The INFP Librarian (A Comprehensive Guide)

An INFP Librarian, if motivated by a vision, and inspired by their work, would be the best librarian at times.

INFPs are not focused on money, status, or fame while selecting a career for them.

Their career is associated with their personal values.

They want to help others even at work. Being an INFP Librarian, they satisfy their desire of helping others.

In this article, we will discuss the INFP librarian. 

The creative problem-solving process is the most enjoyable situation for INFPs; it helps them understand complex issues.

They want to create new ideas to improve conditions for people around them. They appreciate innovation for being an INFP.

They love to work as a healer; a job like this allows them to express their independence in the way they work.

They have a unique ability to problem solving, and they want to take advantage of their ability to solve other problems.

Being an INFP librarian, they feel like helping others by guiding them or arranging for them their required books and materials.

Working alone or autonomously is ideal satiation for INFPs.

They enjoy working while they have a feeling of complete control over how and when to complete a project.

INFP Librarians enjoy their jobs as they feel complete control and command over there.

Although they enjoy contributing in teams, only if they have the freedom of putting their own personal stamp on their work.

For an INFP, while working with other people or working in groups, it is very important that they must be accommodating, helpful, and flexible, and that they have a similar appetite for their standards.

Top Careers for the INFP

INFPs are very caring, they are creative as well, that’s why they tend to choose careers that let them express their independence, and they care a lot about their personal values.

INFPs love to work in professions, like Teaching, nursing life savings, and others, because those kinds of works allow them to express their compassion and empathy to others.

They are also tending to work in such occupations that allow thinking freely and being their unique selves.

Creative and artistic occupations would be the first choice for INFPs

At libraries, Librarian helps people find information and conduct research for personal and professional use.

This helps the nature of the Librarian, INFP librarian is the best fit for such a job.

Their job duties may change based on the type of library they work in, such as public, academic, or medical libraries.


Following are some standard duties of Librarians:

  • Creating and using databases of library materials,
  • Organizing library materials to find them easily,
  • Helping library patrons for conducting research to evaluate search results and reference materials,
  • Research new books and materials by reading book reviews, publishers’ announcements, and catalogs,
  • Maintaining existing collections and choose new books, videos, and other materials for purchase,
  • Plan programs for different audiences, such as storytime for children,
  • Teach classes about information resources,
  • Research computers and other equipment for purchase, as needed,
  • Train and supervise library technicians, assistants, other support staff, and volunteers,
  • Preparing library budgets,

Librarians are usually responsible for all of the above mentioned and some other duties as well, depending on the size and volume of the library, whereas, in large libraries, there is a division of work.

So they focus on only some of the aspects, such as user services, technical services, or administrative services.

Controlling all or major parts of a library is also one of the reasons that INFP librarians love to do such a job.

In the following we will discuss common types of libraries.

Academic library:

The Academic Library is one of the very common libraries. These libraries are commonly situated in postsecondary institutions.

Academic librarians help students, faculty, and staff to find their required books and other materials.

They not only help students research topics related to their coursework but also teach students how to find and access the required information.

They help faculty and staff in searching and locating resources related to their research projects or studies.

Some campuses have multiple libraries, and librarians may specialize in a particular subject.

Because of the helping nature of this job, INFP Librarians are a perfect match for this post.

Administrative services librarians:

Librarians that are serving administrative services for libraries, responsible for managing libraries, preparing budgets, and negotiating contracts for library materials and equipment.

They are also responsible for public relations or fundraising activities for the library.

Public librarians:

Public librarians also work in their societies to help all members of the public.

They help patrons find books to read for pleasure; start and complete research work for schoolwork, business, or personal interest; they also help people to learn how to access the library’s resources.

Many public librarians plan programs for the public, such as storytime for children, book clubs, or informative activities.

School Librarian:

School librarian’s also called school media specialists.

They work in all levels of the school’s libraries from elementary to higher secondary schools.

They are also responsible to teach youngsters how to use library resources.

They help teachers too for development of their lessons and to find their classroom lecture materials.

This job is full of helping attitudes towards others; this is the reason why INFP librarians love to do this job.

Special Librarian:

Libraries other than schools and public libraries are called special libraries.

Librarians that work for such libraries are called special librarians.

They are also called information professionals.

Some large business organizations and setups, museums, governmental agencies, research organizations and other groups organize, own, and use such libraries.

The basic function of such libraries and data centers is to provide information that is needed by professionals related to the organization.

In such libraries librarians are supposed to collect and organize materials focused on certain subjects.

INFP librarians sometimes don’t like to work for such libraries, because they don’t have freedom of work in such libraries.

Other best careers for INFP personalities:

INFPs are very selective in choosing their careers. They always consider their goals, interests, and abilities for choosing their career.

Sometimes they might also seek family and friends advice, but the final decision will be their own.

INFP Personality Synopsis:

INFP is a four-letter abbreviation that stands for “Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perception”.

This is one of the personality types out of 16 personality types as identified by the Myers-Briggs Personality Characteristics test.

People having characteristics of such a personality are highly curious, intrusive, and creative.

Usually, they are very optimistic, they can inspire and energize the whole team or group on their own.

Creating new things and thoughts, finding connections in hidden patterns and abstract thinking are the qualities that they enjoy most.

In a population, only 2% of the population would consist of such types of personalities.

INFP Librarian:

As we are talking about the characteristics of INFP Librarians, it is required to think about the professional environments that are best fit for INFPs.

INFPs are tending to focus on the bigger picture in a professional environment.

They don’t focus on minor details. Learning new things and the desire of changing the world, is what they always want.

It is very difficult for them to sustain their pleasure over long periods of time, as they naturally bring interest and passion for projects.

Other Career matches for INFP personality types:

Although INFP Librarians are best fit in a library environment as they enjoy their freedom of work, learning new things and helping others all together in such an environment.

But there are other jobs as well which are good for this type of personality.

Research suggests that INFPs, just like ENFPs, perform in jobs very well, as they both are creative and bound to their personal means.

INFPs don’t mind time alone, unlike extroverted ENFPs.

They are happy to spend alone time during jobs, this is the reason for the successful career of INFP Librarians.

But while working with teams, INFPs can become valuable members of it, because of their supportive nature and sensitive feelings to other’s emotions.

Following are some best careers for INFP personality:

Arts and Humanities:

Some people might think that INFPs are reserved or even rude, but they actually don’t know them well.

Due to INFPs unlimited creativity, they are naturally very much successful in the field of Arts and crafts.

But usually, they are desirous to be in isolation, so they can be found working backstage or busy crafting their art in a quiet place.

Because they love to work in a quiet place, so this is also a reason for INFPs to become INFP Librarians.

There are some other artistic jobs that are considered the best fit for INFPs.

·         Writer.

·         Fine Artist.

·         Multimedia Artist or Animators.

Commercial Media and Communications:

INFPs enjoy analyzing and debating multifaceted topics because they are very good at finding links.

They can be trained in foreign languages and visual arts. They are very good at creative problem-solving.

Having these skills makes them very suitable for many fields of commercial media and communications.

Some of which are listed below.

·         Copywriter.

·         Editor.

·         Graphic Designer.

·         Photographer.

·         Film Editor.

·         Videographer.

·         Interpreter or Translator.

·         Editorial Director.

  Business and Technology:

In the current era, many businesses are very well diverse and technology-focused.

These kinds of businesses create many new opportunities for People having INFP tendencies as they avoid stressful and public dealing jobs.

In current businesses and nonprofit organizations, there are many back-office jobs that are suitable for INFPs.

Some of them are listed below.

·         Technical writer.

·         Content strategist.

·         Human resources manager.

·         Fundraising Manager.

·         UX designer.

·         Design technologist.

 Education and Healthcare:

INFPs are very much sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others, and their own as well.

So, to make sure that the emotional needs of others are fulfilled and satisfied well, they tend to make extra efforts.

They do the same in both fields educational and healthcare as well, by doing counseling and therapy.

As they enjoy one to one discussions, they are naturally happy in quiet places.

In educational and health care fields, the following are the best-fit jobs for INFPs.

·         Librarian.

·         Museum curator.

·         Archivist.

·         Guidance Counselor.

·         Mental Health Professional.

·         Physical Therapist.

·         Massage therapist.

·         Speech-Language pathologist.

FAQ about INFP Librarian 

What are the best careers for the INFP?

Following is the list of some of the best careers for the INFP.
·         Fine Artist.
·         Fashion Designer.
·         Graphic Designer.
·         Multimedia Artist or Animator.
·         Editor.
·         Film Editor.
·         Interpreter or Translator.
·         Photographer.

What does Success mean for an INFP?

Idealistic INFPs, consider achievement as having the freedom to live an honest, attractive, and honorable life.

For them, conventional meanings of success, such as power, prestige, money, doesn’t matter as much as following their appetites, expressing themselves creatively, and growing without limitation.

 Is INFP smart?

Generally INFPs are smarter than people around them.

Usually they look simple because they express their intelligence in a different way.

Instead of focusing on common things, they would like to focus on the things which inspire them.

They love to do things that give them the feeling of making a difference in the world.

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