Type B Personality (A complete guide)

In this guide, type B personality will be discussed along with its characteristics, tips for interacting with them and important facts regarding type B personality.

Type B personalities are laid-back, relaxed, and flexible.

Type B is opposite to Type A personality which are more organized, perfectionist, ambitious and hard-working.

Characteristics of Type B Personality

There are many types of personality, for example Type A, Type B and Type C. Type B Personality tries to keep everyone happy and play the role of a mediator.

They try to find positivity and happiness in everything.

They are the healers, sensitive, compassionate, and concerned for others wellbeing.

Type B Personality is not judgemental, and individualists.

They rely on themselves more than other people, they have a strong inclination for ideas and uniqueness.

They are easy-going and keep their focus on the surroundings and manage to handle the adversities in the situations.

A person with a type B personality type remains to themselves, as well as are quite imaginative while considering the feelings of others and remaining flexible.

They work at a steady pace towards their goals.

And when they achieve their goals, they take time to enjoy those achievements rather than just setting new boundaries for themselves.

They are not completely devastated when they fail to meet their goals.

Sure, they can be disappointed but they are much more accepting of failures than the Type A people.

Because they are more accepting of failure, they even allow themselves to experiment and fail, just for the sake of experience.

They are innovative and love exploring ideas and concepts.

They are reflective, often thinking about the inner and outer worlds.

They don’t always play to win. They like the idea of “love for the game”.

Their stress levels are lower and they are found to be even-tempered.

They might even get too relaxed and laid-back, which could prevent them from reaching the uppermost heights of their careers.

Like there are different types of personalities of people overall, men within their own gender too have different types of personality.

Alpha males and Sigma males.

Health of Type B Personality

Person with the type B personality have the advantage as people cluster as type B personality are not at risk for cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure.

They have improved digestive systems as well as have better immunity then type A.

Their immunity is better because of their low-stress levels and better coping with stress.

Their stress management skills are inborn which helps them in dealing with daily life pressures easily.

Type B personality is good at dealing the coronary heart diseases and have an automatic protective effect.

Their overly relaxed natures cost them when they are stress-free about their health condition as well.

They take the health concerns for granted and do not follow up with health check-ups.

Relationships of Type B Personality

The relationships of the Type B personality are warm, supportive, and patient.

Type B personality are good listeners and have the ability to counsel another person.

Their tendency to deal with others, make them dependable.

People look out for type B personality to get the stress out as they make anything major to something minor or at least not stressful.

Their way of dealing with the life situations are blessing for others but sometimes it costs them, as they have to accept unfair treatment and sometimes they are the one who is taken for granted.

Other people start accepting them as accommodating and cooperative, which ends up being treated unfairly.

School and Career of Type B personality

Type B personality have a consistent manner of behaving. This behaviour is depicted in their educational and workplace settings.

Their basic characteristics have some advantages for them.

Academic Achievement

Type B personality are good achiever in the academic domains. It is widely believed that the hard-working focused nature of type A will be more likely to pursue the challenging academic degrees of medicine or law.

But it was shown in researches that around 90% of students opting challenging degrees were typed B.

This could be because type B personality are better able to handle the pressure and secure good marks then the type ‘A’ overly stressed personalities.

So, the evidence shows that the relaxed nature of type B personality has an advantage for them rather than a disadvantage.

Management of Stress

Type B personalities are better able to cope with the daily life stresses, as well as the stresses they encounter in their professional and academic life are better managed by having an optimistic perspective of the situation.

Type B personality is good for themselves as well as for the others around them, because they give a stress inoculation outlet to others around as well.


The flexible nature of type B personality can be related to MBTI perceiving domain. As type B are flexible in their ideas and executions.

They are able to adopt the change of plan and adjust accordingly with the situations.

They are not rigid and flow well with others. Their flexibility gives them the power to deal with challenging situations.

There are a few disadvantages or challenges faced by type B personality:


Other people sometimes consider them slacker on the basis of their relaxed attitude, and wrongly takes them as unproductive and inefficient.

This widely held belief makes others not to rely on them for responsibilities.

Their temperament of taking things and coping stress is perceived as irresponsible and non-professional.

To improve their impression type B personality needs to work on their impression management as a hard-working and professional resource.


Type B personalities are commonly recognized as procrastinators and dragger of the task until it is unavoidable.

Their relaxed nature makes others worried about the responsibilities handed over to them.

Type B sometimes need better time management and planning to deal with the time constraints, and workload.

To improve this challenge, type B personalities need to make some routine of planning the things beforehand so they do not get into troubles at the last moment and lose the impression they have cast.

Strength and Weaknesses

Every type of personality has a few pros and cons and no one personality type is perfect.

Here are a few strengths and weaknesses of Type B Personality.

Strengths of Type B Personality

They are faithful, and anyone can rely on them.

They are concerned about how anyone around them is feeling while trying to fix the shortcomings of the environment for the betterment of others.

They want to work alone, and this gives a boost to their energy, they give value to close relationships and are able to see all the aspects of the situation.

Weaknesses of Type B Personality

TYPE B PERSONALITY is overly imaginative and looking for idealism, they are quite sensitive and things hurt them easily.

Other people keep on struggling to know their real selves as they do not interact and open-up easily.

They are too flexible in the situation may look at the situations too subjectively that they miss the important details.

Careers for Type B Personality

There are few career choices most likely for Type B Personality type, for example, TYPE B PERSONALITY can be great actors or musicians because of their increased intuitiveness as well as sensitivity to the feelings and emotions.

They can be good graphic designers, psychologists, counsellor, writer, and social workers.

Tips for Interacting with a Type B Personality

Even if you’re not a type B personality, you’re likely to know quite a few people with that kind of personality.

If you’re more of a type A, the type B approach to life might sometimes be a bit frustrating.

To type A managers dealing with Type B workers, this can be particularly true.

Your approach to work is probably quite a bit different—more rigid and focused—while your type B employees have a more laid-back, seemingly messier style of getting things done.

This sometimes leads to type B being mislabelled as lazy when the truth is that they usually just don’t get the recognition that they deserve for the work they do.

Here are some things you should remember when you are interacting with a type B personality:

They’ve got a plan, but it’s in their heads. Type-A likes to make detailed plans and lists of to-do, but type B is more likely to have mental notes of what needs to be done.

Though, just because they haven’t written it down, it doesn’t mean they’re not on track.

They work well in groups. Type B often do well in group brainstorming sessions where they can share ideas off the top of their heads.

People with this personality type are happy to share success with others.

The process tends to matter just as much as the outcome, so they usually enjoy being creative and exploring their options.

Collaboration offers a way to be innovative and work with other like-minded individuals.

They don’t like to be rushed. Type B are not focused on making sure that every single moment is accounted for and that maximum efficiency is ensured.

They need time and space to work on projects at their own pace.

Life with Type B Personality

Use Your Time Well Keeping a positive attitude towards life can be helpful most of the time to manage stress, except when you start letting things go to the point where you feel like you’re still trying to catch up.

Setting up a more organized schedule will help you stay on the job and get things done, helping you to enjoy the process to meet deadlines without the last-minute sprint.

Since people with this type of personality appear to be very calm, until the last minute they are known to procrastinate.

This may result in missed deadlines or a last-minute scramble to complete tasks on time.

Avoiding this pattern will help you stay on track and avoid missing major deadlines.

One difficulty frequently encountered by type B is that others often see them as lazy or inefficient when they only work quietly and consistently towards a target.

You may need to make an effort to reach form A somewhere in the middle to make sure that your manager and co-workers see your hard work for what it is.

In this guide, the meaning of type B personality is discussed, along with a complete personality profile of the person with a dominant type B personality.

The lifestyle, advantages and challenges of being a type B.

As well as the strengths and weakness of type personality are discussed.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Type B Personality

What are the characteristics of a Type B personality?

The characteristics of Type B personality are relaxed, less stressed, flexible, expressive and laid back.

What does it mean to be a Type B personality?

Type B personality means more relaxed, less stressed, flexible, expressive and laid back.

Is there a type C personality?

Yes, in type C personality person is more thoughtful, deep and stays angry and frustrated.

What is the Type B behaviour pattern?

The type B behaviour pattern is relaxed, less stressed, flexible, expressive and laid back.



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