Type C Personality (A complete overview)

This article will give a brief idea of Type C Personality and what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Then it will focus on the Type C personality motivation and then on the careers. Later it will highlight the relationship with a Type C Personality.


Type C Personality is known to have a very detail-oriented individual who likes to do things that are controlled and stable.

They prefer accuracy, rationality, and logic in everything they do. These people prefer control in everything they do and can’t stand those people who can’t control their emotions.

These people are skeptical, objective and logical in their behavior. They use analysis and logic-oriented approach in solving problems.

They even don’t like people who brag or make things hype and they prefer not to be around them at any cost.

These people are more reserved and take a long time in opening up to the people and in trusting them.

These people are quite controlling not just for themselves but also for others.

They just don’t like things to get slip out of their hands and are not very expressive because they mostly are afraid of displaying too much emotion.

These people are very specific in their jobs as well, as they want to be sure of what they can do and what they have been expected from people.

Here are some strengths and weaknesses of Type C Personality:

Type C Personality Strengths:

  • They think well before taking any action or decision and don’t get along in the heat of the moment
  • They are very much defined in their work structure and ethics
  • They use logic, practical and proper analysis when solving any problem
  • They are all the time comfortable on analyzing the facts even if it considered to be a larger amount of it
  • They are very critical in their work and therefore are often asked for valuable feedbacks

Type C Personality Weaknesses:

  • As they always want things to be perfect, they want perfect solutions as well and therefore don’t even try the temporary workable solutions
  • As they want to be perfect they take a lot of time than required in making decisions
  • They are too much critical and don’t feel bad in criticizing people who don’t meet their standards
  • They try and avoid people who don’t work according to their work ethics
  • For even a simple problem they try to implement more complicated solutions


Type A Personality:

These people are competitive and they like to be in charge and in control of their immediate environment.

Though they are not very detail-oriented but are very goal-oriented. They are often leaders as they are quite aggressive individuals who crave for success.

These people prefer working independently and at their own schedules and are often known as workaholics.

They are very impatient individuals as well.

Type B Personality:

These people are very energetic and outgoing. They are calm, confident and open individuals, and are often related to a better emotional balance.

Therefore, these individuals are considered to be the healthiest one. These people are good at building relationships.

They crave applause, appreciation, and admiration.

These people love to talk a lot about themselves which is why sometimes they are misunderstood for being self-centered.

Type C Personality:

These people are characterized as a cooperative, perfectionist, laborious and conformist.

These people try and avoid conflict at any cost and are very bad in expressing negative emotions and often try to repress their true emotions.

These are not the only types of personalities, but there are others as well, not mentioned here. For example, Type D and Type S.


These people tend to be motivated and energized by:

  • Focusing on something which according to them is very interesting and can give something back to the world
  • They like to research on a problem and find out the root cause of it
  • They like to work in a particular way and therefore, they often give rules and guideline to the people working for them
  • They love working projects independently and bring results to the team, it boosts their self-esteem.


People with Type C Personality feel energized at work when they have been given their personal space and not disturbed or barged in more often.

They have been asked for help and advice by their supervisors and peers.

When they work in an environment where the people under him follow exact rules and guidelines.


The relationship of a person with type C consists of dedication, efforts, space, and freedom. They choose partners who would be dedicated to the.

And they will also be dedicated to these people and they need space and respect others’ space needs too.

They put the effort in building a relationship as it’s not easy for them to just open up to anybody, they take their own time and pace and then only commit to a relationship and therefore they expect their partner to also put some effort into the relationship.

They believe in freedom and therefore they want and they provide freedom in their relationship.

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This article has given a brief idea of Type C Personality and what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Then it has focused on Type C personality motivation and then on careers. Later it has highlighted the relationship with a Type C Personality.

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What is a Type D personality mean?

A Type D personality means a mixture of negative affectivity and social inhibition, letter D refers to ‘distressed’.

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