Virgos and depression (How they are linked)

In this writing,” Virgos and depression” will be answered, a glimpse about Virgos, strength and weaknesses of Virgo people, their likes and dislikes, why they are more vulnerable to depression, coping up with it and finally ending it with a few FAQs in regards to the topic.


Virgo is a zodiac sign for people whose birth date falls between August 23 to September 22 and it is an earth sign that is represented by goddess of agriculture and wheat. They have a deep-rooted sense in the material world. They are logical, practical and very particular and systematic in their approach.

Virgo is dominated by mercury which is a messenger planet for communication. Virgo also rules and dominates Gemini and the two signs are totally different from each other. 

They have their greatest compatibility with Cancer and Pisces people and their quality is Mutable and Wednesday is considered to be their day.


Depression is a mental disorder that is classified under Mood Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. It is a mood disorder where the individual experiences prolonged sadness, lethargic, worthiness, helplessness and melancholic that interferes or hampers their daily functioning.

It is one of the most common and prevalent mental disorders that affect 264 million people from varied age groups. And women are more vulnerable and likely to suffer from depression than men.

Sign and Symptoms of Depression

The three noting symptoms of Depression are:

  • Fatigability, tiredness and feeling of exhaustion
  • Anhedonia, loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Depressed mood or prolonged sadness

Other than the three notable symptoms of Depression, other signs and symptoms of depression include:

  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Worthlessness and Helplessness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Thoughts on ending life
  • Difficulty in sleep
  • Irritability and Agitation
  • Fluctuation in appetite
  • Difficulty in decision making.
  • Diurnal Mood
  • Significant weight loss
  • Lost motivation
  • Loss of energy
  • Recurrent thoughts on death
  • Excessive guilt

Characteristics of Virgo people

Virgo people are known for their specificity and particularity to the details and focus on every minute details of everything. They also process and focus on information like a computer by focusing on every detail as well as transferring this information into a clear and organised concept. Because of their overemphasis on details and perfection, at times they tend to feel that the flaws are defects and try to get rid of those.

  • They are loyal
  • Virgo people are analytical 
  • They are hardworking and very practical
  • Because of their deep sense of humanity, they are the most careful sign.
  • They are goal-oriented and focus on their dreams and goals
  • Virgo has the desire to serve every other being like a caregiver
  • They are honest and reliable
  • They are intelligent and perfectionist
  • They appear calm and collected
  • Virgo people are committed to their words and promises
  • They tackle and bear through the problem.
  • Virgo is prudent and they enjoy compartmentalizing their life.
  • Virgo also keeps and leave a mindblowing aura and vibes
  • They are intelligent and are always willing to expand their knowledge by being very open to new learning.
  • Virgo people have a will and great intensity to set everything in order and structure it.
  • They are highly patient and resistant that often take out time to find the good and brighter side of people.
  • Virgo people always stick by the expectations of others and never really disappoint others.
  • When others are in need, Virgo are the first one to offer help and stick by the end
  • In terms of decision making, they consider all the possible elements
  • They have active imagination and pictures a situation differently
  • Most of the Virgo are introverts and they enjoy their own company.
  • They are extremely practical and perfectionists. 
  • They are kind and supportive

These are some of the characteristics of Virgo people overly known by their trait of being focused and particular about details, ambitious, honest, analytical and are reliable. They are known as a problem solver and an analyzer in all particular situations.

Likes and Dislikes of Virgo

Virgo people are known by various likes and dislikes. Some of the things they enjoy doing are:

  • They like animals and keeping a pet 
  • They enjoy eating healthy and nutritious food and meal
  • Enjoys reading book and spending their leisure time reading
  • Virgo enjoys spending time in nature and going for a nature walk 
  • Virgo enjoys cleanliness and keeping their surrounding organised and sorted
  •  They enjoy being in a team and take the role when in team
  • Virgo people also like being useful and lend their helping hand to others
  • They also enjoy social activities and focus on intimate conversations between people.
  • Virgo also like to enjoy the company of others

Dislikes and weaknesses of Virgo people

  • Some Virgo doesn’t like to be in the crowd
  • They can’t withstand careless behaviour as well as the disturbing language of others.
  • They are often critical of their self behaviours
  • Virgo couldn’t stand lack of preparation and organisation
  • They don’t like to reveal secrets and inner talks of others as well as their own.
  • Virgo are often critical and judgemental about others
  • They are more likely to find flaws in others and results in interpersonal conflicts
  • Virgo are mostly conservative and are old fashioned thus doesn’t appreciate and encourage novelty and change
  • They are often fussy and irritating
  • Virgo takes more time to mingle and interact with others. 
  • They dislike committing to others quickly.
  • They often have an irrational fear of untidiness and perfect orders.
  • Virgos are often insecure and worry excessively about the future.
  • They have low self-esteem and focused solely on struggling on the high standard set.
  • Virgos often repress their feelings and opt for alcohol and other illegal drugs to combat emotional pain.
  • Their focus on obsessive and compulsive behaviour results in interpersonal behaviour and problem.
  • They worry excessively about the future and are apprehensive about what the future holds.
  • Virgos have negative self-image resulting in falling prey to eating disorders and compulsion.

These are the major likes and dislikes of Virgo people.

Virgo and Depression

Virgos are likely to be depressed for different reasons; however, the key reason behind their vulnerability to depression is the feeling of distance and isolation faced. This can be due to actions of personal as well as internal struggle and battle the individual is dealing through. 

Introspective and introverted nature of the Virgo people are the major reasons for them falling in depressive episodes. Thus, virgos are often likely to be impacted by negative self-talk, self criticism and other issues that the individual has to deal with. 

At times due to obsessive thinking and contemplating on their self and future, they are vulnerable to depression. And this often results in a scenario of sad and depressed mood. Overly thinking about future threats and thinking about bad times ahead ruin the present moment resulting in heavy depressive episodes.

The major cause behind their episode of depression is thinking excessively and endlessly on the things gone wrong and life caused by depression. 

They are also pessimistic and overthinkers which are the result of their great sorrows and distress. Virgo people tend to think consistently that everything in their life will go their own spiral and will go wrong. 

Virgo are often overly focused and concerned about having a perfect world around them. They don’t accept and wish to see any flaws around. However, reality being a blend of both perfection and imperfection, they fall prey to their own thoughts and have to deal with the depressive episodes as a consequence.

Virgo women are especially very critical and suspicious about themselves thus, they are the victim of their own thoughts and feelings. At times when they feel low and depressed, they prefer not to seek help and support from others, thus having to deal with symptoms all by themselves. In severe cases of failing to combat the sadness, gloominess and lack of energy, they started exhibiting depressive symptoms.

These are the major reasons contributing to depressive episodes and diagnosing a virgo person with depression.. The key or prime reason behind their vulnerability is overthinking, overly focused on perfectionism and not reaching out for help.

Coping with Depression by Virgo

There are different mechanisms of dealing with Depression by Virgo. Some of the mechanisms of combating sadness and depressive episodes. These are:

Engaging in creative work

Virgo are creative and their creativity is flowing. Thus when they feel low and depressed, they can escape the problem by expressing their pain through dance, drawing, acting and listening to calming and soothing music.

Learning to accept the reality and fact

Since the underlying problem of much of the Virgo is the result of their overly emphasis and focus on perfectionism and setting everything organised and structured, they can learn to accept the reality and facts that it will be a blend of perfection and imperfections. 

Not to overthink

One resort to get rid of the depression is not to overthink and ruminate overtly. To get rid of the depressive symptom, the ultimate resort lies in getting rid of overthinking.

So, these are some of the coping mechanisms used to get over the depressive symptoms.Virgo people can get rid of their depressive symptoms by following these strategies.

FAQs: Virgos and depression

Why are Virgos so unhappy?

Virgo’s unhappiness is caused by their own personality or character trait of being focused and organised. 

What do Virgos do when they’re sad?

Virgos are inherited with the practical power to conquer their sadness and they can rebuild to calm down by pieces. 

Why do Virgos get annoyed easily?

Virgo get annoyed and offended easily because others tend to mess up with their routine and organisation. Their anger is caused primarily by the need to keep their things in control.

How do Virgos act when hurt?

Their immediate reaction to Virgo when hurt is they disappear from the things that hurt them and get away from it.

What does Virgos hate?

Virgos hate being in crowded and noisy environments. They often liked to be interrupted and disturb while doing their thing.


In this writing,” Virgos and depression” will be answered, a glimpse about Virgos, strength and weaknesses of Virgo people, their likes and dislikes, why they are more vulnerable to depression, coping up with it and finally ending it with a few FAQs in regards to the topic.


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