27 undeniable signs that he likes you

Have you had feelings for a certain person for some time but can’t figure out if they are shared or not?

Fortunately, some of the involuntary things that men do give them away when they like a certain person.

If you want to learn to interpret these signs and find out if he likes you as soon as possible and without the need for him to tell you, read these signs!

  1. He is making eye contact

If, when you show up in a room, he stops what he’s doing to catch your eye for a few seconds, you’re sure to like it.

Men do not realize how to create moments of intimacy with a woman, so it is very possible to rely heavily on eye contact, whether it is when you come or go or when you are surrounded by several people.

  1. Do you catch him looking at you?

If you have moments when you look back and catch him studying you carefully, it means that something in you makes him want to look at you and pay attention to you, so you should feel proud and flattered.

  1. He changes the position of his body according to yours

Babies by nature have a need to protect, so a man who cares about you will always feel the need to face you, to always have you within his reach.

  1. Sudden changes in behaviour

When you like a certain person, it is normal to try to get their attention in any way we can and most often this is done by a sudden change of attitude.

If he spoke non-stop until you came, he may stop and pay attention to you instead. 

  1.  Look for signs of intimacy

Even if men are not very good at using words, it is very possible that they will try to create non-verbal intimacy between you two.

If you see that he will approach you when you are sitting on the couch or he will choose to pass you, even if he could have chosen a different path, it means that he is trying to be as close to you as possible.

  1.  Wherever you go, he just happens to be there

These kinds of coincidences that make you meet for coffee or on the way to the classroom or to the bus are most likely planned by him, to make sure that you keep thinking about him.

  1. He gets happier when he sees you

In general, men in love change extremely when they are around the girl they like.

Do you notice that he starts to smile suddenly when he sees you and it seems that his whole mood is better than before?

If the answer is yes, then you will realize that he likes to be in your presence more than in the presence of others.

  1. He gives you preferential treatment

If you feel that the way he talks to you is warmer and more pleasant than the way he talks to others, it means that he is trying to either make you feel special or to be a better version of himself when he is around you.

  1. Putting up a show

If you notice that many times, when you are there, he tries to show off and stand out with the things he can do or he knows, you can be sure that he wants to attract your attention and make you notice his qualities and strengths.

  1.  He changes his posture

If the moment he comes to talk to you you notice that he straightens his back and that he is tensing his body, it means that he wants to see him in the moments when he looks at his best. 

  1. His pupils are dilated when he speaks to you

Body language experts say that dilated pupils are an indicator that the other person is attracted to us.

This sign is a subtle one because it requires little attention. It is a very strong sign because it is involuntary, being triggered by our emotions.

  1. He keeps asking questions

Does he ask you if you have brothers or sisters? What are your dreams? The fact that he asks a lot of questions shows interest in you.

If he asks you a lot of questions, it is a sign that he is interested in you and wants to know you better.

  1. He is creative

Instead of just going out for a coffee or a restaurant, he invites you to a concert or to an art exhibition.

This shows that he wants to share with you a special and interesting experience. At a concert, many more unforeseen things can happen than at a coffee!

  1. Future plans

If after talking, he wants to see you again, it means that he is interested. No one wants to see a person they don’t like. So if he’s planning a new meeting, that’s a good sign! 

  1. He makes random gestures

If your hands accidentally touch each other, your feet accidentally collide under the table or stay close enough when you speak, well, know that nothing is “wrong”!

  1. His feet are looking for you

Even if it sounds like a myth, if his feet are always pointing at you, know that it is a strong sign of interest. It is said that the feet go where the heart wants!

  1. He lives  in the present

Whether it’s a person who has been out in the world a lot or is more lonely, he doesn’t talk about his exes.

Both at this stage and later, talking about past relationships is an obstacle to your future relationship.

  1. He asks for your opinion

He can make decisions on his own and has self-confidence, but for a trip or a problem in life, he consults you, more to see if you are on the same path.

  1. He licks his lips 

When we are attracted to somebody, our mouth produces more saliva. So, if he moistens his lips or runs his tongue over his lips, it is a strong sign that he is interested in you.

  1. He cares about you

Whether he wants to know where you are from or what you studied, he shows his interest in what you did to become the person you are now.

The fact that he listens carefully to how you talk about yourself shows that he likes you.

  1.  He stays up late

Even if he has to wake up early the next morning or has a project to finish, he makes time to stay with you for another story, maybe he even says to wait for the next bus for that.

  1.  He opens up 

He doesn’t pretend he doesn’t have problems, we all have. He prefers to talk to you about what he is grinding and because he trusts you, he relaxes and gets courage when he sees that you are listening to him. 

  1.  He’s a little tense in your presence

It’s normal to be a little tense when we meet someone new. If the new person is to our liking, then the tension increases because we want to make a good impression. It’s a good sign of interest.

  1. He smiles often

We all recognize a wide smile that lasts more than a few seconds as an expression of joy,

and if the person in front of you smiles seemingly for no reason, then you know that the reason behind it is you!

  1.  He introduced you to his friends

Friends are important people to us and we do not waste their time with insignificant events.

So, if he introduces you to his friends, that says a lot about how he sees you and what he thinks about you.

  1. He is open

When you send him a message, he doesn’t wait 3 days until he answers you with an “OK.”

That is, he pays attention to you and wants to let things go by themselves, without games or other tricks.

  1. He is calling you

 When he wants to talk to you, either to arrange a date or simply wants to hear from you, he calls you instead of writing you a message.

Communication is the key in any kind of relationship and a few words on the phone along with his voice say much more than 3 lines of emoticons in a chat room.

Indisputable signs of chemistry between two people

Relationships depend largely on how much people are attracted to each other – and this is not just about physical attraction.

Hormonal changes and the activation of neurotransmitters, which scientists associate with love, occur when two people really fit in and this is the first sign that they can be very happy together.

So here are 12 clear signs that two people are really attracted to each other and are compatible at all possible levels:

Common interests 

People can talk a lot that common interests are not important in a relationship, that opposites attract, but this is complete nonsense and here’s why: if two people have common interests, it means that they will always have something to talk about and things to share.

And they will understand much better what they like and what they don’t – and why.

Sense of humour

Humour makes you alive and relaxed in a conversation and in a relationship. But this can only happen when both partners understand it and can manifest it.

Each person has their own knowledge, skills and preferences – and their own sense of humour.

So if two people understand that they can make jokes about each other without being offended… well, this is a good start.

Mutual respect

 If two people are really attracted to each other, there will be respect between them. From the beginning of their relationship.

From the first meeting. There are no happy relationships in which the partners do not respect each other for the fact that they are unique and different personalities.

Mutual reflection

When someone really likes someone else, they involuntarily adopt certain words or actions characteristic of that person.

This is because the person believes that if he/she behaves similarly, it will make him/her appreciate it more.

If such signs can be seen in the body language of the partners, this can be seen as a green light for the relationship.

Knowledge of details

When a person really likes someone else, and the feelings are reciprocated, they begin to see such small and insignificant details that in the chaos of everyday life can not even be noticed.

And these little things mean a lot, a lot… when you realize that you attracted someone so much that they notice these nuances.

The ability to laugh together

If there is a mutual attraction between two people, they are able to laugh together, this means that their bodies have produced endorphins at the same time, and they share mutual happiness.

And they often make sure they know each other so well that they have their own jokes that only the two of them understand.

The ability to be silent

If two people are really compatible and there is a mutual attraction between them, they do not feel strange or uncomfortable if they spend part of their time together, just in silence.

They are happy to simply be in each other’s company and there is no need to say anything.

The ability to tell the truth

 None of us tells the truth all the time.

But when two people feel attracted to each other, they feel neither the desire nor the need to lie, because, on the contrary, they want to know everything about each other.

For them, time just flies by

When these people spend time together, they usually feel as if the clock has wings and flies without ever stopping.

If someone admits that in the company of another person they lose track of time, something happens between them.

Each of them invests time and energy in the relationship

When partners are really attracted to each other, they are both willing to spend their time and energy – just to build their relationship the way they want.

Physical contact

If people really like each other and a “spark” appears between them, then they are not at all against a certain degree of physical contact, even if they usually avoid it.

It can be anything, in an informal setting – a hand on your partner’s hand, an attempt to hug… in a word, anything.

They feel great together

If such people are already together, all these signs reach a new level. Because in this case, they have already crossed the barrier of discreet touches, they show their desire for each other a little differently – it can be a light kiss or discreet hugs.

There are no hidden reasons – this is just one of the ways in which they show their love for the “second half”.

These partners support each other and try to find time for each other even in the busiest daily routine.

When both people are compatible and attracted to each other, they do all of the above, and even more, so that their relationship remains as strong as it was in the beginning.

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In this blog post we talked about what are the signs that a person likes you, and also what does chemistry between two people mean and how do you know when you feel it. 

We hope that these signs are more than enough for you to form an opinion.

Whatever it is, I suggest you have the courage and let yourself live a beautiful relationship, if you really want it.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any question about the content. 

Also, make sure to check the Further Reading section below, if you want to learn more about body language and relationships. 

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Love and Destiny: Discover the Secret Language of Relationships –  Sharon Jeffers 

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