Twin Flame test (2 mins)

Have you met your Twin Flame? Take this twin flame test to find out

In this blog post, we talk about Twin Flames: important things to remember and learn the differences between a Twin Flame relationship and an abusive relationship. We begin with a Twin Film test to help you find whether you have encountered yours. 

Twin Flame test

Besides all the desires of our soul, our heart also wants to feel the unconditional love and the unparalleled spiritual rewards of the relationship with a twin flame.

We all seek the twin flame of our soul, that mirror soul with whom we share a destiny and which promises us unlimited support throughout our spiritual journey.

Our soul feels the need to find its soul mate so that it can evolve and fulfil its purpose for which it came into this world.

But we meet so many people in our lives … how do we know when we met our twin flame? How can we recognize the mirror soul? Well, take this twin flame test to find out!

All you have to do is answer Yes or No to the next 18 questions.

After answering all the questions, add all the Yes-es and check your result. Is that simple!

  1. Think about the person you think might be your twin flame. Do you have an inexplicable feeling that you know this person “since forever”?  This can manifest as a déjà vu or as an unmistakable feeling that tells you that you have known this person for a long time and that you have been made to be together.
  1. Did meeting him/her made you a more spiritual person?  The Twin Flame soul causes spiritual awakenings due to the intensity of the encounter. People who had nothing to do with spirituality suddenly open up to a much broader perspective on life.
  1. Did you suddenly start to notice all kinds of synchronicities, repetitions of numbers, did you start to “hear” the way the Universe speaks to you in metaphorical ways?  You feel in connection with the Universe and you may begin to be preoccupied with metaphysical themes.
  1. Do you feel like you’ve finally got “home” around this person? You feel safe and comfortable, a feeling that cannot be matched by anything else, but that you seem to recognize, from another life or another dimension.
  1. Do you feel that you can express your authentic self around this person?  You may feel that you can be next to this person, exactly as you are, in any situation, no matter how you are feeling.
  1. Do you feel like a Yin and Yang? Do you feel like a Yin and Yang? You complete his dark part, and he completes yours, through the light that is in you and that you reveal to each other.
  1. Do you feel a more powerful and stronger person? You may feel that you can do more than you thought you could before. You get energy from your deep connection.
  1.  Does this person inspire you to be a better person, to discover your creative abilities and divinity within yourself?
  2. When you are together, do you feel both committed and free? This person allows you to preserve your individuality and need for freedom.
  1. Do you feel on the same frequency of energy as this person’s energy? Also, you are very empathetic to each other’s needs. 
  1. Do you feel like you’ve been waiting for this person your whole life? You also may feel like you’ve missed them before even knowing each other. 
  1.  Do you seem to understand each other perfectly and have the same value system? You mirror yourself perfectly and you are on the same wavelength and in the ideational plane.
  1. Do you feel that this person mirrors your hidden fears, deepest desires and dreams and is an engine for your spiritual evolution? Twin soul souls challenge us to reach our full potential and heal our past wounds.
  1.  Do you feel that you are enigmatically attracted to this person? No matter how many times you break up…. Each time you are magnetically attracted to this person. (Do not confuse this statement with what happens in abusive relationships where other dynamics are involved, usually co-dependence.)
  1. Do you consider the intimate moments with this person to be intense and experienced on a much deeper level than the physical one? It is a fusion of souls.
  1. Do you think that one of you is much more spiritually mature? He/She probably often becomes a teacher to the other. 
  1.  Has this person been able to teach you important life lessons, such as forgiveness, gratitude, empathy, and open-mindedness?
  1.  Do you feel that you can be honest and open with this person? In front of this person you put down your armour, you put down your weapons and masks and you show yourself as vulnerable as you are. 

The Results

If you have between 1 and 7 Yes-es

Truth to be told, the probability that you met your twin flame is quite small. But this is not bad news, on the contrary! It means that you still have the chance to evolve and grow spiritually, you just have to be patient …

If you have between 8 and 14 Yes-es

Your score is average, which means that … you are very close to meeting your twin flame!

Even if it’s not about a person in your present, the fact that you got such a high score can only be good news.

The moment when you will meet your twin flame is very close!

If you have between 15 and 18 Yes-es

With such a high score there is no doubt that you have found your twin flame. Congratulations!

You have found a truly unique person in your life, a person who will help you evolve a lot spiritually, morally and emotionally.

Appreciate and keep this person close. You were meant to meet each other for a very, very long time.

What you must know about twin flames

Although our souls are eager to encounter our Twin Flame, those who have experienced this event said that it is not at all an easy-to-digest encounter. It emotionally exhausts you. These people come to your life like a tsunami, which strikes you and changes you forever. 

It is good not to go through this experience alone. Look for psychologists who specialize in transpersonal psychology or spiritual teachers who will be able to understand your experience and bring clarity to all the stages of transformation you are challenged to go through.

This meeting is a very intense one, a meeting that our soul longs for, but which is at the same time challenging and not too easy to manage.

It is the most spectacular meeting between two souls that can take place on Earth. As beautiful as it is intense and provocative because when they meet, the Twin Flames change completely their perceptions of the world and relationships.

Meeting this soul changes you radically and often, such relationships are tumultuous, with reunions and separations, these caused by the way the two deal with absolutely all positive and negative aspects, including their inner shadows, never discovered before. 

Reading about the connection between Twin Flames, many people tend to think that abusive relationships are a sign of a Twin Soul. A Twin Flame will never want to hurt you. A Twin Flame cares about your feelings, who you are as a human being. 

When you are in such a soul connection, mutual respect is never out of the question. 

Despite the emotional turmoil, these people do not want to hurt each other in any way and often retain a deep appreciation and friendship that cannot be explained in words. 

They are able to give up their own happiness, only to protect the other. Sometimes they break up precisely because they choose to protect, other times because the meeting is fulminant and they can’t cope with the emotional fire that seems to embrace them, all of a sudden. 

Other times, one of the souls is less spiritually evolved and cannot recognize the importance of this rediscovery and is frightened by the challenges of personal evolution that this encounter raises…

But there is always a magnetic attraction and deep mutual respect between these people.

FAQ about Twin Flame test 

How do you know if you found your twin flame?

You’ll know you have found your twin flame when you will feel a very deep and spiritual connection to the other person. You may often have the same thoughts, feelings, dreams and goals. 

Do twin flames test each other?

Twin flames do not test each other. When they meet, they help each other grow. Sometimes this means a lot of pain and heartache. Many twin flames break up, only to find each other again after several months, even years. 

Do twin flames have the same life path?

Some twin flames do have the same life path number, although it is believed that they have separate life paths, and only meet to help each other grow. 

What is the symbol for twin flames?

The symbol for twin flames is a circle and within it below is the infinity symbol, above it is the triangle and within the triangle is the two flames. Its a special symbol which showcases two souls merging as one.

Is your twin flame your true love?

It is believed that your twin flame is not your true love also. Your twin flame is a person meant to help you find your purpose in life, to grow spiritually and morally. Is a person who’s presence will cause personal awakening. It will change your life completely. 

Are twin flames obsessed with each other?

Twin flames are not obsessed with each other, in the direct sense of the word. But twin flames are very interested in each other, they are connected on a deep, intuitive level. 


The Twin Flame Handbook, by Josephine Smoke

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