The top 5 EHarmony horror stories

This article will show you the 5 most scary EHarmony stories. It will also explain what Harmony is if it works, and what you should be careful with when using it.

The top 5 EHarmony horror stories

Here are the top 5 Harmony horror stories.

The scammer

A user of Eharmony shared that while she was on the dating website she began talking to a man, and after a few weeks he started asking her for money. He said that he had to relocate from Los Angeles to a city in the UK to work on an oil platform before they could ever meet face to face.

He also shared that he was married before, and had a nine-year-old child with his previous wife. Sharing his sad story was a way for him to prepare her to give him money, but as soon as he started asking for it, the user realized it was all part of a scam.

Although she was sad and disappointed since she is looking for a long-lasting, loving relationship. But she knew better than to fall to his charms and turn this into an even more scary Eharmony story.

Yet another scammer

Another user has reported another scammer that was on Eharmony saying that they are looking for a relationship when all they want is to take advantage of women. She said that during the time she used Eharmony she met maybe one or two nice guys, but quickly the scammer got in touch with her.

The character is always the same, she said, as the guy in the previous story said he was a widower that had an international job, but in the process of exchanging emails, she began to realize that his writing got worse. The phone number was from Illinois, but he couldn’t explain the process of moving to Ireland, it was all very strange.

To make her not question him he would always say how honesty was important to him. And that he would always tell her the truth, and she should do the same. After only a few emails exchange, he began to tell her she was the ideal woman for him, and that was the last drop to get her to think he was a scammer.

She searched for his name online, and although didn’t find anything concretes on his name, he was on a list of scammers. That was when she completely cut contact with him.

The different Charles

Another woman that was a victim of yet another scam while looking for a partner on Eharmony, found that the man she was talking to had stolen someone else’s identity. As she began to talk to him, he presented himself as Charles Ryder, and that he was from Tucson.

As the conversation went on, in one of his contacts his real name came up, and it was Charles Schultheis. When she looked up the first name she discovered that the scammer had stolen Charles Ryder’s identity. The person she was talking to lived in Nigeria.

He began to ask her for money so he could fly back home because he couldn’t cash his check from an American bank. As she got in touch with the real Charles Ryder, she learned that around 30 women have been through the same situation.

The similar scam story 

Another user that has been on Eharmony since 2003, and had met many interesting dates, including an ex-boyfriend said she was also scammed on the website, but thankfully he didn’t manage to get money out of her.

The story is similar to the ones that were shared before. The man said he was a widower, had a child with his previous wife, and had an international connection, which in this case was the fact that his parents were from Russia. Like the ones before, he also said he had an international job, and dealt with African sculpture.

Although he was said to be American, in the email exchange she became aware of many grammar issues, but at the time she chose to overlook them. As she began to ask him more and more questions she realized he would always take the conversation elsewhere.

She kept contacting him even though she could not find online the business he said he had. He was so flattering and was saying all the right things that she decided to overlook it all. At some point, they began talking on the phone, and she noted through his accent that he wasn’t born in the United States. 

He began to say things, and make promises to her as if he knew exactly what she wanted out of a relationship. And it was at this moment that he sent her an email talking about how much money he needed to deal with his troubles with taxes. As soon as she read this she knew she was scammed and was completely disappointed.

The overly romantic scammer

The last story was quickly discovered by the user because the scammer was simply overly romantic. He began saying sweet nothings just right after one email, which made her suspicious. She told him she was talking with someone else, and he didn’t seem to mind.

He quickly came up with the story that he needed some money to help him with his business, which was in Africa. The weirdest thing for this user was that, as soon as she cut contact with that first guy, another one came along with the same popular story: widower, with a son with his former wife, extremely romantic, and with an important international job.

After some time the conversation led back to business in Africa as well, which made her aware that this was, once again, a scam. According to this user, she became more aware of the harm digital life can bring thanks to Eharmony.

What is Eharmony? 

Eharmony is a dating website that was launched in 2000. It is located in California, in the United States, and it is owned by an eCommerce company called Nucom. Its founders are Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch. Greg is Neil’s son-in-law, and Neil is a psychologist.

They first created a seminar that later on came to be the daring site. And it became a profitable business in 2004, and by 2012 it was responsible for 14% of the dating website use in the United States.

When a person decides to join Eharmony they need to fill in a questionnaire that is set up to understand the person’s background, beliefs, emotional health, skills, and values. And it is through the answer to these questions that the algorithms will determine the best match for each person. 

Does eharmony work? 

Yes, as well as on any other dating website, you may meet someone extremely compatible with you in Eharmony. But in it, as with other dating websites, you can also run into unpleasant experiences. 

But it is important to keep in mind that it is a safe website, that has had many users in all the period it has been working, and many couples have formed through it. It is known that more than 2 million people have found their love through the website, showing it has a high success rate.

What should I be careful with when using eharmony? 

As with any other website, you should be careful with the information you tell other people. Even though there are some scary stories, it is a website that is trustworthy. Just make sure to not go giving your personal information during the first contact with the person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What are the top 5 harmony horror stories? 

What is the average age of people that use Eharmony?

Eharmony is now made up of over 15 million users. The most common age group to find on the website ranks between ages 18 and 24, which are 30% of the dating site population.

What are the best dating sites for people that are looking for a serious relationship?

Six websites may be considered the best ones for people that are looking for a serious relationship. The first one is Zoosk, which is by far the best dating site for people that are interested in having a long-term relationship.

The second one is called Elite Singles which is a good platform if you are looking to meet people that are well educated. Silver singles is a great website for people that are 50 years old, and over, and are looking for a relationship.

Aside from those, there is Christian Mingle which focuses on helping Christian singles find long-lasting love. Jdate is a site focused on helping Jews find love,  and finally, Eharmony is considered the best one for you to form a meaningful connection.

Is Eharmony better than

This question can only be answered considering what you are looking for. If you are on the lookout for a serious relationship, and to establish a meaningful connection with someone, it may be that Eharmony is the best choice for you.

But if you are looking for a site in which you will meet people that are open to casually dating, and seeing where things go, then it may be that is the best fit for you. So choose which one to take part in based on your desire.

What is the best dating website for marrying someone?

Although people may be surprised about this, Tinder is considered the best dating site to help you meet the person you will eventually marry. When analyzing the newlyweds that met online, and questioning them on which platform they meet, it is shown that 27% of them met on Tinder.

What is the best dating app for men that want to find a relationship?

If you are a man, and you are wondering what is the best dating app to help you find a serious relationship, you should know that it is Eharmony. There are some reasons for that. First, the ratio of men and women on the website is pretty much balanced, increasing your chance of meeting a woman you like.

Aside from that, Eharmony offers many tools to help you in the process of approaching the woman, which makes taking the first step a lot easier and less nerve-wracking.


This article showed you the top 5 harmony stories. It also explained what harmony is, if it works, and what you should be careful with when using it.

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