The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter (+5 Samples)

In this blog, we are going to look at how to acknowledge a resignation letter as a supervisor. We have also included some sample letters for your reference.

The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter

As a supervisor, it is your job to respond to a resignation letter to acknowledge it and carry forward the discussion. Here are some points that can help you write that letter:

  • Use the right structure and formatting
  • Add the official dates and any contact details
  • Include salutations and maintain a polite tone
  • Accept the resignation
  • Express appreciation and gratitude
  • Add any other important information your company needs

Sample 1: The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter


 Employee Name

 Employee Title


 Dear Employee Name:

 This is to confirm receipt and acceptance of your letter of resignation, received [DATE] for the position of job title in department name, which is to be effective [DATE].  [You will continue to receive your salary through your last day of employment.  With your final paycheck, you will also receive a cash payout of any accrued and unused vacation time in accordance with the provisions of University policy SPP 702-01 – “Vacation – General Policy.”] – OR – [Since you have been in non-pay status and have exhausted all accrued sick leave hours and vacation hours, you will not receive a final paycheck from the University.]

 [Please return any University property that you still have in your possession, e.g., keys, credit cards, parking decal and card, cell phone, laptop, etc., on or before your last day of employment.] -OR – [You have previously returned all University property.] 

 Attached you will find an information sheet for exiting employees.  This form entails the necessary instructions on benefit coverage, vacation and final wages.  If you should have questions about your benefits, you may contact the Office of Human Resource’s Employee Service Center at 855.ASU.5081 (855.278.5081) for further assistance.

 Thank you for your service to ASU and good luck in your next endeavor.


 Supervisor name


Sample 2: The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter

“To: Receiver/Employee mail id,

From: Sender/Employer mail id,

Sub: Resignation Accepted Letter

Dear (Employee name),

This letter is to notify that your resignation has been approved. You resigned from the job of (Job Designation) on (Date). We have received your letter of resignation and after your due verification have also accepted it. (Describe in your words). Your salary which was due by the company has been deposited in your account. All the payments which you had right upon had been credited to your account. (Focus on Salary and other beneficial conditions as per company policy). Further, the pension and other funds as you requested have also been deposited in your bank account.

We apologize if you have faced any kind of difficulty in your employment duration in our company. (Cordially describe on your requirements and greetings). Our company would always remain thankful for your contribution to our company. We wish you a happy life.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name…

Job Designation and Department name…”

Sample 3: The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter


 Employee Name

 Employee Title


Dear Employee Name:

It is with great regret that I formally acknowledge receipt of your resignation notice on March 26th. Your resignation has been approved and, as requested, your final day of work here at JQB and Sons will be April 9th.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and on behalf of the team, I would like to wish you the very best in all your future endeavors. Included with this letter, please find an information packet with detailed information on the resignation process.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Thank you again for your positive attitude and hard work all these years.

All the best,



Sample 4: The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter


TO: Name of Employee

FROM: Name of Human Resources Officer or Designee

This is to acknowledge your resignation from your position as (title of position) at the

(school/unit/department), effective (resignation date).* You will receive information in the mail for continuing your benefits coverage under COBRA.

You may also contact PeopleLink at or 212-992-LINK (5465) or refer to the website at and select your employee category for information about continuation of benefits.

If you are enrolled in Medical, Dental or Vision benefits through NYU, those coverages end on the last day of the month in which you terminate employment. If you are enrolled in NYU Group Basic and/or Supplemental Life Insurance, Long Term Disability or Business Travel Accident

coverage, those coverage end on the day you terminate employment with NYU.

I will arrange a time to meet with you on or before your last day to collect all university property items such as your NYU ID card and office keys. Please also arrange a time to meet with your supervisor to discuss the status of projects, location of files, outstanding expense reimbursement requests, receipts or other budget matters, etc.

As you leave the University, you have a unique perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of our organization. Your input is important to the University and NYU invites you to complete a confidential and anonymous exit questionnaire, which will be sent to you under separate cover.

We appreciate your service and contributions to the (name of school/unit/department) and wish you success in your future endeavors.

Sincerely, (HRO name)

cc: Supervisor, employee file

*Please note that if you provided less than one month notice you will not be paid for unused

accrued vacation days.”

Sample 5: The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter

“[Today’s date]

Dear [name of employee],

I confirm receipt of your resignation dated [date of employee’s resignation].

I can confirm your final day of work will be [date].

You will receive your final pay on [date].

Your total final pay, including owed holiday [and deductions], will be [£XXX.XX].

[Optional – if final pay includes any deductions] We’ve deducted money from your final pay for [what the pay deduction is for – for example, the cost of training agreed in your contract, outstanding loans].

[Optional – if pay in lieu of notice applies] We would like to offer you pay in lieu of notice. We will discuss this with you further.

Please return any company property to [contact person] at [business address] on your final day. This includes your [list of what the employee needs to return – for example, ID card, security pass, laptop, mobile phone, company car, and any other equipment supplied by the company].

If you need an employment reference, please contact [name of person or department to contact].

Thank you for all your work during your time at [Business or organisation name].

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

[Your position]

[Business or organisation name]”

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FAQs (The Acknowledgment of a Resignation Letter)

Can an employer accept the resignation immediately?

Yes, an employer can and should accept a letter of resignation graciously and file it immediately. In case any important information is missing, ask the employee to add the details and sign with the date.

How do I accept a graceful resignation?

You can accept the resignation gracefully too. Make it a polite and reflective interaction where the agenda is in touch with the bigger picture instead of present inconveniences.

Is acceptance of resignation necessary?

All employers have the right to resign if they do not wish to continue working. Acceptance or rejection of the resignation on the part of the employer is obsolete.