Too depressed to work(Why?)

Too depressed to work – A guide to understanding the reasons why a person is depressed and how this affect its work.

In this guide, we are going to discuss why a person is so depressed that can’t work and how to deal with it.

Too depressed to work

Working is one of the daily activities that most people do. We have an established schedule and functions to perform. Every day we get up, prepare ourselves and we will exercise our functions.

Work is one of the places where we spend most of the time and sometimes the place where people spend most of the day. We have several things to do and we try to do our best, but there are days where we try to do our best, where we want things to go well and we simply cannot.

We feel that the forces are going slowly, that every day it becomes more difficult to wake up early to go to work and we see that place as hell. We have trouble doing our homework, things are going well and we don’t know how to remedy it. Some people get to the point of feeling so sad and so hopeless at work that we could be talking about depression.

Some people are too depressed to/at work. Depression consumes your life in a way that does not allow you to enjoy those things you used to do. Depression is a serious mental illness, where the mood of the person changes. He sees everything negatively and finds no meaning in things. A person who is too depressed to work struggles to fulfil its functions.

People who do not know about depression can interpret these behaviours of the depressive person as someone who does not want to do their job, which can cause problems. That is why the importance of companies and all kinds of organizations echoing the importance of knowing about depression and how it can affect their employees and interfere with their work.

The person who is too depressed to work does not have an order in the aspects of its life and that is why it is difficult for him to find a balance. Depression takes people to a point where they are too depressed to work and perform other activities they used to do without any problems.

A person too depressed to work needs help and often does not know how to ask for it. A person in some cases ignores that it suffers from depression so it does not know how to comment its situation at work. When a person does not talk about the disease and does not receive any treatment, it can get worse over time and can have serious consequences for its mental health.

A sufferer also feel guilty of not being able to do work, though the condition they are in is not their fault.

It is important to know why people develop depression and how it interferes with the daily activities of each person.

What is depression

Depression is a mental illness characterized by the feeling of sadness and hopelessness most of the day. It is normal for a person to feel sad at certain times, but when the feeling continues and is accompanied by hopelessness and negativity, we are talking about depression.

The depressive person has trouble performing their daily activities. It finds no pleasure in what it does and understands that nothing makes sense. A part of depressive people can commit self-destruction.

A person who is too depressed to work will be most of the day with a low mood. It is normal that, if you know someone who suffers from depression, you see how they stay away from others, their body weight varies and often remains irritated. These behaviours interfere with their lifestyle and you can see why it is difficult for them to go to the job.

Symptoms of depression

A person who is too depressed to work presents a series of symptoms. While it is true that each person is different and the manifestation of the disease varies, some of the most common symptoms in depressive people are:

  • Feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Loss of interest and pleasure in activities that the person enjoyed before
  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness, feel that nothing goes well
  • Problems concentrating and remembering
  • Tiredness and lack of energy most of the day
  • Sleeps most of the day
  • Recurring thoughts about death and suicidal thoughts
  • Loss or gain of weight
  • Annoyance and irritability for any matter

What a person can do it is too depressed to work?

Many people ignore the fact that depression can have a strong impact on the work environment of many people. Depression affects brain functioning and causes it to not concentrate. Several actions can be performed for the person to work on their depression and that this does not continue to affect their labour productivity.

The first is to identify the reasons for depression. Depression has various causes which can be genetic or environmental. Some people have a greater tendency than others to develop depression and some of these are: having grown up next to a family member who suffered from depression, consumption of illicit substances, a traumatic event such as the death of a family member or the loss of a job, illnesses Chronicles such as cancer, low self-esteem problems. Any of these can cause depression and the person must identify the reason.

Work itself can also cause depression. A person who is subjected to an intense work schedule and with great responsibilities can develop depression. Someone who is not giving up enough and is afraid of being expelled can become depressed and if he is fired and is the only person who provides for its family, this can lead him to develop depression.

While it is true that many people go through difficult situations daily and manage to resolve any eventuality without falling into depression, not everyone can do it. There are people who, when there is a difficult situation or a traumatic event, cannot solve the problem and not knowing how to deal with it, may have symptoms related to depression and develop the disease.

Once the person that is too depressed to work have found the causes, the person must begin by receiving medical treatment. Depression is not a mental illness that goes away by itself. It is not the same as being sad for a period, depression needs to be treated by a mental health professional. Among the treatments are psychological treatment, which, through therapies such as cognitive behaviour, will help to understand the origin of the disease and its perception of life. There is also the pharmacological treatment, in which a series of medications are prescribed, according to the patient’s condition, to work with his mood. Antidepressants are the most used and have the function of working in the neurotransmitters associated with mood such as serotonin.

There are other alternative treatments that the person can perform against depression. Several studies prove the efficacy of meditation to relieve the symptoms of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Meditation helps the person to focus on the moment and not open up to negative thoughts and the mind to be charged with anything.

At the time the person is diagnosed, he or she should comment on it in their workplace. There are places where people who have mental illnesses such as depression and receive protection. In the United Kingdom, there are laws in which people are entitled to a license due to mental illness, which should be taken as a model by other countries and understand that mental illness is as serious as physical illness.

A person should not feel afraid to communicate that it is depressed in its work. Awareness helps others know about something and know how to deal with it later. There is no shame in talking about depression, it is a mental illness that millions of people around the world suffer or suffered.

FAQs about too depressed to work

What can I do if at work they don’t believe that I suffer from depression?

If you don’t think you have depression in your job, it is important to carry a document that is certified by a mental health specialist and explain in detail everything that is happening to you. There are companies that, because they do not know the severity of mental illness, completely ignore that some of their employees may be going through such a situation. Be honest and explain how you have been feeling.

How to explain in my work that I have depression?

Some people feel embarrassed or believe that they will not be understood when they talk about depression. You have nothing to fear, approach your boss and explain concretely everything that is happening to you. When people are told things clearly, they can understand better.

What happens if a person is not treated for depression?

The person who does not receive treatment for depression can have severe complications. As time goes by, this mental illness can get worse and the person will still feel these symptoms. In many cases, the person can commit self-destruction, one of the symptoms of this disease.

How to help a person who does not want to receive treatment for depression?

Some people suffer from depression who refuse any kind of help they can get. You should talk to him calmly and make him understand the consequences it can have for his health not to seek treatment. If the person agrees to seek help, your company will be of great importance. The depressive person needs support, from someone who can understand what is going on, so you must stay by their side in the recovery process.

A person who is too depressed to work should quit?

The person should resign if they do not receive the necessary support in their work. A person who is too depressed to work has trouble performing their daily functions. The person wants to work and do their part, but depression interferes. It is essential that any company supports its employees when it comes also to mental illness.


Depression is a serious mental illness that needs treatment. A depressive person interprets the world negatively and finds no meaning in the things it does. A depressive person cannot correctly perform their job functions. Your mind is loaded with other types of thoughts and has a hard time concentrating on the things you have to do daily. Every organization that has employees must be aware of what depression is and how to treat it when it comes to any employee. Situations outside of work can negatively affect people and not everyone has the same ability to deal with problems.

Many people suffer from depression daily and many are not diagnosed. Knowing the symptoms of depression will help identify them and be able to resort to the right medical help. They are a lot of people that are too depressed to work and sometimes miss the signs. This article will help you to identify if you are one of them or someone that you know is going through a similar situation.

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