Theralink (A review)

This article will give a brief idea of Theralink, how does it work, it’s usability and its effectiveness.

Finally, it will highlight the specialties of the counselors the Theralink provides. 

Theralink refers to the secure online platform that offers an online communication portal for the clients and the providers as well as the ability to receive payments online, the ability to share documents, schedule online sessions, have video calls, audio calls and text messaging.

Theralink has been found helpful for therapists and counselors to provide an online portal with which they can anytime and anywhere connect with their clients and provide efficient counseling and therapies. 

E-therapies have been found very successful both for the therapists as well as for the people, especially for young people and it is becoming popular nowadays.

Following are some of the reasons because of which therapy is getting popular day by day: 

  • Easy to access:

Well, not everybody can access counseling and therapies as good and certified therapists are not available in every town and city, and it’s definitely not easy to travel far every time for the therapy.

Thera-links provide easy access to the clients to effective counseling and therapies, and it provides easy access to the therapists as well to the clients.

  • Judgment free:

Many people don’t take professional help because of the taboo of the mental illnesses as people judge who takes help from the mental care provider and therefore, tries his best to avoid it at any cost.

These portals help those people to have access to the therapies without letting anybody know about it.

E-counseling can be done from the comfort of one’s own home and nobody needs to know about it.

  • Affordable:

Going to see a professional in person might cost more than e-counseling, however, there are some e-counseling services that costs the same as meeting a therapist in person.

But it surely helps the clients in having sessions at their own space and it helps the counselors and therapists to earn wages the same as they can earn in a full-time job.


Thera-links are in existence from quite some time now and it has been developed in these few years.

These links provide easy access for professionals to become a part of their family.

They need to start with an easy signing up process for the registration.

After the registration, these Thera-links will provide 10-15 days of the free trial as well and later if the services the therapist likes, he/she can complete it with the payment of the same.


Theralink offers reasonable prices for the service provides and it depends on what package and service they are willing to take but the basics of every plan are:

  • Good customer support:

Theralik provides good customer support to their clients which includes 24/7 helplines and customer supports in many different languages so that no client finds any trouble.

  • Group and Individual Discussions:

Theralink provides group discussions and individual sessions depending on the need of the client and in the ease of the therapist.

Different plans different benefits, higher price plans will give access to many benefits whereas lower price plans will give access to fewer benefits.


The therapists or counselors who use Theralink only need a desktop, mobile, and internet facilities.

Theralink provides a very simple and reliable platform from which they can access their clients and participate in therapy.

The following access will be provided more or less, depending on the plans:

  • Scheduler:

The therapist will be able to schedule his/her clients according to the appointments available   

  • Payment Mode:

Theralink gives the therapists a secure payment mode and the higher price plans even give the leverage to get the payments in advance.

  • Session Notes:

It allows the therapists to take the session notes and save it for later use or to keep track on the progress with the client.

  • Applications (Apps):

There are different apps that have been developed so that it is convenient for the therapists and the client to use it on their mobile phones and tablets as well.


The Theralink has the most efficient therapists and with a good amount of experience in their field.

But the number of years don’t tell the efficiency and not all the individual can be benefitted from all the counselors. It depends on person to person.

A person can read the credentials of the individual on the website before paying or taking therapy sessions.

This will allow people to choose their therapists according to their skills and according to the person’s needs.

Confidentiality & Privacy:

Like the therapy sessions taken in person, here also the confidentiality of a client is the first and the foremost thing to be taken care of.

The privacy of the client is important and it in fact maintains the rapport between the client and the therapist and therefore, it’s kept safe.

If any therapists violate it, they have to suffer consequences for the same.  

Counselors Qualifications:

The Theralink counselors are qualified in their areas of expertise and all have the necessary certification and license to practice.

Everybody works with each other as a team.


Every counselor has different specialties and they try their best in taking out their specialties to the clients through Theralink, and the following are some examples of specialties:

  • Depression:

Everybody has their shares of stress and miseries and it eventually develops to Depression as not everybody knows how to deal with that stress effectively.

Therefore, these counselors with the help of Theralink provide these skills to the clients. 

  • Anxiety:

Anxiety has been found as the most common mental health problems and it strikes in many other forms.

Therefore, people need assistance and skills to fight with this disorder and the therapists through Theralink helps in that.

  • Sex and Relationships:

It has bee seen that many relationships and marriages have gone through a downfall and divorce either because of the sex problems or relationship problems.

Therapists know how to understand what problem might hit a couple and when and therefore they try their best in benefitting their clients through these Theralink.

  • Identity:

Many youths go through the problem which we know as identity vs role confusion (Erikson’s developmental theory), in this the adolescents have issues in finding their true identity which affects their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect.

The therapists try their best in leading them to the right path and with the right motivation through Theralink.


This blog has given a brief idea of Theralink, how does it work, it’s usability and its effectiveness.

Finally, it has highlighted the specialties of the counselors the Theralink provides.

Please feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion, we appreciate your time.

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