned or you do not get the desired result.

There is something called balance.

How to eliminate the thought that I am doing something wrong?

For a person to eliminate the thought that is doing something wrong, it must initiate an internal process.

The person has to come to recognize that the feeling of doing everything wrong is just a thought it had recurringly in its mind and has taken strength and manifested itself in actions.

The prolonged thinking of a thing can lead to its execution, for it is the importance of being careful with the type of thoughts that we allow to lodge in the mind.

Recognizing this as self-sabotage helps the person see everything was a product of their mind and invites them to recognize and differentiate one thing from the other.

There is a big difference between getting a wrong result or not getting what you wanted to come to think that you are doing something wrong.

Yes, it may be that you are doing something bad but that does not mean that you will always do something bad when things do not go as you wish.

There are external factors and of which the person has no control that can influence what does or wants to achieve.

Another important aspect is to identify the situation that caused the thought.

Any unwanted or unexpected result can lead to the person thinking that it is doing something wrong.

Being doing something wrong does not mean everything will be done wrong.

People learn from mistakes, and if they look at each error and every situation that has not gone the expected way, the person will be immersed in a learning process.

Every day everyone learns something new, no matter how things have come out.

Some guidelines should be considered and that the person can apply if it feels that it is doing something wrong and is affecting everything else in its life.

Worrying doesn’t lead to any results

If something did not go as planned, thinking about it and adding more headaches for something that did not happen will be worse.

Just as things at certain times go well and people celebrate for it, you must recognize that if something does not go as stipulated is not the end of the world.

This does not mean living carefree but that is no reason not to be at peace.

Everything will happen

The feeling of failure or sadness that can leave after feeling that you are doing something wrong is normal.

When this is present, it is best to identify it, feel it and give it its moment, then will disappear.

These emotions do not last forever and that is something that must always be taken into account.

The things that have to happen will happen

Sometimes there are people who insist on getting things that they know they cannot have for certain reasons.

This does not mean not fighting for what you want since you have to put a lot of effort into achieving what you want, but the human being recognizes on many occasions when it should not do something or pursue it.

There are things that once done you have to let them take their course and the results are given by themselves.

It is like sowing the seed: it is sown, water is poured, it is put in the sun and it is expected.

The fact that the seed has not become a plant does not mean that the person did something wrong, it may not have been the right season to be born and therefore should not feel that did something wrong. Everything has its time.

Go ahead

Regardless of how things can be presented, leaving bad interpretations aside and assuming how things are, the best thing a person can do is move on.

Life is full of challenges, difficulties and situations that can compromise someone’s self-esteem and self-concept, but recognizing that all this is part of the process of living will make the person understand that they are not doing something wrong.

People will understand that making mistakes is normal and that the failures will always be there.

This will make you understand that you do not have to be very hard on yourself and accept and enjoy all that life brings.

FAQs about what I am doing wrong

How much damage can make a person demand so much not to think that it is doing something wrong?

When a person demands more than normal this can cause physical and psychological damage to its person.

The person has to understand that it has a limit and wanting to reach the extremes to fulfil its ideals or with others is not the healthiest.

I have seen that things are going well for me but I cannot help feeling that I am still doing something wrong.

How can I get that thought out of my mind?

To eliminate the thought of feeling doing something wrong, the person must look for the origin of the thought.

Every thought originates from the perception the person has or what a person thinks, or through the opinion of others.

Knowing the source will help the person know how to eliminate thinking and continue with their daily life.

It is normal for similar thoughts to come at times, but they should not be cause for destabilization.

Is the feeling of “what am I doing wrong” normal?

It is normal for the person in many cases to experience the feeling that it is doing something normal.

In some cases, it can be positive since it is a possible alert about something and can correct it.

Other times, even doing things right the person may think that it is doing wrong.

While this sensation does not alter the physical and psychological health of the person, it is normal to think sometimes that something is being done wrong.

How to stop being so hard on myself if I made a mistake?

Accepting that mistakes are part of life is one of the best ways to stop being so hard on yourself.

Sometimes the person is not forgiven for being wrong and resorts to psychologically hitting itself.

Errors are part of growth and accepting them as such helps the development and growth of each individual.

How not to let the opinions of others make me feel that I am doing something wrong?

Identifying who you are and what you are focusing on what you are doing will help you not lose the north and that the influences of others change your mood.

The opinions of others can serve as a point of reference, but not those that determine the decisions someone wants to make.

It is best to stay in perspective, be open, but without losing your way.


The sense of feeling that if something is being done wrong is more frequent than people think.

Wanting to do things right and feel the satisfaction of achievement is something that everyone craves, but many times things do not go as planned, but it is not a reason to think that something bad is being done.

The important thing is to do your best and accept things as they are.

Good or bad is part of life and learning from its results only provides the opportunity to continue growing.

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