The 818 angel number (meaning)

In this blog post, we will talk about the significance of numbers 1 and 8, that for the 818 angel number.

What is the significance of the 818 angel number?

8 is the number of infinity. 1 is a reflection of new beginnings, but also of purity. 

The 818 angel number represents karma, self-confidence and financial success. This angel number means that you have to stay true to your principles.

Karma is quite strong so try to keep your goals clean. Try not to become too greedy or lose sight of your principles.

818 angel number also means that the time has come for you to set your financial and personal goals clearly, but also to stop running after a lot of things, without knowing what you really want.

The angels are with you, so take a deep breath and take a break from the chaos. Make an order in your mind and soul.

The significance of number 1 

1 is always a beginning. The angels show you that something new will appear in your way or maybe you have already started to experience something new.

Number 1 will bring you what you want. If when you ask for the help of angels you get the number 1 then you have to prepare for a new beginning.

Number 1 is associated with a strong will, with pure, positive energy. It is a reflection of new beginnings, but also of purity. 

The symbolic meaning of the number one becomes more transparent when we represent the two fundamental types of action, physical and mental, which, harmonized in the individual’s tendency to give a new beginning, can materialize in our personal impulses to use our natural forces to take action or to start a new adventure.

Number one is the symbol of the whole, of completeness, of a universe of perfect unity. 

It represents the Singularity, a world in which there are no differences and no distinction can be made between objects or between oneself and others. Inside the number 1, everything is accessible everywhere.

1 symbolizes the origins, the beginnings, it is a number that cannot be divided into nature.

It can only reproduce its own image (because in nature, everything is dual).

For the Pythagoreans, one was the monad, the source of the other numbers, a beneficial, aspirated, essential and invisible source. 

Pythagoras exerted a great influence on medieval philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas, who defined the number one, as the source, as follows: 

Since the soul is one, and the powers are many; because a number of things come from one they must be ordered by a certain succession; therefore there must be a certain order between the powers of the soul. For this reason, number one is no longer an abstract primary cause, as the Pythagoreans defined it, but is the only God.

People are more aggressive, more individualistic, more selfish, but 1 on 1 urges us to think about others. When such tragic events, disasters occur, it forces us to think about others. 

The significance of number 8 

In numerology, the number 8 is one of the most successful numbers – if the person under his influence can control his egotism and avoid abuse of power.

This number is associated with the infinity symbol. 

This symbol (the number eight placed horizontally) shows the true power of this number – infinity and the ability to move on indefinitely.

The people marked by this figure usually have a great impact on the world around them, and leave behind legacies worthy of appreciation and remembrance for many generations to come.

Number 8 symbolizes material forces, it is the number of reactions and balancing justice. 

Characterized by Saturn, the one responsible for the evidence, it is the strongest vibration that you can hardly evade.

Any appearance of this number in a numerological analysis upsets almost all predictions. 

A person characterized by this number is capable, ambitious, practical and efficient, realistic and concrete.

It nurtures the desire to reach the top of the social hierarchy, to lead and organize. They can show stubbornness, exaggerated pride, impulsiveness and authority to dictatorship.

The one born on the 8th, 17th, 26th of any month indicates a person with a special flair for business, capable of large-scale plans.

You have special executive qualities and good judgment of values. 

It would be advisable to have your own business because you really want to have control over all the plans of your life.

You are a reliable person, especially in circulating sums of money, the world can trust you. You are an idealistic person. 

Never turn someone away for a cause that deserves your attention, especially if someone needs your material help. You can achieve material success.

You will have a fairly rapid evolution until you achieve success. You are ambitious, with high goals, but you tend to start some great projects without completing them. 

People who always act in cold blood, aplomb and judgment, especially in business and finance.

The strong, ambitious personality who disregards mediocrity. The character and ability to dominate, allow them to accept executive positions, to successfully run businesses.

Angels and numerology

Angels are the purest divine form that people resort to when they struggle. They are the ones who are waiting to help you when life is not exactly perfect for you.

There are certain people who do not believe in karma. They believe that when they do something wrong all they have to do is pray for divine forgiveness and their mistake will be forgotten.

But divinity does not work that way. Angels can help you and be by your side in difficult times for you, but you will have to take responsibility for your mistake and bear the consequences.

Every day we choose to look at things either as accidental or accepting that they are signs with a specific message.

There is really a reason for every challenge, event or encounter that occurs in our lives – sometimes the signs we receive can make us think because they are different from the ones we thought we wanted to attract into our lives.

But what is truly remarkable is that whenever we pretend not to see the signs or ignore them, the Universe does not give up.

Sometimes we need to be shaken, to change our decisions, our direction and then to receive confirmation that we are on the right track.

No matter what we believe, we are never alone. If we let ourselves be guided by these messages, then we will be blessed with signs from all parts of the Universe.

The most common are the numerical signs also called “angel numbers”. They can appear on car numbers, in recipes, in the house or telephone number, at the time indicated by the clock. Anywhere.

“Angel numbers” have a specific meaning and if we become aware of the help they can give us, they can guide us to the true purpose of our soul.

Among the first to speak on this subject is Doreen Virtue, a book on “Messages from Angels.”

Therefore, it is important to understand that the Angels send us certain messages and are often messengers. 

This guidance through the numbers of the Angels comes from the Universal Consciousness, from God, from the Universe itself, giving us ideas and messages to make our work and life easier.

The way we perceive, interpret or observe them is up to us!

We need to be aware that the world we live in is digital, mathematical… practical numbers are everywhere!

We could also say that numbers are a universal language, being understood and recognized worldwide, even if not everyone knows numerology, patterns and repetitions can be easily found in any culture. 

To always notice the presence of these messages that appear in front of us is not as easy as it seems, because it requires the state of presence – and we do not always manage to find ourselves in this state because, in general, the mind is preoccupied with something from the past, or something we want to happen in the future, and so we miss the present and the moments when the Universe speaks to us.

Call the angels!

Angels are not with you all the time. If you need their help, all you have to do is call them.

The easiest way to connect with your angel is to pray. Angels exist because people need them in both happy and sad times.

Angels have a very close connection with numerology. Most of the time, they find different ways to communicate with us, which can help us make certain decisions or find our way.

The best way to communicate is through numbers. For example, you can suddenly see the number 11:11 on the computer and you have to figure out what its meaning is.


In conclusion, you can only rely on angels if you know how to ask for their help.

Figures are the ideal way to communicate and indicate the right choices. You have to believe and you will see that every time the angels will help you.

The 818 angel number represents karma, self-confidence and financial success.

This angel number means that you have to stay true to your principles. Karma is quite strong so try to keep your goals clean.

Try not to become too greedy or lose sight of your principles.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please feel free to share them. 

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