Teen Passion (What is it)

This article will brief about Teen Passion and how finding passion in one’s life is important.

Later it will discuss some steps for the parents/caregivers to follow in helping their teens find their passion.


Everyone has a passion for something, teen passion is also something that is not hidden.

A true calling that excites and drives crazy and fills up with satisfaction is what passion is. It’s the focus towards adulthood with the goal of adolescence.

For a teen to find something passionate enough has become a task these days because of the increase of college pressure and peer pressure, teens forget about themselves and focus on pleasing others.

There are things that we hate and things that we like and these are things that make us unique, but nowadays adolescents have started to forget what they feel like and fool around others to get their validation.

Therefore, it has become an alarming situation for the parents to help teens follow their passion, what they truly love.


  • Talk to the teen:

Yes, talking is important, not dictating. Parents love to dictate terms and conditions to their children rather than talking.

Talk to the teen what career path they want to choose, what do they like when passing their time or when they are bored.

Try and support them rather than scold them. Have patience and things will come around.

  • Polish the Teen’s Passion:

If the parents find out what the passion then they should try to polish it by giving them the opportunity to get professional skills of it.

They will need time and help from the parent at every stage of it, and they should consider it and polish their talent so that they can get better at it.

For instance, if they like dancing, singing or painting, helping them getting a professional would be very helpful for them.

The only thing the parents have to do is supporting them, point out their mistakes but don’t hurt them intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Don’t force them to talk:

It is completely normal if the teen feels hesitant at first in letting out his feeling to the parents.

Some teens have ideas about their likes and dislikes but some are totally unaware of this and this might be one of the reasons that they are not ready to discuss it with you, try not to rush into things.

Try to just leave them alone and assure them that whenever they feel like talking they can anytime come and talk to the parents.

  • Don’t force your passion to them:

Yes, children are the shadow of their parents but that doesn’t mean that they have no right to shine.

Parents try to force their dreams, their passion towards their children. Let them do what they want to do, try not to force your ideas on them.

Yes, the parents learn from their experiences but letting children also learn from their experiences is also important.

If they like doing things that might pay lesser, it’s their choice try and support them, not everything is done for the money.

At least they will be doing what they love which is way more important than anything. Give them space.

  • Give them time:

It is important to let the children know what is the importance of career and college but at the same time, it is important to ensure that there’s a lot of time to figure it out.

There is no rush. Explain to them that college is a great place to explore new subjects and potential interests and it may change over time, there is no big issue in it.

Try to explain to them that they can take all the time they need and they have the freedom to explore their interests freely.

  • Encourage them to try out different activities:

Try and encourage the teen to check the camps, online courses, colleges, part-time jobs to finally find out what really hits them, what is their interest and then only participate.

The more exposure means more clarity and a better understanding of what will turn them on and what will turn them off and it will be a great learning experience as well.

Anything that the teens enjoy should be encouraged and strengths and skills will be developed eventually when there’s passion there.

  • Meaningful vs. just-to-pay-the-bills work:

It is important to know what it feels like to have a meaningful and exciting thing to do rather than doing something just for the sake of paying off the bills.

Parents should make teens understand the difference between the two. How exciting work can be is very different from thinking “I again have to go to work”.

Teens are supposed to know that they can do things that they love and in return, they can earn wages for their livelihood which can be fulfilling enough for their life.

If one has money as well as mental satisfaction, life becomes easy and worth living.

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This article has discussed Teen Passion and how finding passion in one’s life is important.

Later it discussed some steps for the parents/caregivers to follow in helping their teens find their passion.

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