Weekend Depression Syndrome (9 easy tips)

In this article, we will provide reasons as to why you experience the weekend depression syndrome and easy techniques and tips on how to combat it.

Depression is a serious mental disorder that involves feelings of persistent and prolonged sadness and despair. It includes symptoms of anger, irritability, loss of energy, fatigue, and loss of interest in activities that used to be pleasurable. The individual experiences poor concentration and attention levels as well as disturbed sleep patterns and loss or gain in weight. 

Why you experience Weekend Depression Syndrome

There can be different reasons as to why you are experiencing the weekend depression syndrome, some of them are:

  • There is no routine on weekends
  • We do not get to socialize
  • We compare our lives with others
  • We are inactive
  • We do not have distractions
  • Lack of organization
  • Feelings of loneliness are there

There is no routine on weekends

Our whole week is planned with multiple activities but when it comes to the weekend we really don’t have much work to do. There is no routine on the weekends, we sleep late and wake up late in the afternoon, laze around on the bed all day and not get anything done. This causes feelings of weekend depression syndrome. We do not have any purpose and the lack of that causes feelings of unproductivity and worthlessness. The weekend at times feels unreal as there is no sense of time that we have or a fixed routine of sleeping, eating or performing our daily routine. 

We do not get to socialize

On weekends we wish to stay indoors and not get out of our beds, no fake smiling or fake “yes I’m good”. We get to be ourselves, do whatever we want and act however we want. But there is a limit to how much we are comfortable spending time with ourselves.  We get bored and feel touch-deprived. We at times need the company of others to feel better about ourselves and our day. We humans are social animals who need a social support system to feel motivated and alive. 

We compare our lives with others

Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat we know what all is going on in other people’s lives but what we forget to realize is that is only a part of their lives. And many times it is fake and not at all real. We get so winded up in the stories that we start to feel less. Seeing everybody being productive and enjoying the weekends makes us feel bad about resting and staying at home. We compare our weekends to theirs and want it to be as exciting as theirs. But we need to remember that staying in and taking care of ourselves is also very important. We do not know what is happening behind the photos they have posted. 

We are inactive

Weekends mean lazing around and not being productive at all. We will sleep late, wake up even later and just roam around doing nothing in our pajamas. We feel inactive and unproductive. But that is not necessarily bad. We deserve to rest and take a break from all the work we do. Weekends are meant to be used as relaxing and calming days in the week when you allow yourself to rest. Being inactive is good as it gives your body time to heal and recover from the continuous exhaustion that comes with the weekdays. 

We do not have distractions

Our mind does not have any distractions that can help it avoid introspection and looking inside our mind. We are all alone with our thoughts and that can at times be a scary thing for some of us. We start to spiral out of thoughts and they start to turn into negative beliefs about ourselves. Our studies or work, our friends, our day to day activities keep us distracted and not let us spiral out of control. That is something missing on the weekends causing us to feel the weekend depression syndrome. 

Lack of organization

We do not have a routine or organized lifestyle on the weekends. We do whatever we feel like, and as much as that can be freeing and sounds desirable, it comes with the notion of being unorganized and disorientating. The lack of organization in life leads to anxiety in our minds, we feel like life is spinning out of control and we have no control over it. The feeling of losing it can lead to weekend depression syndrome. 

Feelings of loneliness are there

We are not interacting with anyone or talking to them, this generates feelings of loneliness and isolation within our minds. We feel that we have no one in life and are all alone. Seeing other people on social media spending their weekends with their loved ones or friends can intensify the feeling of loneliness inside us. Feeling lonely is a major sign of weekend depression syndrome.

How to combat Weekend Depression Syndrome

It can be tough combating the weekend depression syndrome, so here are some topics and techniques that can be used:

  • Create a plan for the weekend
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Become a part of a group
  • Be compassionate towards yourself
  • Meet your friends and family
  • Organize and take control over your life
  • Join a weekend hobby class
  • Get some physical exercise
  • Make sure to be active
  • Volunteer over the weekends

Create a plan for the weekend

Weekend depression syndrome occurs because we do not have a plan or routine for the weekend. So plan your weekend in advance and decide what you are going to do. Do not wait for the weekend to decide what to do. Have a plan ready, it could be meeting with friends over dinner, going for a movie or visiting a place in the city. Anything that excites you and motivates you to look ahead for the weekend.

Practice gratitude daily

Rather than looking at what others are doing and the things that you are missing out in life, focus on what you have and be grateful for it. You might not be living the lives other people get to but that does not mean that your experiences are anything less. You have an amazing life and being grateful for it can help you feel better. List 3 things that you are grateful for every day and read them on the weekend. You will notice that you have so much to look forward to and be thankful for. 

Become a part of a group

If it is the loneliness that bothers you on the weekend and causes weekend depression syndrome, then join a group. It can be of anything, a sports group like football or basketball. A group of people who bird watch every Sunday, who go for trekking or running. It can be based on your hobbies, like singing, dancing, or even theatre. Being a part of a group can make us feel less isolated and alone. 

Be compassionate towards yourself

You have had a long and hard weekend, you deserve to rest and take two days off. It is okay to stay in bed and indulge in self-care routines. This includes not being active or stressing yourself out. You deserve to relax and chill. Be compassionate towards your body and mind and give them a rest. You are allowed to stay in after a hectic week and just sleep all day. There is nothing to feel guilty about.

Meet your friends and family

Go out and make plans to meet your family, friends or partner. Plan a weekend getaway to a nearby place or lunch plans. This with the help you feel connected and less lonely, making you not have the weekend depression syndrome. Use the weekend to meet up with them and just discuss your week. You will feel light and glad to share your thoughts and feelings with someone and not have to keep them all locked inside. They might be able to help you feel better and give you advice on how to not feel low.

Organize and take control over your life

Have a plan for the weekend, even if the plan is to stay in bed. This will make you feel like you have your life in control. If you want to sleep till the afternoon, put it in the plan. You want to eat ready-made noodles and wear your sweatpants all day, put it on the agenda. Select your pants the day before like you would before an important presentation. Have your lazy weekend planned. 

Join a weekend hobby class

Join a class on the weekend that teaches you your favorite hobby. It could be cooking classes or pastry classes. You could join singing classes or new dance technique classes. You can also join weekend classes at a community college in your area about a subject that interests you or will be beneficial for your job experience. This way you will have a routine even on the weekends, feel organized and in control. You will also be interacting with people that will make you feel less lonely.

Get some physical exercise

There is nothing better than running in the morning and getting to breathe in the fresh air. Let go of your worries and exercise. Especially if you do not have time on the weekdays to exercise, make time to do so on the weekends. Being on the run can really alleviate your mood as a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You will feel active and the weekend depression syndrome will be gone. Make sure to work out on the weekends and feel nice about your day.

Make sure to be active

By active it just doesn’t mean going on a run, it means doing the chores that you had no time to do in the week. This could include getting groceries for the week, doing laundry, giving and picking clothes from the dry cleaners. Cleaning the corner of the room where the pile of junk keeps growing, organizing your closet or calling up the people whose calls you missed. It can be anything small as long as it is keeping you on your toes.

Volunteer over the weekends

There is no better feeling in the world than helping someone and making them smile. So volunteer in a nearby charity or NGOs and give back to society. It will definitely make you feel better about yourself and make you feel content. You are doing something for others and that is something you should be proud of. You can volunteer for shelter homes for humans or animals, your choice.

In this article, we provided reasons as to why you experience the weekend depression syndrome and easy techniques and tips on how to combat it.





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