Visionary Leadership (A Comprehensive Guide)


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Page last updated: 20/11/2022

Visionary Leadership

Leaders are one whose acts, behaviors, words, personal traits, clothing style, speaking style, quotes in shot his whole personality or one quality brings him some fans, such person who has some to follow him are called as leaders.

People see themselves in someone else and start to follow them, one who impresses others is a leader and one who is being impressed is called a follower.

No leader exists without follower it is only the followers which make someone leader.

There are a lot of great leaders in history books, leaders who have attained great success in their field and earned followers.

Starting from the beginning of the world, every prophet was a leader as they impressed a great many people and made them follow their faith, philosophers were leaders, great warriors were leaders, 19th and 0th century have seen political leaders.

Moses to Muhammad, from Socrates to Marx, from Gandhi to Mandela they all were great leaders as people followed them.

In this article, we will discuss Visionary leadership.

Leadership is inherited as well as learned, few people have the ability to be a leader from birth but few learn it with the passage of time from their surroundings and others.

Being a leader is not as easy as it comes with responsibility.

A group of people when choosing someone as a leader they ask for their advice and assign them to solve their mutual problems if someone is not of enough caliber whole group and their task collapse. 

Leaders are tested at hard times if someone fails to deliver at hard times his/ her leadership is questionable. 

The visionary leader is one who foresees things and asks his followers to change the course of their behaviors.

He creates opportunities and tries to change according to the changing world.

A visionary leader never fails to come up with the solution of problems, he usually is a multitasked.

There is not just one type of leadership. Others include, positive leadership or participative leadership.

There is a difference between a leader and a visionary leader. 

Difference between leader and visionary leader:

A leader is anyone who could influence people around him and make them follow his ideology, his way of life, and reaction towards different events of life.

The visionary leader has the same prerequisite as of normal leader but the visionary leader is a “man of crisis”, such leaders foresee crises or problems and try to solve them before time.

Visionary leaders take responsibility upfront and lead from the front and show by his/her own example. 

The visionary leader usually keeps on increasing his/her follower due to his/her practical work and temperament.

Normal leader work for the well-being of his own followers whereas visionary leader works for all, he/she thinks of humanity and they do not discriminate between followers and opponent. 

Visionary Leadership (A Comprehensive Guide)

Qualities of a leader.

  1. Influential:

Leaders or people who work leads a team must have an influential personality so that he could make others follow his words.

If a leader lacks influential aura he/she might lose his position as leader.

Influential personality is the first trait that attracts followers towards a leader, it is not the person in himself/herself that decides his/her influential power it is public listeners’ observers who judge them being influential or not. 

A leader is a product of followers. 

  1. Educated and enlightened:

The leader has to be an educated and well-learned person so that he/she can give examples through the works of philosophers.

A leader must have enlightened and powerful knowledge to convince their followers.

He must have something different from others so that he could stand unique amongst others. 

  1. Decision maker:

Leadership is all about decisions and decision making, the leader has to take a decision for a large number of people if anyone gets annoyed or someone is ignored in the process leader can lose his followers.

If a leader lacks the power of decision making then his/her caliber as a leader is questionable.

  1. Good speaker:

The leader has to say a lot to followers, he has to keep delivering information of every event.

His/ her way of talking and fun of oratory can win him/her or lose him/her followers.

It is a prerequisite for a leader to be a good speaker otherwise he/she would fail to encourage people for his cause. 

  1. Well behaved:

A leader needs to behave well with people around him/her, ill-mannered, outspoken, and a harsh person can never win the hearts of people.

It is the behavior of a person who brings followers around if someone does not know how to behave then he/ she can never be a leader.

  1. Encourage teamwork:

A leader is never a cunning person he/she promotes teamwork and togetherness in his/her followers.

He promotes equality and gives a sense of identity to his followers. He promotes teamwork and tries to avoid conflict between his/her followers. 

  1. Brave: 

A leader is always brave enough to face all the circumstances no matter what comes his/ her way.

A coward and escapist can never be a leader. Courageous and brave people have always led in the past and this is one quality that makes a leader stand out.  

  1. Authoritative: 

The leader has to be one voice so that people listen to him/her without denying his/her order.

The leader has to be authoritative and considerate at the same time.

A leader is usually dictatorial in approach so that no one could raise voice in their opposition.

Visionary leader

 A visionary leader possesses all the qualities of being a leader all the above-mentioned qualities make the main leader for a group of people or a nation. 

All these qualities are basic requirements for being a leader but visionary leaders possess few extra and unique qualities which make them stand out.

Few of those extraordinary qualities are given below. 

  1. Foresee future: 

The visionary leader is always well aware of what the future will bring.

They don’t work to maintain past and rituals of the past they work for changes of future and foresightedness makes them visionary leaders.

Their approach is always future-oriented they consult past just for referencing point of view but work for what is coming, what challenges the future would bring etc. 

  1. Work on future generations:

They work for future generations they spend more on the health and education of the next generations.

They bring forth new ideas and technology to work in the future.

They like innovations and promote innovations in literature, philosophy, science, and arts.

Their vision helps and inspires one and all in their surroundings, even their opponent praise them for their bravery. 

  1. Craft welfare approach for people:

Visionary leaders craft human-friendly and welfare policies for the people.

The visionary leader is always responsive and responsible in every aspect of his followers.

He/ she works for the well-being and prosperity of people.

A visionary leader always reduces the burden of people and provide more opportunity for the poor part of society.

  1. Respect all his followers’ and opponents alike: 

Visionary leaders are not very much in favor of hatred towards any other community.

They promote respect, unity brotherhood, and love, once a visionary leader get some authority he/she never discriminates between his followers and leader.

He/ she craft all polices to accommodate all the people. Their policies and agendas are universal and not limited to specific communities.

  1. Accept difference of opinion:

Every issue starts with the nonacceptance of the right things, people oppose and make enemies for themselves.

Visionary leaders promote differences of opinion and lead from the front. 

They tolerate all the remarks and hatred of their opponent and in return give them respect and listen to what they have to say. 

  1. Well equipped with knowledge of history:

The best quality of visionary leaders is that they are well equipped with knowledge especially knowledge of the past.

They usually possess an abundance of information from past and they learn their lessons from the past, they quote it from time to time and strengthen their speeches from past references.

Visionary leaders know that how important is passed for a better future, they know that dis-connectivity with past leaves nothing but remorse.

  1. Pluralistic:

Being pluralistic means that respect for all castes, creeds, and religions.

Visionary leader treats all the human at equal grounds and no one is superior to others on the basis of caste color or creed. 

Leaders promote pluralistic values in people and make sure that every community is treated equally.

  1. Optimistic:

Optimism is a founding stone for nation-building, hopes, optimism give any nation motivation to move forward.

The visionary leader is always optimistic about a better and prosperous future, his/her speeches and words give hope to their nations.

People follow such a leader due to the light of hope he/she incorporates into his/her people. 

  1. Authoritarian:

Being authoritative is to implement dictatorial skills to followers but being authoritarian is a little bit different from being authoritative.

In an authoritarian way of leadership, leader listens to all, let all participate and give respect to their opinions but at the end of the day does what he feels better for the country, nation or his/her followers.

Authoritarian leadership wins friends and make everyone feel at home with each other.


 Visionary leadership solves many issues of the country peacefully, they usually do not promote hatred and chaos. 

History has seen a great many leaders but only a few of them have proven to visionary as their code of conduct is still in operation in different regions of the world such prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH). 

History has seen leaders with all the qualities of being great visionary leaders but one bad personality trait had made them a villain in great folds of history.

History has seen leaders who sacrificed all luxuries to make their followers see a dream about a better future, such as NELSON MANDELA.

History is full of visionary leaders but in the current world, people are searching for visionary leaders but they are as rare as diamonds.

German Chancellor Angela Markel and New Zealand’s young Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern had shown guts of being visionary leaders.

As both these ladies stand by their people in each calamity and see eye to with every struggle and emerged triumphed.

World peace is only possible through a few more visionary heads.

FAQs about Visionary Leadership

The visionary leader is always a born leader or not?

Visionary leader id a product of learned, observatory behaviors, and genetics.

A visionary leader always has something in his genetics but his/her surroundings make him/her leader.

What qualities a visionary leader should possess?

A visionary leader should be; authoritative, optimistic, courageous, peace-loving, future-oriented, non-discriminating, and well behaved.

What is the biggest difference between a leader and a visionary leader?

A normal leader always thinks about his followers and promotes discrimination indirectly.

The visionary leader works for all and lessens discrimination. 

How to identify a visionary leader among all?

A person who talks about future generations, a person who listens to all, a person who talks about humanity, a person who highlights solutions instead of problems such a person is a visionary leader.

Why the world lack visionary leaders in the present age?

The world is full of competition and every person rises to the ladder by degrading or by pulling someone down so this system of competition has confiscated the concept of a visionary leader.


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