Virgo Depression (A comprehensive Guide)

In this brief blog, we are going to talk about virgos with special attention to their personality traits and how they are likely to cope with depression.

Virgos either in sun or moon or rising tend to have some definite characteristics. The placements in other signs or houses also plays a role in determining the strength of these characteristics.

What characteristics of virgos make them susceptible to depression?

Virgos are  some of the most reliable, responsible and grounded people you can ever come across. However despite their wits and intellect, they can be victims of depression just as easily as a ‘cancer’ or ‘pisces’.

 The reason for this is due to the fact that virgos have self sabotaging behaviours which can deprecate one’s mental health. These behaviours include:

  • Emotional suppression
  • Overly critical nature
  • Workaholic nature 
  • Tendency to overthink
  • Negative body image

What signs are most prone to depression?

  • Pisces:  Among all the astrological signs, pisces are the ones most prone to be depressed. Pisces often have a self-sacrificing nature and while they may be kind, caring, loving and gentle, they may not be the most independent signs and can often be clingy and may have patterns of self loathing.

They also have an idealised vision of life and can be depressed when their bubble gets popped. To make matters worse, they may not vocalise their feelings and suffer in silence.

  • Cancer:  Cancer is said to be the mother of all zodiac signs. Cancers are known to be nurturing,loving, caring and compassionate but they are also known to have a depressed and gloomy persona. 

  Cancers have a tendency to be needed so when they are not needed and their feelings are not validated, they can become depressed. Furthermore, much like pisces, cancers can’t easily express their feelings.

  • Scorpios: Scorpios have a tendency to feel every emotion in a heightened way so when they feel depressed, it is heightened as well
  • Capricorn: Capricorns have a tendency to develop major depression due to them having rigid and close minded patterns of thinking. They are also gloomy in nature.
  • Gemini: Much like scorpios, geminis too have a tendency to feel emotions intensely so if they experience negative emotions, they are usually heightened.
  • Taurus: Taurus are not prone to depression but it becomes difficult to bring a taurus out of depression.

What are the characteristics of a virgo?

An important factor to consider is that the sun, moon and rising placement also plays a role in determining the strength of virgo characteristics. 

Typically the sun placement talks about our ‘ego’ and an overall basic sense of our nature while the moon placements talk about our in depth emotional aptitude or whom we are at our core and finally the rising sign represents how we present ourselves to the world around us or how we appear to be. 

A virgo sun tends to ‘smart and sensible’ while a virgo moon is ‘Ambitious and dedicated’ while a virgo rising is ‘humble and wise’

Nonetheless, if your virgo is your placements in any of the houses, you are likely to have some of these characteristics, depending on the combination of your other signs in other houses.


Virgos tend to be very creative and are effective problem solvers. They can often find creative solutions to any problem especially in the workplace.

Reliable and Loyal

Virgos are often keepers of their word and make some of the most reliable and loyal friends you can make. They make the most reliable workers as well.


Virgos are extremely hardworking in nature, sometimes to a fault.


Virgos are extremely kind and generous. Virgo suns tend to be really generous people


Virgos tend to be extremely critical in nature of even the most minute aspects.


Virgos tend to overthink things by nature, irrespective of whether the situation is under control or not. 

Picky and Stubborn

Virgos tend to be extremely picky and stubborn in nature.

Uptight and rigid

Virgos can appear upright and rigid in their ways. They want things done a certain way and are often uncompromising on certain aspects.

What are the characteristics of a virgo, makes them prone to depression ?

The following characteristics of virgos make them more prone to depression:

Emotional suppression

Virgos like cancers and scorpios have a problem expressing themselves. Virgos have a tendency for perfectionism and try to be perfect in everything they do to the extent that they may be obsessed with the idea of being perfect to the extent that they may develop an ideal sense of perfection.

They are extremely logical and they let their  logical side not only over power but also overlook their emotional side. This in turn causes them to suppress their emotions.  

Virgos are extremely practical, to the extent that they may not acknowledge certain emotions they experience if they are unable to understand or accept them if they perceive that it doesn’t serve the sense, if they don’t feel comfortable feeling them or able to make sense of them. 

This can be a very unhealthy pattern for mental health if made into a habit.

Their inability to accept certain emotions only leads virgos further in depression.

overly critical nature

 Virgos have an overly critical nature of both themselves and other people. Virgos have  an idealised sense of perfection. They are perfectionists in nature and pressurise themselves to do things a certain way no matter the cost. 

Virgos tend to be very critical in nature both about themselves as well as other people. They possess an idealised vision of things and are very rigid with their version of perfection. If anything disrupts their vision in the workplace or personal relationships, virgos would respond to that with an overly critical nature be it to someone else or their own selves. 

This in turn is a self limiting tendency which can also seep into other relationships.

Workaholic nature

Another factor which can make virgos extremely depressed is their tendency to be workaholics.

As mentioned before, virgos tend to be perfectionists in addition to their hardworking nature which adds to a recipe of workaholic individuals.

Virgos tend to be extremely workaholic. In the workplace, they have an idea of how their projects or assignments should be and they may also forget that not everyone can be as dedicated as them. 

Virgos may be married to their jobs more than they are committed to their actual partner and may at times ignore their personal time for their work. This creates a lot of pressure which can cause depression in some cases.

Tendency to overthink

Virgos have a tendency to overthink things even if there is no adequate reason to.

Their overly critical nature is accompanied with a worst case scenario attitude. Virgos are planners and always plan for the worst which in turn makes them think of worst case scenarios for the simplest things. This in turn makes them always plan for unlikely worst case scenarios.

While this may seem like a quirk, it can lead to an overall pessimistic attitude or approach to life if it goes unchecked. This in turn can lead to depression.

Negative body image

Virgos having an overly critical nature and overall sense of perfectionism which reflects on their perception of their body image.

Virgos may tend to hold a negative body image and may often be very critical of the way they look especially if they find any variations from their ideal body.

Having a negative body image can be extremely self deprecating and adds to a sense of pessimism as well as depression.


We thus explored virgos in respect to their personality traits and how they are likely to cope with depression. Not all of the aspects may resonate as we are an amalgamation of various planets in different placements but anyone who may have virgo in any placement would be able to relate to some aspects mentioned.

If you are a virgo or know a virgo, then please  leave your feedback about the blog or share your experiences if you would like to.

FAQs: Virgo Depression

The following section represents the commonly asked questions related to the given topic.

Are virgos depressed?

Virgos have a tendency to overthink things and are not great at acknowledging their emotions. They do possess a tendency to be depressed and are prone to depression because of certain characteristics they possess but how well they cope with this depression differs in terms of various aspects like upbringing, attitude in life and if talking about astrologically, then placements in other houses.

Can virgos see women?

Unless someone has a specific case of blindness, then yes. Depending on the gender and sexuality of course. Virgos are not the most expressive of their emotions but they are human like everyone else with scope of feeling everything, an individual of any other sign may feel.

What is a virgo moon?

The moon placement talks about whom we are at our core as it represents how we react emotionally and deal with situations, not just how we appear to be. The moon in virgo talks about someone extremely driven and ambitious.

Do virgos hate emotions?

Virgos feel just like everyone else but they are logical to a fault and have a problem with acknowledging and expressing their emotions. They are not emotionally dumb but may not be emotionally very intelligent as they are intellectually intelligent.

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