Temperament Test (3 mins)

A temperament test is developed to identify your personality style. This is a personality test based on bodily humour (blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm). This concept was never used for psychological or physical treatments, but always had a great influence on understanding different human behaviours.

Description regarding the Test

The following test is open-source, free test shared under the license permissions. This test is developed on the basis of research on the concept of four temperamental models. The four temperaments are given much attention by self-help and spiritual gurus.

Instructions for the test

Please make sure to do each question item for the accurate results. This brief test will give you scores on your temperaments.

1. I try to outdo others.


2. I have a strong need for power.


3. I get angry easily.


4. I like it when people are scared of me.


5. I boss people around.


6. I try to please everyone.


7. It takes a lot of abuse to get me angry.


8. I am relaxed most of the time.


9. I seldom get mad.


10. The good life is a peaceful life.


11. I have had a dramatic falling out with a friend.


12. I experience my emotions intensely.


13. I tend to feel very hopeless.


14. I feel my anxiety overwhelms me.


15. I feel attacked by others.


16. I feel comfortable with myself.


17. I seldom feel blue.


18. I don’t care much when people insult me.


19. I radiate joy.


20. I am the life of the party.


21. I make friends easily.


22. I prefer variety to routine.


23. I make people feel welcome.


24. I dance when I am alone.



Final Result : 

What is Temperament?

The temperaments are identified in ancient Greeks, and the idea taken for personality assessment adopted from the ancient Greek concept of mental illness. This idea of personality assessment is the oldest system to understand personality. This is also called the four temperaments model.

The origins of this type belong to Graeco-Arabic medicine, where it has been used successfully for the treatment of diseases. In fact, it is still being used by traditional medicine practitioners around the world today.

Humorism, an ancient philosophy of medicine, is at the root of this kind. Humours here are referring to fluids in one's body.

Different individuals have different proportions of these fluids; one fluid's predominance determines one's personality and psychological form.

For instance, a phlegm humour’s predominance corresponds to a form of Phlegmatic personality.

The following are the four temperaments and their primary humours:

Sanguine: blood

Phlegmatic: phlegm

Choleric: yellow bile

Melancholic: black bile

It is said that one of humour’s predominance influences one's appearance and actions.

However, most people have mixed temperaments, and it can be difficult for untrained fans like ourselves to judge by appearance alone.

The sixteen forms of Myers-Briggs are based on the theory of Jung. Nevertheless, four of their sixteen types from the four temperament model are almost identical to the four basic personality styles. The other twelve could also classify all types of mixed temperaments.

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