7 Twenty one pilots songs about depression

In this blog we present to you 7 songs by twenty one pilots about depression

7 Twenty one pilots songs about depression

Here are some songs by Twenty one pilots songs about depression:

Fall Away- Twenty one pilots depression songs

This particular song by Twenty one pilots about depression where tyler sings,

“…I’m dying and I’m trying

But believe me, I’m fine, but I’m lying

I’m so very far from fine

And I, I can feel the pull begin

I feel my conscience wearing thin

And my skin, it will start

To break up and fall apart…” (Source: Musizmatch)

Reflects a very common experience for people who have depression where they feel like they are stuck in a certain limbo where they do not know whether they are alive or dead is very representative of having to live with depression.

Migraine- Twenty one pilots depression songs

“Am I the only one I know, 

Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat? 

Shadows will scream that I’m alone, 

But I know, we’ve made it this far, kid.” (Source: TheMighty)

This song by twenty one pilots is one of the most extensive songs that the duo has written about mental health struggles and depression. 

The song hits the ball park as it describes the contrast battles that one has to fight behind the mask of seeming alright everyday. 

It also describes how individuals who struggle with depression have the hardest time when they are all alone. 

However, irrespective of the anguish that one struggles with, the song has a tint of hope as it writes about persevering and surviving on. 

The Run and Go- Twenty one pilots depression songs

This song by the duo that goes,

“…Don’t wanna call you in the nighttime. 

Don’t wanna give you all my pieces. 

Don’t wanna hand you all my trouble. 

Don’t wanna give you all my demons. 

You’ll have to watch me struggle 

From several rooms away. 

But tonight I’ll need you to stay…”(Source: TheMighty)

This song is an all too accurate representation of what it is like to feel so alone in the struggle against depression because it can be isolating and limiting,

Depression makes it very hard for one to reach out to people because oftentimes people feel unworthy about being helped. 

However, the song breaks past the guilt and the shame, nodding to the fact that it is human to struggle and that while we might hate the idea of allowing others to see us at our worst. It is still a need. 

Ride- Twenty one pilots depression songs

“I just wanna stay in the sun where I find it. 

I know it’s hard sometimes. 

Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind. 

I know it’s hard sometimes.” (Source: TheMighty)

This beautiful song is one of the most popular twenty one pilots songs and it is an anthem of hope.

The kind of hope that nods at one;s struggles in life and the urge to continue living and to continue “riding” the waves- the highs and lows of life. 

The Judge- Twenty one pilots depression songs

“But I’m not good with directions, 

And I hide behind my mouth. 

I’m a pro at imperfections, 

And I’m best friends with my doubt, 

And now that my mind’s out, 

And now I hear it clear and loud, 

I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I probably should’ve stayed inside my house.’” (Source: TheMighty)

Another important song by twenty one pilots that describe the human experience of living with depression is the absolute shame, doubt, and low self esteem one has that continuously clouds one’s peace of mind. 

This song is clear in the way it describes one’s insecurities as well as how these insecurities can not only lead to depression but also anxiety. 

Hometown- Twenty one pilots depression songs

“A shadow tilts its head at me. 

Spirits in the dark are waiting. 

I won’t let them win, go quietly 

I won’t let them win, go quietly.”(Source: TheMighty)

This song is a remarkable anthem of hope and perseverance against the fight of living with depression.

It is about noticing that the negativity and the pain is present, to not deny them but to acknowledge them, and instead of letting them win- this song is a personal stance against them.

Goner- Twenty one pilots depression songs

“Goner” is a song that packs a punch which describes the singer seeking out help from a higher being in regards to his depression. 

“I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath

I wanna be known by you

I wanna be known by you

Though I’m weak and beaten down

I’ll slip away into the sound

The ghost of you is close to me

I’m inside out, you’re underneath

I’ve got two faces Blurry’s the one I’m not

I’ve got two faces Blurry’s the one I’m not

I need your help to take him out

I need your help to take him out” (Source: Musixmatch)

The song reflects helplessness and hopelessness about his condition and the againsing need for help and assistance to carry on living. 

How to manage and maintain a positive state of mental health?

A few things that we can do on an individual’s level to manage and maintain our mental health include:

If you find yourself struggling with depression and self harm, we urge you to seek support from a professional immediately. 

Here are a few resources that you can make use of if you are suicidal, depressed, or engageing in self harm. 

  • Call 116 123 to talk to Samaritans, or email: jo@samaritans.org for a reply within 24 hours
  • Text “SHOUT” to 85258 to contact the Shout Crisis Text Line, or text “YM” if you’re under 19
  • If you’re under 19, you can also call 0800 1111 to talk to Childline. The number will not appear on your phone bill.
  • Self Injury Support webchat (for women and girls) is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm to 9.30pm
  • CALM webchat (for men) is open from 5pm to midnight every day

You can also reach out to local medical service providers or a mental health service provider. 

If you are hesitant about reaching out for help, speak to a trusted friend or adult about what you are going through.

Do not hesitate to make use of resources provided to seek out professional support.

Music has gotten a lot of people through tough times and for many, it serves as a companion and a way to express one’s self and their experiences. 

Here is a list of songs by various artists who themselves have struggled with mental health issues and created art inspired by their battle with self harm and depression.

Seek out therapeutic care

Engaging with a therapist, being diligent with your medication, and making the changes you need to make to get better will determine your prognosis.

If the cost of therapy is becoming a burden consider talking to your therapist for a sliding scale option or the possibility of a pro bono case, and if that is not possible ask your therapist to refer you to someone who can take on your case at a much lower rate or for free. 

Your therapist will help you understand what is happening to you, might prescribe you medication if needed, and can help you tap into your own strengths that can help you adapt to challenges, changes, and overcome them.

Join a support group

Another thing you can do for yourself is to join a support group of people struggling with depression so that you can experience emotional support first hand within these communities and over time learn how to manage your challenges by learning from each other. 

It is possible that people with depression can also struggle with a sense of worthlessness, a feeling that you have nothing of value to offer. By joining a group that is open, empathetic, and growing towards healing, you and your experiences can be an excellent sense of support to someone else who is also in their early part of their journey. 

Seek out positive relationships

Like seeking out support in groups, seek out positive relationships in your life that do not judge and rather support you as you get better.

These can be friends, family and even past coworkers who offer support and a shoulder to learn on when you need it. 

These positive relationships can enable you to heal as well as help you as you move forward in life. 

Focus on resting and recovering

The most important thing that you can do for yourself is to rest and focus on recovering, do not rush yourself to get better so that you can go back to school or go back to work. 

Instead, take time to eat well, rest well, exercise, give time to yourself to think and engage in things you used to like doing before you started working- be it reading comics, or playing video games, or walking your pet.

Take effort to engage in things that you love doing, explore new activities if you feel like it and explore the world around you. 


In this blog we presented to you 7 songs by twenty one pilots about depression

FAQ about 7 Twenty one pilots songs about depression

Do sad songs help with depression?

A 2018 study published in Emotion journal found that the participants of the study reported feeling better after listening to sad music which indicates that there is a possibility that sad songs do help with depression. 

Why do I like depressing music?

The most probable reason why we like sad depressing music is how much it moves us and how much we connect to it. It helps us feel understood and connects us to other people who share the same love for this music. 

Can sad music make you happy?

Sad music may not make you happy however it can act as a mood stabiliser, an emotional support, and even lead you to a cathartic moment of allowing you to express your emotions and feel them.

Is rap music good for depression?

Rap music has been a pioneer in recovering stigma related to mental health struggles and addiction. There is a large portion of rap music that that has depression, suicide and mental health struggles which has played a huge part in removing stigma.


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