Talkspace vs Headspace (Which space wins?)

In this comparison post, we will be checking out the services and features offered by two amazing platforms, Talkspace and Headspace. Talkspace is being used by millions for therapy and also medications. Headspace on the other hand, is a platform fully dedicated to meditation and mindfulness.

In the table shown below, you will be able to understand how Talkspace and Headspace differ from each other and also how they connect on the same ground.

 Feature  Talkspace  Headspace
 Types of services  Therapy and Psychiatry Meditation and mindfulness
 Pricing  Min 260 USD Min 69.99 USD per year
 Payment options   All major credit or debit cards, HSA, FSA Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal
 Insurance   Available Unavailable
 Age group  13 years and above 3 years and above



  • Talkspace offers therapy and psychiatry in one space
  • It can be covered by insurance
  • It offers therapy in various formats


  • Talkspace can be expensive without insurance coverage
  • It does not offer group sessions
  • Messaging therapy may not be acceptable to everyone



  • Headspace offers a free trial
  • It is very simple to use
  • It caters to many age groups


  • Headspace is comparatively expensive
  • It is not practical for experts in meditation
  • The meditations are mostly for the duration of 30 minutes


About Talkspace

Talkspace was launched in 2012 as a couples counseling and group sessions for those who are facing relationship issues and other mental health problems. The platform was founded by Roni and Oren Frank in a bid to make mental health care a lot more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Talkspace today provides online therapy services and also includes psychiatry services for those individuals who require medications or drugs to deal with their mental health conditions. The platform is one of the most popular therapy options today, offering a variety of services such as therapy for individuals, couples therapy and even counseling for teenagers.

The therapy in Talkspace is offered through unlimited messaging as well as live options which the user can choose from. The messaging feature is definitely one of the best in the market and can be conducted through texts, audio messages and even video messages. The live therapy options also take place through chats, audio sessions and video sessions.

About Headspace

Headspace was founded in 2010 by AndyPuddicombe and Richard Pierson. The main aim of Headspace is to create a platform through which users can avail guided meditation and mindfulness techniques which can improve their mental health status and enrich their self-care routines.

This meditation platform has two versions. Version 1 is for amateur meditators and version 2 is for those who have mastered the techniques taught in the primary version. The platform is known for its interactive techniques and gamification through which meditation and mindfulness is taught in a basic and simple manner.

Headspace caters to various age groups and can be used for children as young as 3 years of age. There are various types of meditation techniques specifically for increasing focus or concentration, for improving sleep and also for reducing levels of anxiety. The platform also makes great use of influential celebrities to market its product to the masses.

Best features of Talkspace

Talkspace provides a variety of features and characteristics that can be very beneficial for anyone who is trying to improve their mental health. The most unique of these features have been explored in the section below.

Talkspace can be used from anywhere

Talkspace operates completely online and this means that the user can avail therapy from anywhere and at any time. This makes it splendid for those who live in remote areas where there are not many licensed therapists. It can also be superb for those individuals who cannot leave the house on a frequent basis for mental health care.

It makes therapy quite easy and simple

The process of availing therapy in Talkspace is pretty easy and very simple. The user needs to only answer a few basic questions about their mental health and their emotional needs and are soon matched with a therapist and can commence sessions within a couple of days. This is highly in contrast to traditional mental health care settings where the waiting period is pretty high.

There is a great client-therapist fit here

The fit between the client and the therapist is much better in Talkspace, particularly due to its smart use of artificial intelligence. The algorithm in the platform uses the data provided by the user to match them with a compatible therapist who suits the needs of the client much better. The process of switching therapists is also pretty easy on this platform.

Therapy is offered in various formats

The therapy itself is offered in a variety of formats in Talkspace. The live therapy sessions can be conducted through live chats, live phone sessions or live video sessions depending on the convenience and preference of the user. Thus, the user enjoys plenty of comfort while availing therapy through this platform.

Messaging therapy is available here

Messaging therapy is pretty popular these days, especially since almost all of us are constantly glued to our phones. This feature is available in Talkspace. The messaging in this platform can be of various types, such as text messages, audio messages and video messages. The users can also message their therapist at any time of the day to which they are guaranteed responses.

Talkspace provides couples therapy

Couples therapy is another feature that is offered in Talkspace. This feature is however not eligible for insurance coverage in most of the scenarios. The couples therapy in Talkspace is conducted through messaging as well as live therapy sessions. The messaging essentially takes place in the form of a group chat between the individual partners and the therapist.


It also provides teens therapy

Teens therapy is another feature that is offered in Talkspace. However, to use this feature, the user must upload a video of their parent or guardian providing consent for this. Therapy or counseling for teenagers is much indicated as these age groups often face a lot of stress due to various factors, such as school, peer pressure, romantic relationships or even familial ties.

It has a great sleep program

Talkspace also offers an insomnia program for those who are struggling to fall asleep easily. This program can also be useful for those who manage to fall asleep but wake up frequently through the night. The sleep program goes on for a period of eight weeks in which the participants are taught various behavioral techniques and coping strategies.

It can be easily covered by insurance

Talkspace provides another great advantage to users in the fact that it can be easily covered by insurance. This includes the therapy services as well as the psychiatry services. The platform has tied up with several in-network providers like Cigna, Optum and Humana to reduce the costs of mental health care, thus making it more accessible to all economic statuses.

Talkspace is highly secure

This mental health care platform is pretty secure and thus ensures the highest level of confidentiality for its users. Talkspace is completely HIPAA compliant and has incorporated features such as chat encryptions and multi-step authentications. Users are also free to experience therapy by concealing their identity under a nickname or username.

Best features of Headspace

Headspace is definitely one of the most popular platforms for meditation and mindfulness today. The number of users of this platform has been steadily growing ever since its launch. Headspace offers plenty of features that can be useful for anyone who is seeking to learn or practice meditation. Some of the best features of this platform have been discussed in the points below.

Headspace offers a free trial

Headspace offers a free trial of all its resources for a period of 14 days as well as 7 days based on the needs of the user. In this free trial, the user can explore the various features of the platform and can then decide if they are to go ahead with the paid version. For the free version, the user will have to provide their card details in advance.

It offers meditation for sleep

Sleep is an issue among a large percentage of the population. While some may have trouble falling asleep, others might not get proper rest as they wake up often throughout the night. Headspace offers a spectacular guided meditation to help users sleep and rest better. There are various meditations catering to different moods and personalities as well.

It offers guided meditation for relaxation

For those who want to relax and destress, Headspace offers meditation as well as mindfulness practices that can help in this matter. The guided meditation in this platform teaches breathing exercises such as belly breathing and counted breathing through which the user can balance the O2 and CO2 levels better in their blood, and thus invoke a relaxing effect.

It has superb yet simple workouts

There are also plenty of simple workouts in the Headspace ‘Move’ feature that instructs users to basically get their bodies moving. The workouts in this platform are not designed to actually increase strength or stamina, but to instead get the user following a particular rhythm so that they can focus with their mind and also their body. These are taught by revered Olympians.

Headspace has got many celebs on board

The platform works with many celebrities and influencers in a bid to connect with the various masses and types of populations. The most popular celeb who has tied up with this platform is John Legend who uses the power of music to help users sleep better. Olympians like Leon Taylor have also connected with Headspace to instruct fun and easy workouts for everybody.

Headspace Health offers therapy

Headspace has joined hands with Ginger to produce Headspace Health. Through this venture, users will have access to meditation and mindfulness. In addition, they will be able to use the features of therapy and psychiatry that are provided by Ginger. Thus, the platform can cater to emotional issues as well as diagnosed mental health conditions.

The instructions are pretty simple to follow

The best thing about Headspace is that anyone can use it. The instructions for the guided meditation and mindfulness techniques are very simple and quite straight-forward. In addition, the language maintained across the platform is in very plain English so that anyone from any community can use it.

It caters to many age groups

Headspace aims to pave the way for meditation and mindfulness in every age group. The platform caters to ages as young as three years old. It does this through various means. The most popular of these means has been the tie-up with Sesame Street where the character Elmo is used to demonstrate meditation and relaxation techniques.

It provides plenty of free tools and resources

In addition to the free trial on the platform, Headspace offers a large collection of free tools and resources that can be superb for anyone and everyone. The various free tools in this platform include various manuals on meditation itself, articles on how to sleep and wake up better and even content on how to incorporate mindfulness into various activities of life.

Pricing of Talkspace

The costs of the subscription to Talkspace can depend mainly on the type of plan that the user is opting for. The cheapest of these is the Messaging Therapy plan which can cost a minimum of $69 per week while the most expensive is the Live + Messaging Therapy which can cost a minimum of $129 per week.


Pricing of Headspace

Headspace costs an annual subscription fee of $69.99 or can cost a monthly fee of $12.99. This is set to automatically renew with each year. This platform also offers a free trial for a period of 14 days or 7 days depending on the length of the paid subscription that the user is opting for.

Signing up for Talkspace

To sign up for the therapy services or the psychiatry features of this platform, new users will have to go to the website of the Talkspace app and fill in basic details about themselves and also create a username with which they can utilize the features of the platform. Talkspace will then guide them to the next step which is a questionnaire about their mental health issues.

The questionnaire is not only to better understand the user and their needs but also to gather information to match them with a suitable therapist. Once the questionnaire has been completed the user will be put in touch with a consultant therapist for a formal intro to Talkspace. The matching is the next step after which the user can commence therapy in a couple of days.

Signing up for Headspace

To sign up for the meditation and mindfulness services in Headspace, the user can go to the website or even download the app. They can create an account through their information or through their Google profile, Facebook profile or even with their Spotify account. Once the information has been provided and the payment made, the user can immediately start meditating.


Tips for using Talkspace

Talkspace can be tricky at first not because it is complex but simply due to the large number of features that are available in this platform. Some tips to help newcomers get used to Talkspace have been mentioned below.

  • Talkspace offers a feature of unlimited messaging for all its users. This feature can not only be used to communicate with the therapist but also for healthy venting and even setting reminders for talking points during live therapy sessions.
  • To increase the effectiveness of your live therapy sessions, make sure that you create the right space as well as time for it in your home. If you cannot find a quiet space for therapy in your home, you can always use a solitary area like an undisturbed park or even the rooftop.
  • Make sure that all your devices are in working order before you start your therapy session to ensure no technological glitches. In addition, you can also invest in a high-speed internet connection to allow better connectivity between you and your therapist.
  • To help in overcoming the physical barrier that online therapy might bring, you can be more expressive and descriptive of your thoughts and your feelings so that your therapist understands you better.

Tips for using Headspace

Headspace is a pretty easy platform that anyone can find a breeze to use. However, users can always enjoy tips and suggestions to help them make the best out of their subscription to this platform. Some have been shared in the following points.

  • Go through the articles and free content that is posted on the website’s blog. You will get plenty of information about meditation and even mindfulness here on a regular basis that can definitely help with your mental health.
  • Make sure that you are following the same time for meditation during the day. It is suggested that you try to start meditating as early as you possibly can. This will guarantee that you start your day off fresh and energetic.
  • Be patient with your meditation. It does not have to be a long and strenuous process all the time. It just needs to be effective and ultimately bring you joy.
  • You can write down or journal regularly in addition to meditation. This can help you purge yourself of negative thoughts and worries that can affect your meditation process.

Personal experiences in Talkspace

Users of the platform have had mostly positive experiences. Talkspace is popular mainly due to its high ease of use and the simplicity with which it delivers its therapy services.

  • Most users of Talkspace have experienced an improvement in their mental health and their emotional state after using the therapy services in the platform. The mental health professionals who are delivering these sessions have also been acclaimed to be one of the best groups online so far.
  • Many who use the unlimited messaging feature that the platform provides have felt that it was incredibly easy to drop in a message to their therapist at any time of the day. Some have mentioned that the response from their therapist is one of the best parts of their day.
  • Since all the sessions are conducted remotely online, users who cannot leave the house often due to a disability or because they are taking care of someone else have experienced a great deal of comfort and convenience while accessing therapy.
  • Some users of the platform have felt that the prices are too high for only messages from their therapist. Some have even complained greatly about the customer support system of the platform, saying that it is pretty much ineffective.

Personal experiences in Headspace

Headspace has more than 2 million users from all over the world who make use of this platform for their meditation needs. A few experiences of Headspace users have been noted below.

  • Many users of Headspace have complained about the sleepcast feature abruptly stop now and then.
  • Headspace has offered a free version to healthcare workers, especially during the pandemic. Most healthcare workers who have used the services of Headspace have expressed satisfaction with the platform’s ability to improve the quality of sleep and also reduce levels of anxiety.
  • However, many users have also complained that the prices of subscriptions are too high and need to be cut down for people to genuinely enjoy the features of the app more.
  • Many users have also enjoyed the sleepscapes and sleepcasts which can help them sleep and rest better and also wake up more effectively.


Talkspace and Headspace are definitely both great platforms if you are trying to improve your mental health. Talkspace is a platform where you can experience high-quality therapy as well as psychiatry services while Headspace offers plenty of tools for meditation and mindfulness for all levels.

In Talkspace, the user can avail therapy services from licensed and accredited therapists who are well-experienced. The therapy sessions are provided in various formats such as live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. Furthermore, the platform offers unlimited messaging in most of its plans between the user and the therapist.

Headspace is popular for its meditation and mindfulness exercises. The steps are explained in very simple terms and can make meditation seem unintimidating for anyone from any age group. Headspace can be used for relaxation and also to improve the quality of sleep through soundcasts and soundscapes.

BetterHelp:  A Better Alternative

If you are on the prowl for an amazing platform that offers superb mental health services, we would highly recommend BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers individual therapy services, couples therapy services and even therapy for teenagers. Furthermore, the platform also provides group therapy sessions that are conducted about once a week.

The subscription to BetterHelp is pretty affordable and while there is no insurance coverage here, the platform provides financial assistance to those who are unemployed, disabled and even those who have veteran status. The financial assistance needs to be renewed every three months and can reduce the costs of therapy by up to 25 per cent.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Headspace app used for?

Headspace app is used for the purpose of meditation and mindfulness. Here, users can find plenty of resources and guides that can help them meditate and bring a calm and compassionate state of mind. The app can also be used to improve the quality of sleep and rest in individuals.

Can I cast Headspace to my TV?

Yes, you can cast Headspace to your TV or any screen where the Google Assistant is available. This allows the user to experience and follow the steps for meditation without having to use their hands.


How do you pay for Headspace?

The Headspace allows users to pay through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal. The American Express is reserved for US citizens.

How often should I use Headspace?

For beginners, they can use Headspace for a minimum of 10 minutes per day. As they get used to the process and the platform, they can gradually increase the duration of meditation.

Can psychiatrists on Talkspace prescribe medication?

Yes, the psychiatrists in Talkspace are licensed to prescribe medication for a variety of mental health conditions. However, certain controlled substances like Adderall or Ritalin and even Xanax cannot be prescribed here.

Does Talkspace treat ADHD?

Yes, Talkspace can treat ADHD with therapy and non-stimulant medication. However, medications like Adderall that are often prescribed for the treatment of ADHD cannot be prescribed in Talkspace.

What kind of therapy does Talkspace offer?

Talkspace offers therapy for individuals, therapy for couples and even counseling for teenagers. In addition to therapy, it also offers psychiatry services for those who require medical management of their mental health conditions.

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