Top 10 Dating Tips You Should Follow

A good date is the beginning of a new relationship. That’s why dates are so scary.

Sure, things get a bit better when it’s not your first date, but there’s always a risk that something will go wrong.

To avoid any possible mistake, follow these simple tips for a perfect date. 

Watch how you look 

The first thing your companion notices when meeting you is your look. And be sure she’ll take every detail into account, from your style to that tiny spot on your jacket.

So firstly, you need to dress accordingly. Leave t-shirts and jeans for later, pick a collared shirt and pants that don’t look to casual.

And secondly, check your outfit twice for spots and holes.

Your goal is to leave a lasting impression, preferably a positive one. Women like men who know how to dress well. 

Mind your body language 

Body language is another important aspect of dating. Make sure you’re sitting straight, and your hands are on the table.

Use gestures occasionally to show that you’re interested in a conversation.

Keep calm and stay relaxed. Keep eye contact with the person you’re talking to. Don’t lose focus and stare at other parts of your companion’s body – this will make her feel awkward, and she might think you’re not interested in what she says. 

Direct the conversation 

Girls like men who listen to them carefully. Don’t let awkward pauses occur. If you’re discussing a certain topic, ask clarifying questions relevant to it.

If you’re having a conversation, be sure to ask her opinion. You’re free to talk about anything: weather, pets, friends and family, fun hobbies for couples to try, etc.

But try to avoid religion, politics, and ex-partners. 

Enjoy chatting 

If you feel uncomfortable, the girl will too. She wants to be sure that you can cope with any situation and that you’re confident in yourself. 

Be moderately frank 

Your partner isn’t a shoulder to cry on, so don’t start throwing problem after problem at her, hoping to cause some sympathy.

Trust is a subtle matter. It develops by itself, and you need to present yourself gradually. 

One of the biggest concern or fear of women who date is ‘we just started dating and he wants a baby’

Forget about your phone 

The date has begun, and both of you are staring at your phone screens. That’s perfect.

Why not make things even better and start answering calls from your mom, coworkers, friends, and so on?

Here’s a good tip: turn off the phones and devote all your time and attention to the person. 

Don’t to be late and don’t rush 

Nothing keeps your companion from escaping the date, so don’t make them wait for too long. But what’s even worse is a rushed date.

To get to know each other, you need at least 2-3 hours, so don’t count on a fast dinner. 

Respect personal boundaries 

The big mistake is to expect something from our companion after the date. Nobody knows how everything will turn out for you.

It’s better to set personal boundaries during the date, focusing on your own feelings and intuition.

If your companion isn’t ready to continue, she can say this softly.

If you’re not ready, you can just walk the woman to her house and say goodbye. 

Don’t wait for too long before asking her out again 

By the end of the evening, you’ll be more or less certain about the girl. So if she likes you, there’s no need to wait for a few days to ask her out.

The faster you contact her, the better. To begin with, say that you had a great time, and then invite somewhere. 

Be natural 

This applies to your look, behavior, and communication itself.

Hiding behind on masks and pretending may benefit you for a short period, but not for long.

If you can’t impress the person, they can fall for the traits you don’t actually have, but it’s impossible to play a role for a long time.

We don’t take instant goals into account (like sex, for instance): there’s no place for manipulation techniques among the rules of a good date.