Talkspace vs ReGain (A Detailed Comparison)

In this post, we will be comparing the features of two popular online therapy platforms, Talkspace and ReGain. Talkspace offers therapy as well as psychiatry services at very affordable costs. ReGain provides relationship counseling or couples therapy to help partners improve their relationships with each other.

The table below will show you the various features and services that are offered by Talkspace and ReGain. It will also depict the major differences between these two platforms.

 Feature  Talkspace  ReGain
 Types of services  Therapy and Psychiatry Therapy
 Pricing  Min 260 USD Min 240 USD
 Payment options   All major credit or debit cards, HSA, FSA All major credit cards or debit cards
 Insurance   Available Unavailable
 Age group  13 years and above 18 years and above



  • Talkspace offers high ease of use
  • It can be covered by insurance
  • It offers many types of therapy


  • Live sessions are not available in all the plans
  • Without insurance coverage it can be expensive
  • It does not offer group therapy sessions



  • Regain is focused entirely on relationships
  • It offers various formats of communication
  • It has a variety of therapists


  • Regain cannot be used for individual problems
  • Partners need to be in the same location for live therapy sessions
  • It cannot be covered by insurance

About Talkspace

Talkspace is an online therapy and telemedicine platform for psychiatry which was founded in 2012. This platform is the baby of Roni and Oren Frank who realized the importance of therapy when they underwent relationship issues. To help others realize the same, they founded Talkspace originally as a couples counseling and group therapy platform.

Since then, Talkspace has added individual therapy services as well as psychiatry services to its menu. Today, it is one of the most popular platforms for mental health care online catering to more than 1.5 million users. Talkspace offers couples therapy services as well as counseling for teenagers additionally.

Users in Talkspace can communicate with their therapists through various formats, such as chatting, audio sessions and video sessions. They can also choose to send an unlimited number of messages as text messages, audio messages and video messages. The platform thus brings a high level of convenience and comfort to the user.

About ReGain

ReGain is a platform that provides relationship counseling and couples therapy that can be availed completely online. The platform was founded in 2016 as a by-product of the BetterHelp online therapy platform. Through ReGain, thousands have rebuilt their relationships and found new ways to communicate with each other.

ReGain is primarily focused on relationship therapy and couples therapy which means that it does not cater to the personal mental health needs. However, single users can use this platform as long as their issue is with their relationship. The platform has an extensive network of therapists from various backgrounds and schools of thought to help the users.

In this platform, users can choose to communicate with their therapists through unlimited messaging and even live phone and live video sessions. However, for the live sessions, both the partners need to be in the same location as a three-way communication is not yet a feature of this platform.

Best features of Talkspace

Talkspace provides a large collection of useful features for its users and thus has been hailed as an easy and efficient platform for mental health care. The very best of its unique features have been described in the section below.

Therapy can be availed in a short span of time

Traditional mental health care often takes a long time to connect the client with a compatible therapist. Research studies have shown that users have to wait up to weeks or months before they can commence therapy. However, the waiting period in Talkspace is pretty less and users can start therapy within almost 48 hours.

It is pretty easy to use

The platform is pretty easy to use and provides quick access to many mental health care tools and exercises apart from therapy and psychiatry. Talkspace has been designed in such a manner that even those who are struggling mentally or emotionally and are vexed can easily navigate the system to find the help they need.

Talkspace provides a great client-therapist fit

Since the rapport between the therapists and the client is necessary for the therapy to work, Talkspace has gone the extra mile to ensure this fit. The platform makes smart use of artificial intelligence to match the user with a compatible therapist using the data provided by the client at the time of signing up. It is also pretty simple to change therapists at any time.

There is couples therapy here

Couples who are having relationship issues can also find relief here as the platform provides a great program for relationship therapy or couples therapy. This type of therapy is being accessed by partners in relationships for many needs, such as communication difficulties, intimacy issues and even problems related to adultery or cheating.

Counseling for teenagers is available

Teenagers can also avail the counseling services provided in Talkspace with the consent of their parents or guardians. The consent is provided here through a short video uploaded by the parent or the guardian during the sign-up process in the platform. Counseling for teens is necessary as adolescents often face plenty of stressors for which they might not be equipped right.

Psychiatry services are also present here

Psychiatry services are also available in Talkspace. Thus, the platform essentially becomes a one-stop shop for all needs related to mental health care for the user. Medications and drugs are necessary in the treatment of several mental health conditions such as severe depression or bipolar disorder.

Most plans offer unlimited messaging

Unlimited messaging is a feature that is offered in two plans of Talkspace and is certainly one of its best characteristics. In this feature, the user can send any number of messages to their therapists at any time of the day. Furthermore, there are various formats of messaging that the user can choose from such as text messages, audio messages and video messages.


There are different types of live sessions

There are various types of live sessions that are available in Talkspace. Users can choose the format of live therapy based on their conveniences and their preferences. Live therapy is offered as live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. This high level of convenience is definitely not found in in-person therapy sessions.


Talkspace is HIPAA compliant

Talkspace is completely HIPAA compliant, which means that it provides the utmost security and privacy to its users. This factor is necessary in any platform dealing with mental health care, or health care in general, as the information of the user can be misused by other third parties. Users in Talkspace do not have to worry as their conversations and chats are well-protected.

It offers an insomnia program

Talkspace also has an amazing insomnia program to help the participants sleep better. This program goes on for a period of eight weeks in which the individual learns to use various behavioral techniques and coping strategies to help them sleep better. This program also trains the participants in sleep hygiene which can become a permanent healthy habit.

Best features of ReGain

ReGain has been hailed as a great platform for anyone who is trying to improve their relationships with a loved one. The platform offers not only one but several reasons for individuals and couples to try it out. Some of the best features of this platform have been discussed as follows.


ReGain can be used by individuals and couples

The platform can be used by both individuals as well as couples for their relationship issues. Many users utilize this platform to learn communication skills and coping strategies that they can then apply to their relationship. If the partners are both willing to go to therapy, this option is also made possible in ReGain.

It offers couples therapy in privacy

Mental health and mental illness still have stigmas attached to them. This is even relatable for couples therapy or couples counseling. ReGain allows couples therapy to be conducted in great privacy as the users are encouraged to provide a nickname with which they can navigate the services of the platform.

It provides plenty of security

ReGain ensures that high levels of safety and security are maintained for its users so that their identity and their information are safeguarded well in the platform. The chats between the users and the therapist are encrypted. Users also have the option to delete the messages from the conversation if they wish to.

Users can send any number of messages

Unlimited messaging is a feature that is provided in ReGain. Through this feature, the users can send any number of messages to their therapists at any time of the day. This feature is used in several ways by the users and can also be performed through various modes like text messages, audio messages and even video messages.

There are plenty of resources

There are plenty of resources that are available in the ReGain website which can be useful for anyone. There are also various categories of information which can appeal to various populations and relationship statuses. While being plentiful in scientific articles, the platform also has numerous playful posts that can uplift anyone’s mood.

Partners can communicate by themselves

While couples therapy is always best if both the partners are available for the intervention. In the scenario that one of the partners is not willing for therapy the other partner can still pursue couples therapy through ReGain. The platform has another advantage in the fact that the partner can be added to the chat at any time of the therapy sessions.

There are various formats of therapy

Live therapy sessions in ReGain can be conducted either through phone sessions or even video sessions. The users can choose the format of live therapy based on their levels of convenience and even their preferences. However, for couples where both the partners are participating in the therapy sessions, both of them need to be present in the same place for the live session.

ReGain provides many types of therapists

Couples therapy can follow different paths depending on the needs of the partners and also the type of therapist. To cater to the mentalities and personalities of different users, the platform offers a variety of therapists such as those who are religious-oriented, members of the LGBTQIA community and even those who are mindfulness based.

It has a great evaluation process

ReGain takes the onboarding of its users very seriously and thus asks a multitude of questions before directing the user to the payment area. This allows the platform to understand the needs of the user much better while also helping them get acclimatized to the scientific and data-based process that ReGain uses.

Pricing of Talkspace

The prices of the plans in Talkspace can vary based on the location of the user and also the plan that they have chosen. The average prices of the plans in Talkspace have been given below.

Messaging Therapy plan

The Messaging Therapy plan can be availed at a cost of $69 per week on an average. In this plan, the user can send any number of messages to their therapists at any time of the day. The formats of these messages can be text messages, audio messages and video messages. The therapist will then respond once or twice daily for five days a week.


Live Therapy plan

The Live Therapy plan can be availed at a price of $99 on an average. In this plan, the users have access to four live sessions in a month. The live sessions can go on for a minimum of 45 minutes but can be extended to about an hour depending on the availability of the therapist. The live sessions are offered in three different formats of live chats, live audio and live video sessions.

Live + Messaging Therapy plan

The Live + Messaging Therapy plan is one of the most popular plans in Talkspace and can be availed at a price of $129 per week. In this plan, the user has access to the unlimited messaging feature of the platform and also the four live sessions in the month. Those who want additional live sessions can do so at a price of $65 each.

Pricing of ReGain

The couples therapy in ReGain can be availed at a subscription basis. The prices of ReGain can vary between $60 and $90 per week and this is billed every four weeks. The costs of the subscription can depend on the location of the user and also the availability of therapists around them.

Signing up for Talkspace

To sign up for therapy in Talkspace, new users can go to the website of the platform or even download and install the app. Here, new users can click on the type of therapy they are looking for, such as individual therapy or even couples therapy. They can then provide their name and also a nickname to use in the platform.

Once this is done, Talkspace will give a questionnaire that will ask the user about their mental health issues and also their emotional problems. The next step will be a consultation with a therapist who will introduce them formally to the platform. When the payment has been made and a match has been created, users can expect to have their first session in a couple of days.

Signing up for ReGain

To sign up for the therapy services in ReGain, users will have to go to the platform’s website and click on the ‘Get Started’ option. They will then need to answer several questions about themselves as well as the relationship issues that they are facing. They will also have to determine the type of therapist that they will require for their therapy needs.

The platform allows the new user to invite their partner to be a part of the sign-up process or also join their sessions later in time. Users can also choose to have therapy under a nickname instead of a username. The payment part is the next step and the therapy sessions can be commenced once the matching is done which usually takes a few days.

Tips for using Talkspace

While Talkspace is certainly a very easy tool and platform, it has a wide range of features that can be difficult to maneuver in the first go. This is especially difficult if the user is new to online therapy altogether. Some tips and suggestions to help users in their experience with this platform have been put together below.

  • Those who are using the unlimited messaging feature of this platform have to remember the versatility of this tool. Through unlimited messaging, you can not only express your needs and thoughts better, but you can also use it for self-care through venting and also set reminders for talking points.
  • The live therapy sessions in Talkspace are of various formats. You can explore your live therapy through live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions depending on your preferences and conveniences.
  • While in a live video session, make sure that your seating is properly positioned and situated so that you are able to look into the camera lens easily. This will help you convey your message clearer and better to your therapist.

Tips for using ReGain

ReGain has been hailed as a pretty easy to use platform and can present several features for users. A few tips to improve the experience on this platform have been explored below.

  • There are no three-way live sessions available in ReGain as of the moment. To ensure no confusion, discuss with your partner beforehand as to what will be a great time slot that is comfortable for both of you.
  • Your live therapy sessions can be conducted from the privacy of your home. You can also create a separate space for this that you and your partner can use for other self-care activities that you can do together, such as reading, playing games or couples yoga.
  • There are plenty of suggestions that have been provided in the ‘advice’ section of ReGain. You can find many activities that both you and your partner can enjoy and find fulfilling in this space. These can be superb for your health as a couple.
  • You and your partner can also create a shared set of goals before you commence your therapy sessions. These goals are meant for you as a couple and as a unit and they should not be self-centered like personal goals. Writing these down in a journal or a poster can also be useful for you both.

Personal experiences in Talkspace

Talkspace is certainly one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. The app has a 4.0 star rating in Google Play store with a 4.7 star rating in Apple apps. Some of the personal experiences of the users have been summarized below.

  • Most users have definitely enjoyed the unlimited messaging that the platform provides in almost all of its plans. This has allowed users to feel like they can receive emotional support at any time and can also communicate with their mental health professional throughout the day.
  • A large percentage of the users have mentioned that the platform is quite easy to use and thus is pretty simple to navigate even for newcomers.
  • However, many users have complained about the delay in responding by the customer support of the platform.
  • Users have however found the therapy is quite effective in helping their mental health and emotional state through various sets of tools

Personal experiences in ReGain

ReGain is definitely the go-to platform if you and your partner are trying to rekindle your relationships. Some of the experiences that different couples have had in ReGain have been discussed in the points below.

  • Most users of the platform have found that the therapists here are highly empathetic and equip clients with the right tools and exercises to improve communication and understanding between partners.
  • Many users have also complained about the lack of a three-way live therapy communication as it is always not possible for both the partners to be in the same location all the time.
  • A few users have complained about the journal writing feature in the ReGain app, that it does not allow all types of fonts.
  • Live therapy sessions need to be booked one at a time. This has been found to be a major inconvenience by users.


Talkspace and ReGain are both great platforms for online therapy. However, these two mental health providers cater to different needs and issues. While Talkspace focuses on therapy for the mental health needs and requirements of individuals and their personal problems, ReGain focuses on relationship and communication problems between partners.

Talkspace has made mental health care vastly accessible and easily affordable, especially through its tie-up with several in-network providers. The therapy in Talkspace can be availed through various formats and modes, including live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. Couples therapy and teens counseling is also offered here.

ReGain is made specifically for couples therapy and relationship counseling. In this platform, users can avail therapy sessions by themselves and also invite their partners at any stage of the therapy process. Communication between the users and the therapists are also made available through unlimited messaging, phone sessions and video sessions.

BetterHelp:  A Better Alternative

If you are on the prowl for an amazing platform that offers superb mental health services, we would highly recommend BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers individual therapy services, couples therapy services and even therapy for teenagers. Furthermore, the platform also provides group therapy sessions that are conducted about once a week.

The subscription to BetterHelp is pretty affordable and while there is no insurance coverage here, the platform provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed, disabled and even those who have veteran status. The financial assistance needs to be renewed every three months and can reduce the costs of therapy by up to 25 per cent.

Frequently asked questions:

How long is a ReGain session?

The live therapy sessions in ReGain can go on for a period of about 45 minutes. However, the unlimited messaging can go on for the entire length of the therapy program.

Does ReGain therapy take insurance?

No, ReGain therapy does not take insurance. However, the costs of the subscription to this platform are much lesser than traditional in-person couples therapy.

Is ReGain HIPAA compliant?

Yes, ReGain is completely HIPAA compliant. This means the identity of the user and the information related to them is safely stored in the platform. Users are also free to use a nickname for the services in ReGain.

Does Talkspace use real therapists?

Yes, Talkspace uses licensed and certified therapists to cater to the mental health needs of the clients. The therapists must also have at least three years of experience in their field of expertise.

Can Talkspace diagnose ADHD?

No, Talkspace cannot diagnose ADHD. While the mental health professionals in this platform are certainly licensed and certified to provide therapy and psychiatry services for those who have ADHD, they are not allowed to formally diagnose any mental health condition.

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