Teenage Depression chat (objectives & 7+ chatroom)

In this guide, we will be addressing the topic, “ Teenage Depression chat”, cover depression and it’s type with clinical features briefly, Depression chat/chatrooms, few chatrooms for teens and others, pros and cons of depression chat and conclude with some of the frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

Teenage Depression chat are:

  • Aimed to provide a safe space to share their experience
  • Offer social support
  • Provide treatment and it’s procedure
  • Connect the people with other like minded
  • Emotion Ventilation
  • Talk to the staff and mentor for guidance
  • Strengthen social support
  • Find a way out for the victims


It is a mood disorder where the individual experiences prolonged sadness, lethargic, worthiness, helplessness and melancholic that interferes or hampers their daily functioning.

According to the World Health Organisation (2020), it is one of the most common mental disorders which affects 264 million people from different age groups. Women are more vulnerable and affected by it than men. Unlike the mood swings which we experience normally, depression when it lasts long, it is a serious health condition, in the worst case, might result in suicide as well. 

The noting symptom is the profound sadness and the inability to experience pleasure, anhedonia. There are also physical symptoms associated; few of them are difficulty in the sleep cycle, psychomotor retardation, loss of appetite and tiredness. 

Sign and symptoms of Depression

Some of the sign and symptoms associated with Depression are:

  • Depressed and Low mood
  • Anhedonia
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Worthlessness and Helplessness
  • Lack of concentration
  • Thoughts on ending life
  • Difficulty in sleep
  • Irritability and Agitation
  • Fluctuation in appetite
  • Difficulty in decision making.
  • Diurnal Mood
  • Significant weight loss
  • Lost motivation
  • Loss of energy
  • Recurrent thoughts on death
  • Excessive guilt

Types of Depression based on the severity

Based on the severity of the symptoms and their duration, two major types of depression are Major Depressive Disorder or Clinical Depression and Chronic

Depressive Disorder/ Dysthymia. 

To be diagnosed with MDD, there should be five depressive symptoms that last for at least 2 weeks. Adding to that, there should either be a depressed mood or loss of interest. 

MDD is a periodic or episodic disorder where the symptoms go on and off over time. Along with it, suicide ideation and thought of death are common. 

Persistent Depression Disorder, Dysthymia

One of the essential features of Dysthymia is a depressed mood that lasts throughout the day for at least 2years, in the case of children the duration is for 1 year. Along with depressed mood, they should also experience two of the six symptoms (poor appetite, sleep disturbance, low energy, low self-esteem, trouble in concentrating, and hopelessness) It has an early and insidious onset. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder

It is known for recurrent depressive episodes occurring typically in winter. The severity of the episode ranges from mild to moderate and in the worse case, has a risk of suicide ad well. It is more prevalent in people in the northern part of the world than in summer. The change in melatonin is responsible for this episode, they show more change in melatonin than the rest.

Bi-Polar Disorder

There are two types of Bi-Polar disorder that is, BP-1 and BP-2. Manic Symptom is the defining feature of the two and the severity of the two differentiate these. Bi-Polar 1 is known as Manic-Depressive Disorder where there is a single episode of mania during their lifetime however, they may or may not have depressive episodes. 

While Bi-Polar 2 is characterised by hypomanic (a milder version of Manic) episodes with Major Depressive Episodes. Bipolar 1 Disorder is much rarer than MDD.

Teenage depression chat

Teenage depression chat or chat room is an online platform that allows an individual to deal with their depressive symptoms and help them to get through the experience one is dealing with. 

It provides a safe space for the person to share and express their feelings and seek support from someone else who is battling with the same symptoms or who is physically as well as mentally fit and sound. 

Chatrooms are the platforms that provide or offer a safe space where a volunteer takes the initiative to make all the users follow and abide by the rules as well as treat each other well. 

However, it is not an ideal substitute for professional help and therapy, simply offers a supportive group. 

Objective of Teenage Depression Chat

There are different purposes served by Depression chat or chat rooms. It is simply dedicated to help those who are in need of social support and are battling with a wide range of mental health-related issues and concerns. 

  • It aims to connect people who are having issues coping up with depression
  • Welcome other people dealing with other kinds of health issues associated with depression
  • Strengthen support and care those who are dealing with mental health-related issues
  • Look for a way out to people dealing with depression and provide them with treatment procedures
  • Offer social support to all those dealing with depression

Teenage depression chat aids and helps people dealing with depression with these benefits and support.

Depression chat room

Depression chat rooms aim to connect people who are dealing with issues concerning depression. The forum welcomes all kinds of people with similar and related health concerns such as Bipolar Disorder and other types. It is an independent forum and free to all.  

Removing Chains

It is an online chat room special for teens and youth under the age of 18, that offers live text to each other. The discussion revolves around depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm and any kind of issue which is disturbing for the daily functioning of an individual. 

Removing chains thought doesn’t have a professional counsellor to guide them, they are a passionate, empathetic listener and care provider. 

It offers mentors, fellow and peers to listen to the deep problem and encourage them. They also offer support in connecting with the resources available nearby.

Ark of hope for children

The forum has been helping youth battling with mental health-related concerns and issues for a long time. They also have a live chat site to offer help anytime needed.

Depression Sanctuary

It is a non-profit organisation that aims to create a safe space and platform for people with depression to seek social support from others who share the same interest and are like minded. 

Hosted chats are also offered for the people at times. There are also rules and procedures one need to follow so that the feelings and problems shared among and between people remain safe.

The volunteers of the chat room are once a survivor of depression. 

7 cups

7 Cups offer a chat room that is entirely free and one can talk to any volunteer listener or one can decide to choose the person to whom they feel comfortable to share their problems and feelings. 

It is a safe space where one can share everything that’s bothering them from within and a good place to visit when one needs someone to talk to.

Health Unlocked

The forum is run in partnership with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It offers a safe space for the support of depression and anxiety. 

Depression Understood

It is a depression chat room which is open for all and it aims to provide a supportive, relaxed and informal space for the people to share their sorrows. 

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

It is a peer-led online support forum where people living with depression and bipolar disorders are provided with a safe space to share their experience of having lived with depression and discuss coping skills with others. 


It is a peer to peer support group especially for teens facing mental health challenges as well as difficulty adjusting with family dynamics.

These are some of the online teen depression chat as well as for all the people in general. They are dedicated to offer a safe space for people living with depression, anxiety and any other psychological traumas to share their feelings with others and gain hope. 

Benefits and risk of depression chat room

Chat Rooms are aimed to offer a safe place to express oneself. However, there are associated benefits and risk of engaging in a depression chat room. It is always a caveat that despite the social support and comfort provided by chatroom and volunteers staff there, it is always not an ideal substitute for therapy and treatment. 

Pros of depression chat

The benefits of depression chats are it offers a non-judgemental space to vent out one’s emotion and inner repressed feelings and emotions.

The anonymity of depression chat is a major perk where there is no judgement and comment passed on each other’s struggle. People who find it challenging to share their feelings face to face are the one that is most benefited from online depression chat. 

Solidarity present in the depression chat room is one benefit over sharing their problems with near and dear ones since they can’t relate to the feeling and understand it.

Cons of depression chat

Although volunteers and people staffed there in the online platform are mentors and coaches, they can’t substitute or compensate for the help and treatment provided by mental health professionals and experts.

At times the motivation of people staffed on online platforms are unknown, in such case, it is best to ensure that the online relation is genuine and healthy.

Despite the array of benefits offered by online forums, when one feels dependency on such platforms rather than seeking help from professionals, it should be taken as a red flag and one has to get rid of that. 

Thus, these are the major pros and cons of having a depression chat or chat room for the purpose of recovery as well as support. Depression being a mood disorder, one can’t solely get away with it in one go rather an amalgamation of different treatments serves good. 

FAQs: Teenage Depression chat

Which age group has the most depression?

The age group of 18-25 has the highest rate of depression and it is most prevalent in this age group.

What generation has the highest rate of depression?

Gen X is reported to have the highest level of stress as well as symptoms of depression. 

What is the main cause of depression among the youth?

The major cause of depression in teens is negative self-esteem, peer pressure, drug use, academic pressure and other daily stressors.

What percentage of students have symptoms of depression?

20-30% of adolescents are reported to have depressive symptoms.

What gender is most affected by depression?

Women are twice likely to have depression.

What age does mental illness peak?

50% of cases of depression begin by the age of 24 while three fourth begin in the early ’20s.


In this guide, we had addressed the topic, “ Teenage Depression chat”, covered depression and it’s type with clinical features briefly, Depression chat/chatrooms, few chatrooms for teens and others, pros and cons of depression chat and concluded with some of the frequently asked questions regarding the topic.




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