Type S personality (A Comprehensive Guide)

The general characteristics of the S Personality type are known to be predictable, stable, and steady.

They are usually calm, friendly, even-tempered, and sympathetic towards others and are most of the time generous at heart with their loved ones.

They are also good listeners and understand the feelings of others well. People with type S personality are not only open with their close relationships but are also generally possessive in nature about them and hold them close to themselves.

They prefer close personal relationships and always are open towards their loved ones.

In this article, we will discuss Type S personality in detail. 

People with type S personality are not only sympathetic towards their loved ones and close relationships but they are also reliant and dependable in a work environment.

They are good listeners and patients and are always good at teamwork and keep harmony in the professional environment.

They will try their level post to resolve any conflicts that may arise and are always striving for consensus.

They are a loyal team player and are always compliant towards authority.

People with S-personality are not only thorough in their work until completion but are also very good at multitasking.

People with type S personality are usually described as predictable and stable that also sometimes work as their weakness as they like to go along with their daily routine and feel safe and secure with it.

Any changes in their daily routine are instinctively opposed by them, however, during the occurrence of change, they are given enough time and explanation about the change and why it is occurring.

As the S-personality types tend to avoid conflicts and are usually passive, they might hold grudges against a person when they feel resentment and frustration, especially when facing a problem head-on.

People with type S personality are sensitive towards criticism but strive to create a positive environment in both their personal and professional relationships.

They are always trying to please others so one of their weaknesses is that they have a really hard time saying “NO” to someone or establishing priorities.

As the S-personality types are usually looking forward to a sense of security and stability, the greatest fear they face is the loss of that security because of a change in their routine or daily life.

People with type S personality are usually motivated by security and safety. It is in their nature to avoid conflicts as much as they can and to exist in a peaceful way and in harmony with other members of their groups.

They are the ones who truly appreciate it if recognized for their dependability and loyalty. People with type S personality also get along well in a team environment and usually flourish in it.

They enjoy the company of people but prefer a group or individuals who they trustfully and are comfortable with.

They are usually good with environments with no surprise or little changes and no conflicts.

S personality types like the tasks that can be seen through by themselves or can be completed in one go, they usually enjoy practical systems and procedures more than the theoretical or clerical work. 

S personality type has a unique desire for the appreciation of their acts of security and kindness in both environments and situations both personally and professionally.

People with type S personality enjoy patterns and repetition in their daily routines and can adjust to any changes when given enough time.

S personality types try to build support and be personable when working in a professional environment.

They take some time to build up trust but the sooner they build up their trust with you the sooner they will open to you especially if they see a genuine interest in them as a person.

Give them clear instructions on the task at hand and provide them with specifics related to it, also be available to answer the how to question and to explain it in detail when needed.

If you are making changes to the task, you should be patient with them and give them time to digest all the reasoning and explaining related to the changes.

It will make them a little uncomfortable at first but they will adjust to it soon enough with time. 

It is easier to work with an S personality type but it is also important to be patient and kind with them as they might ask more questions for clarification regarding the task at hand.

Try to avoid using strong body language or being demanding when working with S personality types, one should also try to avoid being confrontational, pushy, and overly aggressive.

S personality types will try to avoid the confrontation and will recoil and back down if approached in such away. 

In a work environment, people with S personality types genuinely try to be supportive of team goals and will also help in detailing the task at hand.

They always work systematically and slowly but thoroughly which might slow down the pace of the work but will have the work done in detail.

If there is any doubt or concern about the task they had been given and not explained in detail they will hesitate to ask about it unless the environment they are provided with is supportive and safe.

S personality types are naturally supportive and try to create a rational and positive environment for the team.

Their tendency to be grounded in common sense and reality also helps them to see a more direct, practical, and simpler approach to a task at hand.

Although they work slowly and at a steady pace which might result in slowing down the overall work pace but they are multi-tasker and thorough with their work.

They are usually more approachable in a professional environment and always approach their colleagues with attention, even-temper, loyalty, and patience.

They are able to view a project with a bird’s eye point of view and also can see the little details as well as the big picture of that project.

They are usually the nurturers and peacekeeper of the group both in professional and personal environments.

People with type S personality types usually struggle with change and that can be really hard for them to adapt if they are not given enough time and explanations.

Therefore, the main things that S personality types have to work on are their flexibility and openness in this area.

As their basis is to try avoiding conflict as much as they can and to create a positive personal relationship with the people around them, S personality types might put the needs of other people before themselves and might be over agreeable on different things in their professional environment.

They need to be aware of their own needs and wants and should be more direct in their interactions rather than agreeing with the other person.

Although S personality types are good listeners to others, it might take some time for them to express their own opinions, thoughts, and feelings in different situations.

Sometimes the pace of working of an S personality type is really slow so it might take some time and effort to work on increasing their speed so to accomplish goals in a timely manner.

DISC Type S Personality Traits

S personality types have a position in the lower right of the DISC personality and are more like supporters who tend to demonstrate conscientiousness through listening and patience when responding or interacting with others.

They are able to respond empathetically in stressful and difficult situations because of their respectful consideration of the feelings and thoughts of others.

Some of the personality traits of a S personality type are: 

  • Patiently listens to the requests and needs of others
  • Work cooperatively and considerately with others (Type Sc personality)
  • Does not feel comfortable with hostile or aggressive people
  • Only take direction from a trusted leader
  • Avoid any overly competitive situation

There is another personality type in the DISC, the SI. It too has some similar traits to S personality.

DISC Type S Personality Strengths

Each personality type in the DISC system has its own blind spots and strengths which can be amplified in both personal and professional settings.

Interaction of people in a group with different values and backgrounds can help people build upon their strengths and cover their blind spots. 

The strengths associated with S personality types are usually :

  • Being available to help and keep checking back on the person at a regular basis
  • Responding to any question with understanding and patience
  • Always ask for feedback in the group at regular intervals
  • Always being attentive to the concerns and needs of different people

DISC Type S Personality Weaknesses

Like every other personality type, S personality types also have their blind spots, some of which are listed below: 

  • Cannot commute negative information directly
  • Usually, they are passive when the necessity of the situations is to be assertive
  • Not giving feedback to others and avoiding confrontation
  • The tendency to delay decisions related to interpersonal conflicts

DISC Type S Personality Growth

Along with their strengths and weaknesses every DISC type also has growth opportunities present in their personality.

The growth opportunities which are typically associated with S personality types are:

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  • Make an effort and try to share feedback with others regarding an issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Always try to practice empathetic communication when there is a conflict and understand that a problem cannot be resolved if there is no mutual understanding of the issue between the parties.
  • When it is necessary they should learn how to take charge of a situation and intentionally assert themselves into the decision making progress.
  • In case of an unexpected change, try to dot down a plan on how you can adopt which can help them in being more focused oriented towards the task.

ISC Type S Personality Motivations

Usually, when people experience different situations with stress, pain or dissatisfaction, it can result in energy-draining activities.

Therefore, it is always better to know the kind of activities that can be used to energize each personality type.

For S personality types these are the activities that can be used for energizing and motivating oneself: 

  • Ask for regular feedback. 
  • Stay out of the spotlight and play an active supporting role in the team
  • Always respond to difficult situations with compassion and empathy
  • Promote cooperation and teamwork between different parties
  • Listening attentively to questions from other people and responding thoughtfully to them

FAQ about S Personality

What is a high S personality?

S personality types with a high S are usually the ones who are more reserved, people-oriented, and introverted.

They are more sweet, shy, stable, and supportive and remain calm, collected, and easy-going.

2. What does a Type D personality mean?

It is a concept used in medical psychology and is defined as the joint affinity towards social inhibition and negative affectivity.

The letter “D” in D personality means Distressed.

3. What does the S mean in the disc?

S stands for steadiness, stability, and security in DISC personality types. S personality types are usually with people with compassion toward others and are supportive, calm, and collected.




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