What are the 9 types of friends you will have in your life?

This article will discuss what are the types of friends a person will have in their lifetime. It will also show what are the ones that are usually the most valuables and can be the most important.

What are the 9 types of friends you will have in your life? 

There are many types of friends that you would encounter during your life. Here they are.

The long-time friend 

A long-time friend is a friend you have known for pretty much your whole life. It may be someone that was a part of your childhood years, and that is still present even after you have grown up. They were probably the first real friendship you formed, and knowing them is how you learned a lot about making friends.

With them, you may have experienced a lot of new things together. Maybe your first sleepover was at their place, and they were there the first day you kissed someone, and you were there for them. 

In a long-term friendship, you may have also learned how to deal with difficult moments. And nowadays, when the two of you are together, you may reminisce about all you have been through.

The good time friend 

A good times friend is a friend that will often be around when things are going well. They are the ones that will want to know about the new things your child has learned, or about the new job you are starting.

But because they are often most interested in the positive things, it may be hard for them to be around when things are not that great. So if you ever need them to support you in a difficult time, it is likely that they will be nowhere to be found.

But sometimes it can be that these friends will count on you when they are going through a difficult time. Because of that, you must learn to manage the giving and receiving in this relationship, so you can give as much as you receive.

The friend that is not so close 

This friend can also be called a fake friend. You guys get along, but your relationship is not that deep, and they are mostly acquaintances. There may be no trust in the relationship, and it is likely that the two of you just talk about everyday matters.

It can be that this person is the friend of a friend or just someone you met recently. A key fact about this type of friend is that you can take your time to get to know them. And in any case, there is no need to be friends with someone you don’t want to.

The fun time friend 

The fun time friend is often present, as the name says, during the fun times. It may be someone you constantly run into when you are at a party, and you have the greatest time together. But this friend is hardly someone you would talk to in your day-to-day life, and even more so, it isn’t someone that you would share your deepest thoughts with.

It is important to keep in mind that a fun-time friend can sometimes be a toxic one. That happens when they are constantly pursuing you to put yourself in a harmful situation. 

The friend that always got your back 

The friend that has got your back is the one you can constantly count on. They will be by your side through thick and thin. It may be that they are not people you talk to in your everyday life, but if you ever need them, they are just one phone call away.

This friend can often be such a correct one that they will have no trouble guiding you back to rightness if they ever feel like you have lost your way. They will never be afraid of sharing their view of things with you and will help you think the situation over.

But because this friend always has your back, it can be that sometimes you do not pay as much attention to them as you should. But you should make a point of trying since even they need care and support.

The friend that won’t stick around 

This type of friend is one that you know won’t stay in your life for a long time. It can be that you guys met on a trip, for example, and you became the fastest friends in that time. But this friendship won’t translate to your life after the vacation, and it can be that you lose contact with one another.

But whenever you look back on that trip the two of you met, you will often remember them fondly and feel that the two of you enjoyed some amazing moments together.

The on and off a friend 

This type of friendship is in constant swing. Sometimes the two of you can meet, and it seems like you are the nearest of friends, but others, it can feel like the two of you are barely acquaintances. Other times it can feel like you love each other, and in other situations, you may be extremely mad at one another. 

This type of friendship can be such a roller-coaster that it can make you feel anxious. If that is the case, you may want to discuss this with them, and see if the two of you are willing to work on this relationship so it feels better.

The friend that you are familiar with 

A friend you are familiar with may be one that you have been so intimate with at one point in your life that now, even if you don’t see each other so much, whenever you meet, the intimacy is still there. 

This friendship can often lead you to think if you like this person that much, or if the relationship is mostly based on this sense of familiarity, and comfort the two of you have. 

It may be important to ask yourself that and know the answer. It is also good to have a familiar friend, but make sure that this friendship is not something that is holding you back from living other new experiences.

The friend that will be there forever

This type of friendship may be a life-lasting friendship. It is the one that you know will last forever. The bond between the two of you is so deep, that time, or even going through different life experiences won’t break it.

The two of you can fight, and not see eye to eye on matters, but you always make a point of discussing things in the best way and be careful to protect your friendship.

What are the most important types of friends one can have? 

All types of friendships are important, each in its specific role can bring us happiness in different moments in our lives. Being open to all of them can make you learn more about how to develop different types of relationships, and how each of them can nurture you.

Make a point of allowing your relationships to blossom in the best way they can, and find the joy that will come from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the 9 types of friends you will have in your life? 

How can I friend zone someone? 

At first, once you decide you want to friend zone someone, you should start giving them subtle clues that you are not interested in them in a romantic way. And because of that, you have your boundaries clear in order, not letting them cross.

Make sure you and the person don’t behave in ways that could be mistaken for a romantic relationship. Normally, following these two steps will usually give your friend the idea of what you have in mind for this relationship.

But if at any time you realize that those steps are still not making clear your idea for this relationship, it may be necessary to tell them how it is. In that case, try to have a clear, but caring conversation with them, and explain that you are not interested in a romantic relationship at the moment.

Can it hurt being in the friend zone?

It can be that being in a friend zone will hurt. To some people, being put in the friend zone can feel similar to being rejected, which can bring people a lot of hurt, as it can affect the person’s self-esteem and even sense of self-worth.

That is especially true when the two people are unable to communicate well, or even when it is not clear why the person is being put in the friend zone.

What lies are okay to tell your boyfriend?

Some lies should be okay to tell your boyfriend. For example, it should be okay to tell them they look good, even if they are wearing something you don’t particularly like. Telling them the food they made is good is also an acceptable lie to say.

If you feel an argument getting heated, telling them they are right, or that you understand where they are coming from can make things calmer. It is also okay to tell them you are fine when you feel there are things in your mind that you don’t feel like sharing yet, you don’t need to share everything.

Aside from that, saying that you don’t think that another person that makes your partner feels insecure is attractive can also be a good idea.

Can a friendship be toxic?

Yes, as with any other type of relationship, a friendship can also be toxic. And that can even happen with no fault of anyone. In some cases, you and your friend may just have different ideas on how to be friends, and expect different things from one another. That can lead to a lot of heartbreak, and sometimes it may be necessary to cut ties with the toxic friend.

How can I prevent being friend zoned?

If you want to avoid being put in the friend zone, you may want to not take part in being the best friend. Some people may do that as a way of winning the person over, but it usually just leaves you in the friend zone.

You should also be able to give the person some space, and don’t play the role of the boyfriend. Showing that other people desire you can be of great help, as well as not being needy. You should also make a point of asking them out on a date, and touch them subtly when you can.


This article showed you what types of friends you will have in your life. It also explained why some of them are the most important ones to have.

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