VRS Resignation letter format(5 samples)

This blog post will show you samples of “VRS resignation letters.”

Writing a “VRS resignation letter.”

When writing a “VRS resignation letter,” these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

  • The first step is to tell your boss about leaving the job and the final work date. Keep it short as the essential part of the letter is the last date of your work.
  • Indicate the reason you are leaving the job. It would be best to be polite as you will leave a positive impression on your employer. Maintain your composure when drafting the letter.
  • Finally, thank your boss for the position and the opportunities you have enjoyed during your work period.
  • Ensure you proofread your letter before sending it to your boss. You can send the letter to your family and friend to check for grammatical errors.

Sample 1:





Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I want to take voluntary retirement from my position as senior marketing manager, although I have 6 more years of service in the company. Due to the reason of my health issues and my family wishing to settle in my native place for the rest of my years, I will not be able to continue my job in your company.

It was a pleasure working with you all for the past 15 years and am humbly grateful to the organization for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow. I believe you will respect my decision to voluntarily retire ahead of my service period, and permit me to move on with the retirement procedures. Kindly consider this formal letter date of my voluntary retirement as the beginning of my notice period of 1 month.

Thanking you.”

Sample 2:

“Enid Baker

Hatch Library

87 Felix Ave.

Charleston, SC 29401

Dear Ms Baker:

I write this letter to take voluntary retirement from Hatch Library as a reference librarian, effective February 15.

I would like to thank you for all the great opportunities you have given me as an employee at Hatch Library. I have enjoyed working with and learning from my colleagues for the past 20 years and am ready to move on to the next phase of my life.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this transition.


Barbara Schultz”

Sample 3:

“Your Name,

Your Address,

Your Phone Number.

Your Email Address.


Recipient’s Name,

Company Name,

Recipient’s Position,

Recipient’s Address.

Dear Mr. /Ms. (recipient’s name)

I would like to inform you that I am taking voluntary retirement from my position as (position name) with (company name), effective (date you will begin your retirement).

Thank you for the professional and personal development opportunities that you have provided me at (company name) for the past (years). I have enjoyed working for the company and I appreciate the support I have received during my tenure with (company name). Even though I am looking forward to my retirement, I am going to miss coming to work every day.

Feel free to contact me if you want any advice or to keep in touch. I have attached my details to this letter.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this transition period. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,


Your Name.”

Sample 4:

“Jacob Withers



June 14th, 2021

ATTN: Elyna Smith, Senior Project Director

Zitech Corporation Ltd.

Dear Elyna,

I’m writing to you to take voluntary retirement from my position with Zorpet Corporation, Ltd. as a project manager, effective August 1st, 2021. I am pursuing a career path as a programmer, and want to give you sufficient notice of my intentions.

I want to thank both Elyna and the company itself for an excellent, supportive experience as a project manager. Zitech company always provided me with the necessary tools to succeed in my position, and I believe the company culture had a strong influence on my morals and direction. I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a great company and great people.

As a parting gesture, I’d like to extend an offer to assist with training the next project manager. If there’s anything else I can do for you or the company to make the transition smoother, please contact me. Thank you for your time.


Jacob Withers”

Sample 5:

“Carl Williams

394 James Place

Richmond, VA 23221



Feb. 16, 2020

Ericka Cho

Marketing Manager

Richmond Printing

4938 Elm St.

Richmond, VA 23221

Dear Ms Cho:

I am submitting this letter as formal notification of my upcoming voluntary retirement. My last day at Richmond Printing will be April 13.

I am very thankful for the opportunities that I’ve enjoyed while working as a marketing associate these past 10 years. It’s been a pleasure watching the company evolve as the face of printing has changed over the past decade. I learned a great deal about customer behaviour and marketing strategies in my time working with this dynamic marketing team. It was a particular pleasure working closely with some of our longstanding clients, such as the Richmond School System and Carter General Hospital.

Please let me know how I can assist with the transition following my retirement. I would be happy to help with hiring or training my replacement. I will also be available to consult on a part-time basis as I spend more time with my family.

I plan to take my pension as a lump sum payment and cash out on the eight unused vacation days I have accumulated upon my retirement.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with Richmond Printing. I wish you all the best in the years to come!


Carl Williams”

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you resign from retirement?

You can resign from retirement by:

  • Tell your employer about resigning and your last day of work.
  • Thank your employer and colleagues.
  • Detail your history at the company. 
  • Write about future plans.

When should I write my retirement letter?

If you know you’re retiring at the end of this year, consider drafting your letter at least a month or so in advance.

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