What is wedding stress? (A complete guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing wedding stress, the definition of wedding stress, symptoms of wedding stress, what to do when you experience wedding stress, and more information about wedding stress.

What is wedding stress?

Wedding stress is a kind of stress that is concentrated on one’s wedding day or the days before the wedding day. This kind of stress may appear in the planning stages of the wedding which is where it’s most prominent in most affected people. 

This kind of stress shows that the person wants to make the best wedding that he or she will remember but too much stress might ruin that expectation. There are various ways that people will reveal this kind of stress to others and it can be shown its symptoms and signs.

You might be suffering from wedding stress because of Acculturative stress or dress stress.

Symptoms and signs of wedding stress

There are several symptoms and signs of wedding stress. The symptoms and signs of this stress are almost identical to most kinds of stress but the stress is concentrated on the person’s wedding.

Some people who have this kind of stress can feel headaches that might come at the most inconvenient of times which can deter the person from the wedding planning. Sometimes, outbursts may come from this kind of stress which might make your spouse rethink about getting married to you which means this stress is something you should avoid.

How to minimize wedding stress?

The following are ways you can minimize wedding stress. Here are the best self-care strategies to deal with this kind of stress and help protect your mental health during wedding planning and if self-care sounds like a word you’d hate, experts will promise you won’t hate this sensible advice that will be good for you.

The following are the tips you may follow:

Spend Time With Your Support Network To Minimize Wedding Stress

You should connect with your social group if you are feeling the overwhelming effects of wedding stress. You can do this by bringing your bridesmaids or groomsmen together for a hangout somewhere you can relax from this stress.

Your friends will be willing to help you with your current problems about the wedding. They are also great people when you need someone to wake you up.

Go On A Digital Detox To Minimize Wedding Stress

If Pinterest has basically replaced your partner, take a social media detox when you are suffering wedding stress. Many studies have associated social media use with depression, anxiety, sleep complications and body image and body confidence concerns in an affected person’s life. 

Whether it’s creating a wedding way beyond your budget on Pinterest or staring at the bodies of Victoria’s Secret models on Instagram, social media can be a great source of dissatisfaction and anxiety in one’s life. Try deleting the apps from your mobile so your access is restricted to when you’re at your laptop in your free time. 

Alternatively made a rule where both of you put your phone to one side for a couple of hours to have dinner and watch an episode on Netflix to have a little hangout between the two of you. Your relationship will benefit as will your mental health when you do this important tip.

Re-Discover Activities That Make You Happy To Minimize Wedding Stress

If every evening is spent with your Excel spreadsheets and your lunch break is spent calling suppliers, then you’re unlikely to be devoting as many times to the activities that used to make you happy and relaxed in your life. Whether it’s going for a walk, zoning out with an audiobook, painting, taking a bath, listening to music or even watching your favourite TV show, make sure you get that me-time every day when you concentrate on no one else’s needs but your own in that free time.

Make A Done List To Minimize Wedding Stress

At the end of every day or at least once a week, note down all the things you’ve completed that day and celebrate the small wins in your life. To-do lists can send you into a panic and actually hinder your effectiveness but an “I’ve done” list makes you feel proud and strengthens your motivation to do other tasks as well.

Evidence has shown the importance of writing it down too, not just keeping it inside your head all the time. Read them and marvel at how amazing you are and all the things you’ve achieved, however small those tasks may seem for you in your life. 

You got this, alright?!

Get Some Fresh Air To Minimize Wedding Stress

Stephen says that three big factors in managing your stress are eating healthily, sleeping well and making time for exercise in your life.  Reaching for the nearest chocolate bar or glass of wine are typically the go-to responses to stress but emotional eating and drinking can make complications even worse in one’s life. 

Concentrate instead on following a balanced diet and finding an exercise regime that works for you in your life. This doesn’t have to be strenuous such as the NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week, and swimming, yoga or gentle walking are great places to start for this healthy activity.

Evidence shows exercise can lower our risk of depression by 30%, improve sleep quality,  increase self-confidence and help us manage stress and anxiety as mentioned by most studies. Grab one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen and sign up to a fitness class if having a buddy is more likely to get you moving and away from this stress. 

Just don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day of this mentally healthy activity!

If You’re On A derailment Diet Right Now, Stop!

There are a lot of women who are about to get married who would take extreme measures in their diet. This means that these women would restrict themselves from eating foods that will make them fat and those that they like.

This is not highly recommended since this might affect your long-term habit of dealing with your weight. This aspect is especially important when you are planning to have a child with your soon-to-be spouse.

Establish A Sleep Routine To Minimize Wedding Stress

When you’re sleep-deprived, irritability and anger levels increase, while your ability to deal with stress decreases which is bad for your mental health. It’s not always as easy as going to bed earlier like some people do. 

Typically, poor sleep leads to worrying, which leads to poor sleep, and so on in a vicious cycle that can harm your mental health. But it can be useful to establish a sleep routine such as give yourself an hour before bed where you don’t look at any screens as the blue light can interfere with hormone production, establish a bedtime routine by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, and find ways to help you relax such as taking a bath, meditating where YouTube has lots of sleep meditations you can follow or trying some breathing exercises to help you relax.

Learn To Say No To Minimize Wedding Stress

To that party or work meeting or volunteer project, you need to learn how to prioritize the right priorities. Your time and energy are precious and it isn’t selfish to set boundaries, establish your needs and concentrate on the things that bring you joy in your life. 

Don’t push people away but don’t feel obliged to go to that dinner party either which will only manage to get you away from yourself. To say no without the guilt, avoid feeling like you have to be nice and give a firm but polite no with a simple reason such as you’re already busy and not a list of excuses dealing with these many obligations.

Write Down Your Worries To Minimize Wedding Stress

You should try to write your wedding worries in a notebook. This action can help you settle yourself calm since you have released your anxieties in a notebook or journal.

You need to write these worries when you have the time before bed or after you wake up. These times are effective when you write about your worries since inhibitions are less due to your first thing alertness and susceptibility.

Share Your Workload To Minimize Wedding Stress

You also need to know that you don’t have to carry the burden alone. You can delegate the tasks to other people who are willing to work for your wedding.

You can let them deal with the decorations and the venue for the wedding. You can also delegate the task of the food for the wedding with your instructions, of course.

Be Open

Planning a wedding should be a joint process so be open with your partner if you’re struggling in the planning stage. Your wedding isn’t about cute table settings but it’s about making a commitment to that person to share your futures together and your health is so much more important than you think you realize.

Stephen at Mind emphasises how crucial speaking to your partner, family or friends can be for reducing stress, especially wedding stress. You might be worrying so much that you begin to worry whether it’s cold feet in the wedding planning process. 

If that occurs, take some time out to reconnect with your partner and remember why you’re marrying them in the first place. And reassure them that you freaking out isn’t about not wanting to marry because that’s probably stressing them out too which might lead both of you suffering from this stress!

Be Kind To Yourself To Minimize Wedding Stress

Forgive yourself when you make a mistake or don’t finish your tasks for that day in the wedding planning stage. Nobody’s perfect and extra pressure on yourself doesn’t help for your mental wellbeing. 

Be realistic and remember that it’s ok to need a longer engagement and it’s ok to not have every quirky bit of DIY décor you’ve seen on Pinterest as you have hoped. You are not a terrible bride which means you shouldn’t beat yourself up.

You can also use stress relief tablets, in case of uncontrollable stress. But only on your doctors prescription.

For more information and advice, you need to contact Mind or your local general practitioner if you are suffering the severe effects of wedding stress.

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In this brief article, we have discussed wedding stress, the definition of wedding stress, symptoms of wedding stress, what to do when you experience wedding stress, and more information about wedding stress.

If you have any questions about wedding stress, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: wedding stress

How do you get rid of wedding stress?

You can get rid of wedding stress by taking breaks, learn a new skill, talk about this kind of stress, exercise, get out of town when you have the free time, stay organized, choose the right vendor team for your wedding, and delegate tasks to help you with yourself in dealing with this kind of stress. 

Is it normal to be stressed before wedding?

Yes, it is normal to be stressed before the wedding which means you have nothing to worry about a lot. However, when you feel like you are starting to drown in the unchartered waters that have become your wedding plans, you might want to take a breather or a better idea would be a vacation.

Is a wedding worth the stress?

Yes, the wedding is worth the stress. You also need to remind yourself that you need to expend extra energy and funds for the right reasons during the wedding planning and the wedding proper. This kind of saying was validated by a lot of wedded people who take their weddings seriously. 

What is the most stressful part of planning a wedding?

The most stressful part of planning a wedding is managing the guest list. This kind of information was concluded in an infographic from a wedding registry app called Zola which shows what stresses out engaged couples the most when planning their wedding. There are also other parts that make wedding planning stressful such as finding a venue and getting everything done. 

How do I stop being overwhelmed with my wedding?

You can stop being overwhelmed with your wedding by anticipating your anxiety, remember comparison is the thief of joy, be decisive, set a wide contingency, pretend you’re getting married a month early, take time away from planning, know you’re a slammin’ hottie, and spell things out for your guests. 


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