Therapy worksheets for kids (7+)

This page provides you with therapy worksheets for kids. Some of these worksheets have been created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites. 

Therapy worksheets for kids aim to guide kids about how to deal with their daily life issues using specific skills and strategies.

These worksheets help children in dealing with their stressful, anxious, fearful and other uncomfortable feelings.

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Emotion Regulation 

DBT, abbreviated as dialectical behavioral therapy, is a kind of psychotherapy that focuses on changing the behavior of an individual by altering his emotions, increasing mindfulness, and radical acceptance.

DBT is helpful for kids in enabling them to identify, express and manage their emotions effectively. 

Emotional regulation is one of the skills used by dialectical behavioral therapy for altering the emotions of an individual by challenging their thoughts and feelings.

Emotional regulation is the ability of an individual to identify, understand and deal with his emotions effectively.

Emotional regulation also helps an individual in the expression of emotions and aids in controlling their emotions. 

Therapy worksheets for kids (7+)

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Developing Positive Thinking Pattern

Positivity is very beneficial for a kid’s mental, emotional and physical health. Being positive keeps the individual hopeful about the future.

It increases his level of satisfaction and happiness. It enables an individual to deal with hardships effectively with a positive outlook on life. 

Researches have proved that positivity increases the lifespan of people.

The people who are positive tend to live longer than those who lack positivity. Thus positivity and longevity are directly related. 

Other than this, being positive decreases the intensity of negative or uncomfortable emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, fear, hatred etcetera.

It increases resistance and prevents cardiovascular diseases and so forth. Hence it is evident that being positive not only benefits us psychologically but also emotionally and physically.

Therefore an individual must practice being positive and rational.

Therapy worksheets for kids (7+)

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Calming Down Techniques 

Unpleasant emotions like anxiety, anger, stress, anger etcetera, affect a kid emotionally, psychologically and well as physically.

The effects of these emotions can not be prevented when an individual is already experiencing these emotions but its effects can be reduced. 

Calming down techniques are helpful for reducing the effects of unpleasant, uncomfortable, distressing emotions.

Breathing exercises, accepting the situation and expecting good of a situation, visualizing the distressing event and thinking of ways to deal with it in healthy ways and adopting the habit of letting go of bad memories helps in calming down and decreasing the harmful effects of these emotions on oneself.

Therapy worksheets for kids (7+)

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Children’s ADHD Skill Packet

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, abbreviated as ADHD, is a mental illness characterized by an inability to concentrate, hyperactive or impulsive behavior.

There could be various reasons behind ADHD in children including unresponsive parents, watching a lot of television, lack of friends and so forth.

Children’s ADHD skill packet consists of various coping strategies that children can use to calm down or focus on a specific thing.

It is a great resource pack for children with ADHD. This skill packet accompanies the story of a Kangaroo Who Couldn’t Sit Still.

All the coping strategies in the packet are told to children as stories of the kangaroo so they can apply the same coping skills while dealing with their concentration, hyperactive or impulsive issues.

This beautiful, colorful, attractive and at the same time effective worksheet can be accessed from this page.

You can also download it in the form of pdf from the same page for your convenience.

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Thinking Errors

Thinking errors are the faults in our thinking patterns. These are known as cognitive distortions.

Cognitive distortions alter the thinking pattern of the kids and cause negative emotions like distress, anxiety, worry or hopelessness in them.

Thinking errors worksheet is specifically designed for kids for helping them learn about different thinking errors.

This is helpful for kids to identify their thinking patterns and deal with it in a positive way to eradicate the negative emotions and feelings that emerged as a result of faulty thinking.   

This worksheet consists of three pages only. It is helpful for kids in identifying and challenging their thinking patterns.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet and can be downloaded in the form of pdf from this page. 

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Building Self-Esteem in Children

Self-esteem is the overall self-worth of the individual. It is the ability of an individual to appreciate his strengths, capabilities, and attributes.

Self-esteem holds great significance in our lives. It encourages us to face challenging situations, do new things, confront unpleasant emotions, thoughts or events with bravery and so on.

Thus one should always work on improving his self-esteem.

Building self-esteem in children worksheets is a one-page worksheet that aims to help parents, guardians or teachers to improve the children’s self-esteem in various ways.

This worksheet explains how to describe and not evaluate the work of children to increase their self-esteem.

This worksheet is simple yet effective. You can download it in the form of pdf from here

Therapy Worksheet for Kids- Thoughts, Feelings & Actions Worksheet 

Thoughts, feelings and actions worksheet is a simple and brief but effective worksheet for dealing with negative thinking patterns.

This worksheet enables the kids to explore the distressing or unpleasant event in detail and challenge their thoughts on that event to modify their behaviors. 

It helps kids identify their thought patterns and enables them to challenge their thoughts with rational, positive and pleasant thinking to help improve their mental health as well as emotional health.

This worksheet is attractive as it is designed for kids specifically.

This worksheet is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded from this page in the form of pdf.

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Child Therapy Worksheets

This page provides you with some of the most effective therapy worksheets for kids.

Some of these worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know in the comment section.

We will be pleased to help you. 

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