Twin flame separation depression (a comprehensive guide)

In this guide, we provide comprehensive information about twin flame separation depression, its causes, how to recover from it, and how to reunite with your twin flame.

Who is a twin flame?

A Twin Flame, or Twin Soul, is a person with whom you feel linked not only on a physical and emotional level but also a spiritual or soul level. Our Twin Flames, in this life, reflect our families, lovers, and teachers. They are the yin in our yang, the sun in our stars, and the light in our night.

Our mirrors are also Twin Flames, in that they represent all our secret fears and shadows back to us, but also our true inner beauty and power. Our Twin Flames thus open the door to enormous emotional, psychological, and spiritual development. 

Twin flame separation depression

The separation of twin flames is not like the traditional breakup of relationships.

When we detach ourselves from our fire, it’s like our whole lives are broken. The deep and intense love that we feel for our twin flames makes any sort of separation agonizing and almost unbearable.

The twin flame link of the “Runner and Chaser” is one of the most painful stages. Things begin to heat up after the initial stages of ecstatic marriage and a fairy-tale relationship. The Egos are starting to collide. There is raw rubbing of core wounds, insecurities, and traumas. Shadow Selves are lashing out.

As a result, at first, almost every twin flame relationship fights through drama and dysfunction is unavoidable. This comes, understandably, as a devastating shock.

Causes of Twin flame separation depression

Here are the causes of twin flame separation that lead to depression:

Immaturity psychologically and spiritually

Life is a development process. Not only are our physical bodies rising, but so are our inner selves. Immaturity is one of the main causes of twin flame separation. We have low emotional maturity when we are immature, meaning that we fail to recognize, control, and cope with our feelings and those of others. Not only that but in proportion to the stubbornness and magnitude of the ego, theological immaturity prospers. In other words, the greater the ego, the less peace there is. The ego needs to feel that it is charming, splendid, all-knowing, and great. But there is hell to pay when it is questioned in some way, shape, or form.

The ego-self rules almost all of us—if we weren’t, we’d be enlightened. The bigger their ego is, the more likely it is to run away from an entity or circumstance that makes him feel powerless. Twin flame relationships, in reality, are made to dissolve the ego, and that is hated by the ego.

Lack of caring and appreciation for oneself

Self-love tends to be the main prerequisite required to work smoothly in a twin flame relationship. Before Sol and I met, for instance, we both focused on respecting and embracing the individuals we were. For other successful twin flame collaborations, this is also valid.

There can be no true love for someone without knowing how to love yourself first. Instead, love is contaminated with neediness, co-dependence, and “conditions.” Without first expressing fierce unconditional love for ourselves, we can never give our partners unconditional love. As a consequence of this, sadly, some twin flame relationships collapse under the weight of fear and self-hatred.

More lessons in life need to be learned

Life needs to train you before entering a relationship with a twin flame. This often implies that before you are ready, you need to join other relationships, develop new friendships, or extend your life experience (travel, volunteer, get a new job). This is just a case of trial and mistake. Some conditions will give you a gentle perspective, and others will leave you crushed and battling for air. Don’t shut yourself off from the universe, whatever the case. The more your borders are checked, the more you understand.

Healing needs to happen

Often our twin flames turn up when we are struggling tremendously at a point in life. Our pain may come from a disaster, death, violence, or even another breakdown of a relationship. Emotionally, we may not be in a position to open up yet. Therefore, a healing process will first be required.

It isn’t the time right now

Life can be elusive. Twin flame separation often happens because there’s no right moment in time. Often other journeys need to be done, and it is important to meet other people. We don’t even know the reason sometimes. In this case, the right thing to do is to surrender. This can be incredibly challenging, but trust that it will help you grow stronger and smarter with the experience.

Recovering from Twin flame separation depression

It can take months, sometimes years, to recover from twin flame separation. Always be gentle and compassionate with yourself for this reason:

Understanding why the split took place

Sometimes, we need to understand why something has happened in our lives to achieve peace of mind. You would like to discuss the underlying factors and causes if your split was intentional. Understanding why you should learn valuable lessons about yourself that will help you mature as an individual.

Realize the twin separation of flame makes you stronger

Although it momentarily causes tremendous sorrow and anxiety to lose your wife, it will forge you into the person you were supposed to become in the long term. Twin flame separation, like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, burns you so fiercely that you feel like worthless, futile ash. But after a while, this process of burning will give birth to power, strength, and bravery, if you allow it to.

Through self-expression, allow yourself to mourn

The strong feelings are disturbing. Most of us prefer to mask, suppress, or distract ourselves from honoring them for this purpose. Slow down if you encounter intensely painful feelings like sadness, rage, and grief. Create room for mourning in your life. This is about feeling the feelings consciously.

Self-expression, such as journaling, drawing, playing an instrument, dancing, biking, hiking, planting, etc., is one of the easiest ways to consciously experience feelings. Find what feels good, and go there. Do not stay static. Only get going. This is a strong way of healing.

You are more than your pain

It is really common for us to get strung up in victim positions when we are in a great deal of pain. When it defends us against weakness, melancholy is comfortable. But note this: a passing feeling is a pain. It may be a very persistent sensation, but your pain is not yours. Other than your pain, you are so much more.

The responsibility for our happiness is not our twin flames

Strongly, twin flames encourage our progress, but they are not needed to be happy for us. Wholeness and satisfaction can be done without our twin flames being present. A common misconception about twin flames, sadly, is that we somehow need them to be complete. This is untrue.


Integration is about taking and consciously applying your findings to your life. When you submit whole-heartedly without resistance to what life now brings to you, misery ceases. This, of course, is in principle simpler than it is in real life. So be kind to yourself. Go at a rate of your own.

Reunite with twin flame

You might be feeling extremely insecure, frustrated, exhausted, and confused at the moment if you are in the Twin Flame runner and chaser stage.

Is it your twin flame that is trying to hurt you?

First, you must ensure that you’re not really in a relationship that is co-dependent or emotionally abusive. Unfortunately, this may be a very real possibility for certain couples. Don’t confuse the more sinister ways of coercion, power, and violence with excuses, discrepancies of character, and vulnerability.

Think about what it is that causes the actions of your partner

A trigger can be something that “triggers” an emotional reaction within you, from a certain look, a tone of voice, a word, an action, or something. “Once you have discovered what triggers you (for example, when your partner begins to get an opinion), you may want to ask, “Why does that bother me so much? Try to go deeper than responses like, “He thinks he knows everything,” or “She doesn’t listen to what I’m saying.” Find the emotion attached to the cause and keep digging deeper, for example, annoyance, bitterness, or resentment. Under your layers of feeling, you may reveal many destructive values, convictions, and personal problems.

Learn to interact freely with your twin fire

Rarely does open communication come easily. Instead, it is something that most of us in our lives have to understand and master. We conceal our feelings when we refuse to interact freely, keep our opinions and experiences to ourselves, and don’t speak up when anything annoys us. It is much easier to speak honestly and politely with them about it rather than hide it away and let it fester if anything bothers you about the actions of your partner. Open contact is something the two of you should freely discuss and agree to work on.

Learn how to convey your twin flame’s viewpoint with empathy

This can be incredibly difficult to do, particularly when you’re wrapped up in your feelings and expectations, but learning is worthwhile. About why? It will help you to grow empathy by having this capacity, and this will help your relationship to evolve tremendously. Beginning with the practice of mindfulness, we suggest. Via conventional meditation practice, learning to live in the moment, spending time alone in contemplation, mindful breathing, and many other ways, mindfulness can be practiced. The more you are experienced in learning how to analyze rather than respond to your thoughts, the easier it will be for you to empathize with your Twin Flame.

Ask, ‘What do I get to learn? ”

Ask yourself, “What is it that my Twin Flame is trying to teach me through their words or actions right now? Whenever you both get into a squabble or experience tension?” Perhaps you need more patience, empathy, or forgiveness to grow. Our twin flames, in the end, are like vessels that express the harshest, but most valuable, lessons of life. You can grow as an individual only when you open yourself to learning these lessons.

Forgive each other Forgive each other

Know that each of you carries multiple forms of the pain of your own. The product of unresolved pain is every statement and every reckless and hurtful decision. You will both forgive each other as you both come to accept this and allow the love you feel to cleanse all wounds.

Take this twin flame test to see if you found the one or not.

In this guide, we provided comprehensive information about twin flame separation depression, its causes, how to recover from it, and how to reunite with your twin flame.


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