Thank you letter for accepting resignation (4 samples)

This article will show samples of “thank you letter for accepting resignation.”

How to write a thank you letter for accepting resignation

When writing a “thank you letter for accepting resignation,” these are some of the basic steps to follow:

  • Use proper structure and formatting.
  • Include the date and contact information.
  • Add a salutation.
  • Remind them of your last day.
  • Express your gratitude.
  • Express good wishes.
  • Add complimentary close and name.

Sample 1:


Sender’s name…

Job Designation and Department name…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on which letter is written)


Receiver’s name…

Job Designation and Department name…

Sub: (Write your topic)

Dear (Sir/name),

About my letter of resignation submitted on (date of submitting resignation letter), I would like to express my gratitude for understanding my position and accepting my resignation from the post of (mention post). (Describe in your words).

I would also like to take this opportunity to record my heartfelt gratitude towards you, and the entire staff of (company name) including my juniors, colleagues, and seniors. (Express your feelings). I can never forget the unwavering support I always received from you and everybody else here. (Describe somethings about your job experiences).

I will always remember my days at (mention company name) with a lot of warmth and nostalgia.

I wish you, the company and all the staff, all the very best for the future. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation).

With warm regards

Signature and Name…

Job designation and Department name…”

Sample 2:

“Respected Sir,

Thank you for accepting my resignation. Sorry for the late update about my accident.

I had already informed about my accident and health condition to Mrs. Krup(Supervisor). Its my mistake that i should inform you before about my accident i applologize for the late update.I thought to rejoin once i recovered that is why i did not inform you. But my illness will require extended treatment and recovery, I have been advised that I must rest full time to me to recover fully from my illness. So i have decided to resign my job.

I would finally like to thank you for the experience you have given me working with DataSoft Networks and I would like to wish you all the very best of success for the future. I feel that DataSoft Networks has a very bright future and I am sorry that I am not going to be part of that.

Best Wishes.

Yours sincerely


Sample 3:

“Dear Sir,

Received your mail confirming the acceptance of my resignation. Thanks for the acceptance.

I had sent mail about accident and my deteriorated health to Mrs Kurup (Supervisor) on _______ (date). Regret to note that this mail did not reach you. Incidentally I had not marked CC of this mail to you.

I had not anticipated my delayed recovery. Therefore, in order to curtail this prolonged absence, I have taken decision to resign from the job.

I had not anticipated that my separation from DataSoft Networks will happen under these circumstances. Nevertheless, my stay was smooth and I express my deep gratitude to the staff of DataSoft Networks in general and our team in particular for providing me assistance and cooperation. I am thankful to you for providing me all the necessary support and guidance wherever necessary. Though my tenure at DataSoft Networks has been ended abruptly, I will cherish its positive memories for a long time.

Warm regards,”

Sample 4:

“Dear Sir

Thank you for accepting my resignation within short notice. I have learnt a lot from you. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with me. While my resignation is just another career move, I will miss this “family” of 4 months for a long time. 

I would like to thank you and the management for all your support and trust in me during my seven years of tenure at (Company/ institute name). (Describe somethings about your job experiences). The opportunities provided to me have built up my confidence and experience to strive for excellence in my work ethics.

I have had enjoyed a marvelous and close work relationship with my colleagues which has caused a most conducive environment for productive work. (Express your feelings).

Last but not least, I wish you and the company all the best in your future undertakings.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future. My contact details remain the same. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation).

Yours Truly,


Job designation and Department name…”

Sample 5:

“Dear Mr. Donahue,

Tomorrow is my final day with Data Refuge before I begin my new position with Education Software Solutions. I would like to express my gratitude for understanding my position and accepting my resignation from the post of (mention post).

When I began working here, I was fresh out of college and, while eager, had no idea how to sell customers on products and services. With your mentoring, however, I have grown into one of the top-performing sales representatives and have even built my own sales team. Words cannot express my appreciation for your support as you helped turn me into the leader I am today.

I wish you and everyone here at Data Refuge continued success, and I sincerely hope we can stay in touch. I have included my contact information above.

With gratitude,


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you email a resignation acceptance letter?

Resignation acceptance letter template

“Dear [name], It is with regret that I acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated [date] resigning your position as [title]. Your resignation has been approved, and, per your request, your final day of work will be [date].”

How do you express gratitude in resignation email?

“I would like first to express my sincerest gratitude for the opportunities that I have been given at Acme Rentals. I consider you a mentor and friend as well as my manager at Acme Rentals, and I hope to continue to stay in touch as I move on to my next professional opportunity. Please accept my respectful resignation.”

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