Thinking Errors Worksheets (5)

This page displays thinking errors worksheets.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of the have been curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content form various sites

These thinking errors worksheet enable individuals to differentiate between thinking errors and train them how to deal with faulty thinking patterns.

Thinking Errors Worksheet- Identifying Thinking Errors 

  Thinking errors, also known as cognitive distortions, are the errors or faults in our thinking pattern that cause adverse outcomes like anxiety, stress, anger and so forth.

Identification of one’s thinking patterns is very essential as one’s thinking pattern affects his behavior, feelings, thoughts and emotions.

So it is important to identify errors in one’s thinking but for that it is important to know about thinking errors.

All or nothing thinking, mental filter, fortune telling, mind reading, overgeneralization, disqualifying the positive and personalization are the most common errors in thinking.

Thinking Errors Worksheets (5)

Thinking Errors Worksheet- Focusing on Positives 

A positive mindset helps eliminate the adverse effects of negative and faulty thinking.

Thinking errors can be corrected by thinking positively, rationally and reasonably.

Positive thinking also helps in boosting up an individual by increasing his self confidence which in turn increases the effectiveness of the work the individual is doing, ensuring his success.  

Thinking Errors Worksheets (5)

Thinking Errors Worksheet- Thinking Errors Worksheet 

Errors in thinking are a common thing. Everybody experiences thinking errors and it is not an unusual thing, but the outcomes of cognitive distortions are unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Therefore it is necessary to identify one’s thinking patterns and replace the cognitive distortions with rational thoughts. 

A reputable website, psychpoint, presents thinking errors worksheet.

This worksheet is an excellent resource for replacing cognitive distortions with balancing thoughts.

This worksheet not only enables an individual to balance their thinking errors but also gives an overview of thinking errors to clear their concepts about each thinking error.

The worksheet can be downloaded in the pdf form from this link.

Thinking Errors Worksheet- Common Thinking Errors

To deal with one’s faulty thoughts it is essential to be able to differentiate among different types of thinking errors.

There are numerous thinking errors and each of them differs in their characteristics from each other.

The worksheet presented to you here, gives a detailed introduction of different thinking errors along with some examples to clarify the concept of each thinking error.

This worksheet can be downloaded in pdf form from the link.

Thinking Errors Worksheet- Thought/ Feeling/ Behavior form

The thought/ feeling/ behavior form is a great resource for identifying one’s thinking patterns and challenging thinking errors by exploring them in detail, finding a justification for them and then replacing them with another appropriate thought.

Errors in thinking are common and often times they occur without any notice.

The errors in thinking can be challenged and replaced with rational thoughts to elicit their negative effects on an individual, his relations, workplace and so forth.

The thought/ feeling/ behavior form can be accessed through this link.

Thinking Errors Worksheet- Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts

Thinking errors are often subconscious and irrational.

They affect an individual negatively but the good news is that these thinking errors can be challenged and the uncomfortable feeling created by them can be eradicated by challenging the thinking errors.

Challenging unhelpful thoughts worksheet is a detailed guide about unhelpful thoughts.

It also offers a worksheet to help an individual challenge his unhelpful thoughts by investigating the event that caused these thoughts in detail and replacing these thoughts with rational thoughts.

This worksheet can be downloaded in the form of pdf through this link.

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This page displayed thinking errors worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were made by us while some of them were curated from reputable third party websites.

If you have any queries or questions regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments, we will be glad to assist you.

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